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Future Music April 2020

Future Music delivers the technique and technology behind the hits. Packed with inspiration for today’s modern musician there’s reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials to help you get the most out of your hardware and software, and exclusive In The Studio features where the stars take apart their tracks. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but DOES INCLUDE the full samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include In The Studio With video. This digital edition is not printable.

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mixing magic

Music production can be a subject riddled with vague descriptors – from terms like ‘muddiness’, ‘fizz’ or ‘bloat’ to the elusively obtuse but much sought-after qualities of ‘warmth’ and ‘mix glue’. It’s these latter two we’re tackling in this issue’s cover feature. We’re on the hunt for that sonic magic imparted by vintage desks and outboard in order to help the disparate elements of our tracks sit together. It turns out it’s more than simply a case of slapping an emulated effect onto all your busses – if you want to really ‘glue’ your mixes, an understanding of reverb, send effects, saturation and more will help you along. Head for page 28 to learn more. We hope you enjoy this issue of FM!…


FM’s Sample Archive gives you over 10GB of carefuly-curated, royalty free sounds to use in your music. Here’s what’s inside... AMBIENT SOUNDS PT.1 ’90s Ambient (562 samples) Ambient Dawn (490 samples) AMBIENT SOUNDS PT.2 Majestic Bells & Mallets (444 samples) Spring Reverb & Tape Delay (533 samples) ATMOSPHERES & BACKGROUNDS Atmospheric Beds (369 samples) Noise, Crackle & Hiss (512 samples) Sounds of the City (371 samples) CLASSIC SYNTHS PT.1 Analogue Polys (625 samples) SH Collection (500 samples) CLASSIC SYNTHS PT.2 Analogue Poly Chord Hits (342 samples) Classic Synths: ’80s, ’90s, ’00s (678 samples) Hardware Arps (511 samples) CREATIVE DRUMS Cyborg Beats (514 samples) Lo-Fi Sampling (555 samples) Obscure Drum Machines (517 samples) Overloaded Beats (889 samples) ESSENTIAL DRUMS 808 and 909 (39 samples) Ultimate Cymbals (503 samples) Ultimate Kick Bundle (505 samples) Ultimate Snares & Claps (676 samples) Vintage Drum Machine Hits (548 samples) FX…

after 40 years, moog are back with a $5,000 reboot of the 16 channel vocoder

Vocoders aren’t hard to come by in modern studios. Many synths these days come with vocoders built in, and, of course, there are countless plugins out there that’ll do the job too. But if you want the ultimate in vocoder luxury, and a price tag to match, Moog may have the answer. After 40 years, the company is resuming production of the classic Moog 16 Channel Vocoder. Introduced in 1978 – and as heard on Giorgio Moroder’s E=MC2 – this enabled musicians to create not only the famous vocoded vocal effect, but also to process synths and other instruments. The new version is cut from the same cloth; in fact, it’s based on the original schematic and features hand-soldered analogue voice circuits to ensure the sound is as authentic as possible. There…

deckard’s dream mk2 is like a cs-80 synth for your desktop

Promising to provide everything that was good about the original rack model, Black Corporation’s Deckard’s Dream Mk2 is an updated version of the Yamaha CS-80-inspired synth that’s designed to sit on your desktop. Said to come in a “thin and light tabletop format,” this new revision ships with both wooden end panels and rack ears, also offering additional control over the sustain modes and timing. Otherwise, things look pretty similar to its predecessor: you get eight voices, each with two identical parts comprising an analogue voltage-controller oscillator, low-pass and high-pass filters, noise generator, filter envelope and VCA plus ADSR envelope. There’s also a performance section that gives you additional global controls, plus support for MPE-based control of certain features. There’s full MIDI control and the option to store 128 presets in each…

klevgrand krets is a free modular environment

> Klevgrand are known for knocking out audio effects at a pretty swift rate, and now they are giving you the chance to create your own by releasing a free modular environment known as Krets. Before you get too excited, we should point out that it is at the early alpha stage of development, so is far from the finished article. Apparently, Krets was originally designed to be used internally by Klevgrand for prototyping plugins and testing DSP ideas, but they have now decided to release it to the wider world with the aim of turning it into an official product. Krets deals in low-level audio DSP processing, which means that there aren’t really any ready-made effects. The modules you can use are mathematical expressions and functions, which can be combined…

is the genesis pro too good to be true?

> They say that, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but in the case of Genesis Pro, we find ourselves wondering what the catch is. Created by DJ/producer Ummet Ozcan under the Oz-Soft banner, this is a new hybrid softsynth plugin that’s going to be sold for just 1 euro. If this low price makes you worry that Genesis Pro is lacking in style and sophistication then fear not, because this looks every inch the contemporary electronic instrument. It offers subtractive, FM, phase distortion, multiwave and ROM synthesis, and comes with three oscillators that can be used independently or simultaneously. We’re told that Genesis Pro can concoct a wide variety of sounds – you can stack the oscillators for massive patches or create split instruments that…