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TO STEAM: Place steamer basket in large pot and add enough water so it comes to just below basket. Squeeze in juice of 1/lemon. Bring water to a boil, place artichokes in basket and steam, covered, until tender, 30 to 45 min.; add peeled stems during last 15 min. of cooking. TO ROAST: Prep artichokes, then halve vertically. Cut out fuzzy centers and purple leaves. Place on rimmed baking sheet, drizzle lemon juice and olive oil over cut sides and season with salt and pepper. Flip and roast, cut sides down, at 425°F until golden brown and tender, 35 to 40 min. TO GRILL: Prep artichokes, then halve vertically. Cut out fuzzy centers and purple leaves. Steam 12 min. Let cool. Heat grill to medium. Brush with olive oil, season with salt…

may great escapes

FEEL-GOOD READ The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin This debut novel reveals how chosen family can buzz into our lives right when we need them most. We first meet Alice, a struggling widow and a beekeeper, when she literally collides with Jake, a paraplegic punk teen. His interest in her bees opens the door for his escape from a toxic home. When Harry, an anxious loner, applies to work for Alice part-time, the trio form a strong and unlikely bond—that is, until a pesticide company comes to town and threatens to destroy the bee population as well as their still-fragile community. As Alice and some dedicated volunteers try to stop this from happening, rampant corruption comes to light and the three discover a well of strength they never knew they had.…

mother’s day from afar

TASTE WINE AT HOME If you can’t get to a vineyard, have the grapes come to you with the help of an at-home wine tasting via Sip your way through Italy or France, or sample wines from popular wineries like Kendall-Jackson. Order the discussed wines beforehand, then tune in for live weekly tastings or to view videos of past events. MAKE A SWEET TREAT Order Mom a baking subscription box like Whisk Takers (starting at $25,, preheat the oven and hop on a video call. You’ll need basic kitchen tools like baking sheets and a whisk—they’ll send you the nonperishable ingredients for each recipe. If you subscribe to a monthly shipment, you can keep the bonding going all year long. PAINT AND SIP When you can’t take a class in person, the online…

get more done

ESTABLISH EMAIL BLOCKS Schedule time to tackle your inbox so it doesn’t derail your day. Dive in no more than once an hour and no less than once a day, depending on urgency. CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA BOUNDARIES Instead of scrolling to procrastinate, set aside time to check in on friends online. Logging in for 10 to 15 minutes once or twice a day is a good starting point. PLAN FOR BUFFER TIME Back-to-back scheduling doesn’t leave time for late buses, meetings that run long or dawdling toddlers. Give yourself a few extra minutes between to-do’s so you can focus on each item without stressing about the next.…

a peek behind the scenes

Long before I ever imagined working here, I took a tour of the GH Institute. I grew up reading Good Housekeeping and knew that GH tested the products featured in the magazine. But until I actually saw the Labs in person, I had no idea of the scope of the research done here. One of the first rooms on the tour was the GH Beauty Lab, where the chemists were busy testing hair dyes and conditioners. They explained that real hair samples are used to test anything you and I might end up buying or using. They went on to show how they followed packaging instructions and assessed the results: Did color hold up after washing and blowdrying? Was the hair’s texture silkier, smoother, shinier? Could it be combed easily? All…

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I want to invite you to become an offcial tester by joining the GH+ Club. Once you sign up, you could be selected to receive free products and share your experience and opinions! And the best part? The main attraction of GH+ membership is unlimited access to Good Housekeeping anywhere you want: including exclusive online stories, our monthly challenges, every delicious recipe, how-to videos, all product reviews, the members-only newsletter, virtual VIP events and, of course, a full-year subscription to the print magazine, delivered right to your door—all for less than $2 per month! Participating in our famous reviews of the hottest new products is one of the perks our current members love the most. You can sign up now:…