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DEAR READERS! After debuting digitally in summer, we are so excited to present you with the very first print edition of Falstaff Magazine. As we said in July, we do not believe that there is anything quite like it in the world: a new publication centred on that sweet spot between wine, food and travel. On our title page we exhort you to explore, we invite you to join us on an adventure for all the senses. Yes, we positively encourage you to live, to be alert to all that is beautiful, to be alive to possibility. Whether this moves you to take a deeper sniff of that wine, savour that mouthful of food properly or see sparkling wine in a new light, we will have accomplished our mission: to bring you…

philipponnat releases 2012 vintage of clos des goisses

Famed as the first ever single-vineyard Champagne, first produced in 1935, this Champagne is legendary. The Clos des Goisses is a south-facing vineyard of just 5.83ha in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, on pure chalk with little topsoil. Production is thus naturally limited. Vintages of the wine have been made every year since 1988, in very limited quantities. Just 13,296 bottles of the 2012 vintage were made. Charles Philipponnat, chairman and managing director of the house, said the 2012 vintage was “perhaps the best vintage of Champagne and of Clos des Goisses of the last 20 or 30 years, both the ripest, and of brilliant purity.” philipponnat.com…

coravin opens wine bar in london

Coravin, manufacturers of the pioneering wine preservation system, opened the Coravin Wine & Bubbles Bar in London’s Mayfair in November. Every wine on the list is available by the glass to showcase the Coravin technology. The rare and exclusive offer features wines from producers like Domaine de la Romanée Conti, Coche Dury, Château Petrus, Sassicaia, Vega Sicilia and Penfolds Grange. Flights of Châteaux Cheval Blanc and d’Yquem will also be available as well as fine Champagnes. Small plates of cheese and charcuterie will be served alongside. coravin.co.uk…

cloudy bay releases 2021 vintage

It was the wine that changed New Zealand’s fortunes when it burst on the scene in 1985: full of vibrant freshness and tropical notes – a Sauvignon Blanc like the world had never seen. Cloudy Bay’s technical director Jim White noted that the reduced yields of 2021 – 30 percent less Sauvignon Blanc at Cloudy Bay compared to 2020 – a result of poor fruit set after a difficult flowering, led to very concentrated grapes. He noted both the texture and concentration of the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2021 vintage was exceptional. cloudybay.co.nz…

pinot noir – a global love affair

Pinot Noir is a global phenomenon: it grows on every continent and shimmers with its indelible sense of ‘Pinot-ness’ in many guises. On all manner of soils, on ancient vineyards or virgin land, coastal or continental – it has an extraordinary hold over those who grow, make and drink it. It comes with more magic and mysticism than all other grapes put together. Pinotphiles have long admitted defeat in the face of this ancient grape: once smitten, we just continue searching for that haunting scent which carries so much more than just fruit. There is something primordial and visceral in Pinot Noir’s perfume, something earthy and eternal, something that encapsulates both life and death in its autumnal shades of decay. It can be a floral cloud of hawthorn blossom and tart,…

pinot noir

A GENEALOGY? The origins of Pinot Noir are lost in the mists of time. It is one of the world’s oldest grape varieties – supposedly Pinot and its ancestors have been around for 2,000 years. While Pinot is a parent to many grape varieties via natural crossings, nobody can trace Pinot’s own parents. Early mentions of it under the names of Noirien, Auvernat and Morillon and go back to the 13th century. Robinson, Harding and Vouillamos in their ground-breaking tome Wine Grapes attest that “Pinot Noir was already considered to be a variety of utmost quality in the Middle Ages.” It is its unparalleled continuity of cultivation in Burgundy that explains why Pinot Noir and site-specific viticulture are inseparable. Pinot Noir is distinguished by its thin grape skins. This makes it rather susceptible…