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February 2016

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hello goodbye!

ED’S LETTER...It’s an unavoidable truth that every good thing has to come to an end and, sadly, it’s time for FHM to go to the great magazine rack in the sky. But just because this is our last issue, it doesn’t mean we’re going to get all morbid – January’s depressing enough.So who better to lead the final FHM than the delightful Holly Willoughby? Turn to p52 to see her interview us about, well, us – helpfully, it’s illustrated with photos of Holly looking better than she’s ever looked before.Away from Holly, there’s a lot to get your teeth into. Firstly, you can reminisce on our greatest moments with the FHM retrospective on p88, while you’ll be floored by our history of terrorism on p44. And on p32, we’ve got…

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the team

WE HUNG OUT WITH BIGGIEWe did a photo shoot with Big Narstie, and it turns out that the grime stalwart isn’t very nasty at all – he’s actually very nice. Which, subsequently, makes him a liar. His name should actually be Big Liar. We didn’t tell him that because he has fists as big as microwaves. WE GOT INTERVIEWED BY A TOTAL LEGENDYou already know that it’s Holly Willoughby. You saw the cover before reading this tiny paragraph after all, right? Here she is with photographer Perou and our art director Barney. Holly goes down in the history books for being the final ever FHM cover girl (sob) and what a lovely person to captain the sinking ship. WE TOOK A SUPERJUMBO JET TO WORKBritish Airways flew us out to…

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letters 02/16

Our number-one readerWhen I featured in the world’s best magazine back in May 2012 in an article about the Falklands, I was over the moon. Hearing the news you guys are to stop printing was devastating – I fear there is going to be a huge gaping hole in my life and I’m not quite sure how to cope.I’m now living in the Falklands again and had all my copies shipped 8,000 miles down the Atlantic to join me, while each new issue was posted to me each month. You just can’t replace that simple pleasure of opening up a new copy of FHM each month and reading all the stuff you need to know. I don’t want to live life through a phone and I worry for future generations…

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would wife game changer

(HAIR AND MAKE-UP: KHADINE)WHO SHE?Age: 22From: FloridaLikes: Burgers, Instagram, Paul RuddDislikes: Cats, Mario KartInstagram: @charlottemckinneyDo us a favour. Find some paper and a pen and write down five billion numerically. That’s a five with nine zeroes, if you’re struggling. Now look at it. Say it out loud. Five billion. Five billion. Five BILLION. The enormity of that number sorta doesn’t register, does it? It feels like a made-up quantity, created by kids in a playground that like to hyper-exaggerate how many presents they got for Christmas.Not getting our head around it is no problem, though. In all honesty, billions are rarely reserved for us mere mortals. We’ll settle for the millions, thankyouverymuch.But five billion is a very real number for the girl on these pages. That number, that brain-beating number…

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four more carl’s jr girls

AUDRINA PATRIDGEAt the height of her fame in 2009, the star of US reality show The Hills crammed a Teriyaki burger into her mush while lolling on the beach in a golden bikini. EMILY RATAJKOWSKIThe 2010 ad for the new Memphis BBQ burger proved no cookout is complete without tiny shorts, star-spangled bikinis and that girl from the Blurred Lines video. KIM KARDASHIANThe internet-breaking queen took her all-new Carl’s Jr salad into a bubble bath in 2009. Completely normal behaviour for anyone, of course. (PHOTOGRAPHY: PA PHOTOS)KATE UPTONAn ad so sexy it was stripped from the airwaves, Kate Upton’s burger-pushing for the Southwest Patty Melt saw her enjoying it a little too much for TV. ■…

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how i did it...

IAN WRIGHT, 52, FORMER FOOTBALLERNothing drives a man like the doubt of an idol. As a kid, my older brother Maurice was my hero. He could do everything better than me – and he let me know it, too. The more he teased me, the more I practised.I got run over by a car while trying to impress him. I wanted to prove how fast I was, so I shouted “Watch this!” and legged it across the road and into a big car. I was in hospital for three months with a broken leg, so he didn’t tease me quite so much after that.I’m pretty sure I had ADHD as a kid. Not that the term existed back then. I was forever being sent out of the classroom. I just…