Evo December 2020

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ed speak

THE BEST DRIVER RACES THE BEST CAR. YOU MIGHT have seen this quoted in press reports and across social media after Lewis Hamilton recorded the most Formula 1 race victories in history. Naturally it sparked the tiresome debate that Hamilton’s achievement was down to the car rather than his ability behind the wheel. Hamilton is undoubtedly in the best car, but he has also been instrumental in making the Mercedes an unbeatable car. Technology may dictate the motorsport rules but you still need a driver to work with an engineering team to determine what does and doesn’t work. And to also make those split-second decisions when they are three abreast heading into turn one. But to denounce any driver’s achievement and put it all down to the car they have negotiated their…

cupra leon e-hybrid

REMEMBER THE HONDA CR-Z? SURE YOU do; it was the small coupe that looked like a sci-fi CRX and thrummed along courtesy of a 1.5-litre four-cylinder, with a manual gearbox and a snip of hybrid assistance. Sales were never particularly high and the reviews were gently positive rather than glowing, but it really seemed like the future for a bit. Inevitably, Honda pulled the plug on the slow-selling hybrid in the UK in 2013, and the factory in Suzuka stopped building them for the domestic market in 2016. This was also the year that Bowie, Ali and Prince left this mortal plane, and if there’s any silver lining to losing so many of the greats that year it’s that they’ve not had to endure the coronavirus pandemic, TikTok, and perhaps worst…

rolls-royce ghost

THIS IS NOT A DRIVER’S CAR, DESPITE it being the only Rolls-Royce saloon designed and engineered ‘for being driven in’ and ‘for driving’, but the new Ghost is the nearest Goodwood’s only car manufacturer gets to building such a thing. And quite a thing it is too, at over five and a half metres long, more than two metres wide and crushing the scales at 2490kg, although compared to some luxury SUVs that last figure doesn’t sound that bad. Well, obviously it is an obscene weight for a car, but considering what goes into constructing a Rolls-Royce Ghost you might expect that number to start with a three. I mean, there’s 100kg of sound insulation alone… This new Ghost is the first ‘post-opulence’ Rolls-Royce – a philosophy that matches the requirements of…

polestar 2 performance

IT’S UNLIKELY VOLVO WAS TOP OF YOUR list to be the first to build a rival to the Tesla Model 3, but that’s exactly what it has done with its Polestar 2, its first all-electric car. Built in China by Volvo’s electric car offshoot Polestar, the 2 is based on the Swedish-built XC40, using the crossover’s all-steel chassis, adding 150kW electric motors on the front and rear axles and installing a 78kWh battery pack in the transmission tunnel and under the rear seat. Despite its Far East birthplace, the 2’s design has a clear Scandinavian influence, which is no bad thing for attracting customers on the cusp of transitioning from an ICE car to an EV and who aren’t bowled over by the designs that leave Franz von Holzhausen’s sketch pad…

hyundai i20 n

WITH SCALED-DOWN i30 N LOOKS, 201BHP AND SUPERB handling, the i20 N has the Fiesta ST slap bang in its cross hairs. Having muscled in on the hot hatch market with the capable, polished and well-equipped i30 N, Hyundai is now looking to do the same in the junior sector. And having driven a near sign-off spec i20 N on road and track, I reckon it’s pretty much got everything it needs to do the job. The standard i20 isn’t a car we’re familiar with at evo. Hyundai’s WRC challenger is an i20, but that’s based on a three-door that’s no longer sold in the UK. The standard five-door is a sharp-looking thing though, with crisp lines and distinctive ‘Zorro’ rear lights, and it looks good given the full N…

taxidermy: is the french performance car stuffed?

FRANCE HAS TAKEN ANOTHER SWIPE at the performance car, with its already-severe CO2-based taxes in some cases more than doubling for 2021. The increases will result in a new Renault Mégane RS costing its first owner as much as €10,488 in CO2 tax on top of its €40,700 price tag. These latest increases will most certainly kill off the hot hatch and the wider performance car sector as we know it in France, with the ramifications possibly impacting other key markets within Europe, too. With France essentially shutting its borders to current performance cars, this once strong market will no longer be able to support any business cases set out by manufacturers to produce performance derivatives of more mainstream models if they are powered by petrol alone. In a global market…