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August/September 2021

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a toast to an old friend

EDITOR’S LETTER A Toast to an Old Friend MEMORIES OF GOOD TIMES AND GREAT BLOODY MARYS DAVID DIBENEDETTO Senior Vice President & Editor in Chief When my extended family gathers for a tailgate (Go Dawgs!) or a winter oyster roast, it goes without saying that I’ll be making the Bloody Marys. Over the years, I’ve dabbled with most of the premade mixes, from good old Zing Zang to the lighter Natural Blonde to my typical go-to, Charleston Bloody Mary Mix. I like lots of chunky ice, a vigorous squeeze of lemon, a celery stalk, and a few toppers on a toothpick (olive, cocktail onion, and a small pickle), plus a shake of black pepper. And, if it’s my own glass, a very healthy pour of vodka. The late writer and…

kindred souls

Kindred Souls The rejuvenating powers of a scraggly mountain dog Rick Bragg writing about a stray that changed his life for the better? I’m in. The G&G contributor’s new book, The Speckled Beauty: A Dog and His People, Lost and Found, dives into his relationship with Speck, who appeared when the world was throwing haymakers at the Alabama author. Speck is no wonder dog: He taunts the FedEx man, loves to roll in a good pile of manure, and howls like a fool. But like many pets, Speck gives Bragg something he wasn’t expecting, a helping paw in a time of need. Good dog.…


CONTRIBUTORS Alexander Smalls WRITER “I’ve been all over, but where I come from is at the core of who I am” —Alexander Smalls, on his affinity for bourbon and tea (see p. 83) “The first alcohol we drink as Southerners is cheap whiskey,” Alexander Smalls says. “And we spend the rest of our lives figuring out what we can put in it.” These days, Smalls enjoys infusing tea in his top-shelf bourbon, as he shares in “In Good Spirits” (p. 83). “I’ve been all over the place, but where I come from is at the core of who I am,” says the South Carolina–born and New York–based author, chef, restaurateur, and opera singer. During the pandemic, Smalls took on perhaps his most exciting project yet: designing and curating the…


LETTERS “It’s just not a road trip without Will Patton reading some James Lee Burke” DOG DAYS I have subscribed to G&Gsince I first pilfered a copy from a doctor’s office. The June/July 2021 Good Dog column is one of the most beautiful pieces you have ever included. If Brandon Chonko wants to stop farming, I think he has a promising career in writing. Mary Loiselle Gretna, Virginia FINE TUNING What a great piece about Jon Batiste’s love of the melodica (Collections, June/ July 2021). As a child, I saw an advertisement for the new Hohner Melodica, and I knew that I had to have one. I was crushed when my mother said no. Fifty years later, I spied the vintage Hohner Melodica Piano 26 locked in a display case…

social chatter

Social Chatter GARDENANDGUN.COM AND BEYOND WE ASKED... Nothing goes better with a cocktail than… On Facebook and Twitter, readers told us their ideal happy-hour pairings. Sweet tunes and great friends. Peanuts don’t hurt either. @ToddAnderson2 Some classic Allman Brothers playing. Beth Heyduck Warren An old dog by your side. Amy Tahl Jester A fire. Could be a campfire or a fireplace. Judy Diesslin Gift A football game. @bigreddaniell Ice. It’s hot out there! Tricia Leyte-Vidal A starry night. Paula Ussery A sunset on Lake Travis. @raybeve The coo of a rain crow and the aroma of honeysuckle. Fanon Popp A designated driver. Diane Elizabeth Hershberger Another cocktail. Camille Chaffin Whitehead…

free spirit

INTERVIEW Free Spirit IAN SOMERHALDER’S WINDING JOURNEY FROM CAJUN COWBOY TO HOLLYWOOD STAR TO BOURBON BOSS By John Meroney Grooming: Fabiola Arancibia for TOMLINSON MANAGEMENT GROUP; production/photo editor: Natalie Gialluca PHOTOGRAPHS BY ERIC RAY DAVIDSON It helps curb the cravings. But…makes for a lot of lushy vamps.” That’s a line from an early episode of The Vampire Diaries—the TV series that became a worldwide phenomenon over eight seasons—describing vampires’ love of spirits. In the show, the two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, raise this to an art form with their consumption of bourbon. It’s also a story element that inspired Somerhalder and Wesley to start a distillery and release their bourbon, Brother’s Bond, earlier this year. ¶ The venture fits with Somerhalder’s…