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frame up some cozy fall color

Highlight the beauty of fallen leaves with a gorgeous autumn-themed gallery wall. At the start of the season, gather foliage in a variety of shapes, sizes and hues and press the leaves in a book. Once they’re completely dry and flat, attach each to a piece of parchment paper with double-sided tape, then frame them. “I don’t step back to appreciate nature nearly enough,” says Lauren Shaver of Bless’er House, who designed the space above. “This activity allowed me to slow down and notice the individual beauty of each leaf while doing something fun with my kids.” Photo and interior design by Lauren Shaver/Bless’er House.…

butternut squash

BUTTERNUT WITH SPICED ALMONDS On large rimmed baking sheet, toss 1 medium squash (cut into 1-in. pieces), 2 Tbsp olive oil and ½ tsp each salt and pepper. Roast at 425°F 20 min. Toss ¼ cup sliced almonds with 1 tsp oil, ¼ tsp cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne. Scatter over squash; roast until squash is tender, 5 min. Scatter 4 cups baby spinach over all, let sit 1 min., then fold together. VEGGIE-TOPPED RAVIOLI Heat 2 Tbsp oil in large nonstick skillet on medium. Add ½ medium squash (cut into ¼-in. pieces), season with salt and pepper and cook, covered, stirring occasionally, 8 min. Add 2 cloves garlic (thinly sliced) and 1 Tbsp small thyme sprigs and sauté until beginning to brown, 3 min. Serve over cheese ravioli and sprinkle with…

fabulous fall reading

FEEL-GOOD READ Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead Harlem furniture salesman Ray doesn’t set out to live the life of crime his father did, but times are hard and he has a family to feed. When his cousin Freddie passes him jewelry that needs selling, Ray doesn’t ask too many questions. His careful facade as an upstanding citizen starts to crumble when he and Freddie find themselves mixed up in a heist at the Hotel Theresa and things go about as wrong as they possibly could. Soon Ray’s got to deal with shady cops, violent gangsters and a whole cast of lowlifes. This 1980s crime caper is a touching story of a man trying to support his family with the odds stacked against him, a love story about Harlem, an examination of race…

no time like the present

When I was little, I lived in Michigan, where there were occasional tornado threats. I knew about this well because my parents drilled into me what we would have to do if one came: We’d go directly to the basement. But wait, we didn’t have a basement, only a much-dreamed-about crawl space that I was never allowed to go into…unless there was a storm. I couldn’t wait! My 4-year-old self thought hiding out under the house would be super exciting. Luckily, my family never actually had to go through a disaster like a tornado, but for anyone who has, forethought and careful preparation are key to how families are able to make it through. This kind of preplanning rarely makes it to the top of our daily to-do’s. So we at…

a gh+ tester!

I want to invite you to become an official tester by joining the GH+ Club. Once you sign up, you could be selected to receive free products and share your experience and opinions! The best part: The main attraction of GH+ membership is unlimited access to Good Housekeeping anywhere you want, including exclusive online stories, our monthly challenges, every delicious recipe, how to videos, all product reviews, the members-only newsletter, virtual VIP events and, of course, a full-year subscription to the print magazine, delivered right to your door—all for less than $2 per month! Participating in our famous reviews of the hottest new products is one of the perks our current members love most. You can sign up now:…

testing in the real world

I found the perfect pillow! “I can’t even begin to explain how pleased I am about being a GH+ member. It is because of participating in product testing that I can now get a good night’s sleep. I was sent a pillow to try, and it is because of that pillow that I no longer have pain and I can sleep through the night.” “GH+ has been great! Products to test have been varied and diverse, and it’s a nice surprise when they arrive.” “I like being able to test products because it helps me comparison shop more effectively.” “I’ve subscribed to the magazine for over 30 years and always appreciated the honest reviews. Now I thoroughly enjoy testing products.” “I love love love being a GH+ member because it allows me the opportunity to…