Evo October 2020

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ed speak

IT’S BEEN A TOUGH YEAR FOR ALL CAR MANUFACTURERS, bar Tesla, which last time I looked is worth more than life itself. But some have been under the spotlight more than others, McLaren being one. Many still don’t appreciate that McLaren Automotive only celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020, and that the MP4-12C still looks box-fresh to those not in the know. The 720S, in my humble opinion, nails the supercar brief like no other, the 600LT beat all comers to be crowned 2018’s eCoty, and the 620R we drove this month is the pinnacle of Sports Series development and further proof the shades of grey McLaren was accused of wearing have been peeled away, revealing a car company with the personality and product to rattle a GT3 RS’s roll-cage. And…

ferrari roma

‘IT’S NOT A PORTOFINO WITH A FIXED roof.’ That’s what Ferrari told us back in November when it unveiled the Roma, and the message was reiterated in yesterday’s Zoom presentation. ‘Seventy per cent is new. It’s a GT with a sporting edge; it has Side Slip Control and a five-setting manettino with a Race mode…’ Being healthily sceptical, only when we’d driven it would we know exactly what sort of Ferrari the Roma is. Less than 20 minutes after setting off, the answer is that the Roma is a very good Ferrari, because in just a few miles it’s ticked all the important boxes. You’d never guess that it shares anything with the Portofino, except maybe its flat-plane-crank V8, though even that feels utterly different in character. The first clue that dynamically…

renault mégane rs trophy-r

THIS IS GOING TO BE A REVIEW IN TWO parts, so bear with – it’ll all make sense as we go along, I promise. We booked in this particular Trophy-R, number 115 of 500 in case you were wondering, because it’s the second of Renault UK’s two press cars, and unlike the one we tested last year on road and track, and which turned up at Ascari for eCoty 2019, it features neither the carbon-ceramic front brakes nor the carbonfibre wheels of the £72,140 Nürburgring Record version. This means that, at £51,455, it’s merely just very expensive for a front-wheel-drive hot hatch, not outrageously so. Given our love-hate relationship with the third – and sadly, we suspect, last – generation of Renault Sport’s hardcore two-seat Mégane, could a declutter on the…

porsche 911 turbo s cabriolet

FUNNY OLD CAR, THE 911 TURBO CABRIOLET. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 930 in the late ’80s or a more recent 991, to those in the know it takes a car that’s structurally compromised and then throws an indecent amount of power at it, and in return for a whole heap of cash you get a machine that rarely delivers true driving satisfaction. Yet for those who simply see two plus two as always equalling four, it can be their ultimate 911 – the Porsche with added chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a cherry on top. The ultimate excess. Which brings us to the new, 992-generation Turbo S Cabriolet, the figurehead at least in financial terms of Porsche’s non-GT 911s. It costs from £165,127 and offers 641bhp in a 911 with…

mercedes-amg cla45 s 4matic+ shooting brake

IT’S ESTIMATED THERE ARE AS MANY as 250 billion stars in our home galaxy the Milky Way, and as many as two trillion galaxies in the observable universe, but those figures pale in comparison to the combined bonnets and bootlids of the current Mercedes-AMG line-up, on which you’ll find more stars than in multiverse theory. AMG’s cosmic expansion has been nothing if not impressive, but to consider it on numbers alone would be to do the prolific performance brand a disservice, as AMG seems to hit far more than it misses. And while GT R Pros might be the bedroom wall poster material and C63s the attainable dream cars, it’s the 415bhp, 2-litre turbocharged ‘45s’ that have recently left us most star-struck. They’re technically impressive, for sure. Extracting well over 400bhp from…

mountune focus rs m520

IT’S NOT A SHY AND RETIRING CAR, THE Ford Focus RS. Jump in for a fast drive and it bludgeons you over the head with noise and presence, shaking you by the shoulders, almost literally, and demands to know whether you’re having fun yet. And if you’re on the wrong road, or in the wrong mood, the answer’s just as likely ‘no’ as it is ‘yes’. That Mountune has extracted 513bhp from the 2.3-litre four-cylinder could go one of two ways. If your name is Gary it’ll be like all your Christmases have come at once, but for everyone else the idea of turning a yob into a full-on hooligan, and for a not inconsiderable amount of money, might seem like adding one too many eggs to an already unpalatable pudding. Until…