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Exotic Car Buyers Guide 2014

The duPont REGISTRY Exotic Car Buyers Guide is a unique annual magazine outlining the finest, most luxurious automobiles coming out in the following year. The pages, unlike the monthly duPont REGISTRY A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles, are packed with in depth reviews and specifications of the cars most drivers dream of. From the newest and most recognizable Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris to the more obscure supercars such as Gumpert, Koenigsegg and Mosler. This is the wish book for adults and children alike.

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bentley continental gt speed

Laying claim to the title of fastest road-going Bentley, the new Continental GT Speed moves the bar ever so slightly for the brand’s best-selling model. It’s really a game of one-upmanship, where the title has been doing more flip-flops than the presidential candidates in this last election. The old GT Speed originally claimed the title with a top speed of 202 miles per hour, but lost it soon after to the 204-mile-per-hour Supersports. The new GT Speed has once again taken the title back with a nice round figure of 205. It can thank the twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W-12, which creates 616 horsepower, up 50 from the base GT. It works with a new eight-speed automatic that aids the car’s performance and efficiency and feeds an all-wheel drive system with a…

audi s4

The Audi S line is about connections, a connection with man to machine and machine to the road—and about the human connection. At least what accounts for a human connection in an age when you’re more likely to get an instant message than a phone call or an online event request than a formal invitation. It’s called Audi Connect, and it offers Google-enhanced navigation, real-time weather and news updates and a mobile wireless network (i.e., hot spot) through a deal with T-Mobile. After all, today’s connected children need their streaming video services and multiplayer games everywhere they go, and well, we like all that stuff, too. Of course, none of this is designed to keep you from feeling any less united with the road. In that way, the S4 carries…

jaguar xfr-s

The Jaguar XFR-S is a product of its environment, building on the performance of the XFR by acquiring the go-fast bits of its stablemates to create an even more focused product. It serves as a combination of four-seat cruiser and track-ready bruiser, competing against the likes of BMW’s M5 and Mercedes’s E63. It shares its savage-sounding engine with the XKR-S, but unlike the XKR-S, it drives the rear wheel through a new eight-speed automatic transmission that debuted in the F-type. It’s dubbed “QuickShift,” and whether hyperbolically named or not, it promises to recognize corners, hold gears and blip rpms like the best of the dual-clutch variety. In conjunction with the new drivetrain, Jaguar upgraded the suspension and exhaust and recalibrated the stability control system. As a result of these upgrades,…

jaguar f-type v-8 s

The all-new sporty F-type continues the lineage of the track-capable Jaguars of the ’50s and ’60s, following the C-, D-and E-Types, at the very least, in alphabetical order, and finally fulfilling the badge of an ’80s project and 2000 concept that never came to fruition. As a result, it shows similarities to the well-loved XKE, even though the last two-seat Jaguar was the XJ-S. In its most potent trim, the F-Type acquires the big-boy, 5.0-liter V-8 from its kin, but little brother status regulates it to a bit fewer horsepower. Keep in mind that it still has about 300 or so fewer pounds to move and two extra gears to work with, resulting in a 0–60 time that betters the XKRs. It also packs some snazzy performance goodies, such as…

porsche boxster s

Porsche says the new Boxster is lighter and faster as well as more fuel-efficient and agile. Sometimes it’s hard to know where the facts stop and the hyperbole begins. That is, until you drive one, and then you realize words aren’t doing enough. It comes courtesy of a completely new chassis, one that it shares with the 991. It offers a longer wheelbase, wider track, and lower stance. These things alone might make it a joy in the corners, but Porsche ensures the driver is taking full advantage of the car’s capabilities through torque vectoring and active suspension systems. The engines are slightly more powerful but 15 percent more efficient, and a very small part of that efficiency comes from electromechanical steering. The advent of electric steering throughout the Porsche…

gta spano

For true innovation, look no further than Spain to see what the future holds. Being built with only the most advanced technology on the market and designed by GTA Spania, who has 20 years of racing experience, is the very exclusive Spano. Only 99 are built annually, each decorated according to the standards of the buyer. Every Spano comes with the standard GTA twin-turbo V-10 and the drivers’ choice between a seven-speed manual or seven-speed sequential gearbox. Every vent and scoop on the exterior of the Spano is functional and engineered to cool multiple mechanical properties. The chassis itself is a patented design made from carbon fiber, Kevlar and titanium honeycomb. Inside the Spano you find a spacious interior that again complements how exclusive this supercar really is. LED lights…