GQ February 2019

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office grails

GABE CONTE Digital producer While I was growing up, my dad’s wardrobe was 99.9 percent Carhartt snowsuits and 0.1 percent Buffalo Bills apparel. It’s shaped the way I dress—durable, hardy, over-the-top workwear.” ASHLEE BOBB Communications associate “I would never describe myself as fashionable. But in this Diane von Furstenberg coat, I can (sometimes) pretend.” AIDAN PALERMO Fashion assistant “The key is finding dope shit that reflects your personality. It doesn’t have to be designer. It just has to fit right.” FROM TOP: COURTESY OF ALICE GREGORY; KRISTA SCHLUETER (3)…

announcing a whole new era of gq

BACK IN APRIL 2007, I got a call from Adam Rapoport, then the style editor at GQ. I was apartment hunting in Brooklyn, and the one-bedroom I was touring rattled and shook every time the subway trundled over the Williamsburg Bridge. Adam told me they had an open spot at GQ—an associate-editor role, covering fashion and style—and that I should interview for it. At the time, I was 26 years old and working at an independent music magazine called The Fader. I specifically remember saying to Adam, “But what the hell do I know about fashion?” That was on a Friday afternoon. First thing Monday morning, I called him back and asked what I had to do to get the job. You see, I realized a few things that weekend: (1) When…

this month’s waviest new gear

Dries Van Noten Expands His Palette Dries Van Noten is famous for partnering with artists to develop prints and patterns for his rarefied Belgian fashion line. To make the most shagadelic shirt of the season, he re-interpreted the design of a Verner Panton textile from the ’70s. Celine Makes Menswear History When Hedi Slimane took the reins at Celine, he quickly announced that he would launch the French house’s first-ever men’s line. The ruthlessly Slimanian debut collection proved that even as fashion spins off into countless zany directions, his aesthetic has only gotten more dialed in. Meaning there’s still just one designer to call when you need a retro suede jacket with the perfect modern cut. Martine Rose Meets the Swoosh These days, a Nike collaboration is a milestone for fashion’s rising stars, and it’s…

the awesome orbit of dev hynes

DEVONTÉ HYNES IS perched at a baby-grand piano in a Manhattan photo studio, a Kangol hat over his dreads like a crown, his dad-style Salomon sneakers pushing softly on the instrument’s pedals. The space is crowded with friends and associates, all contributors on Negro Swan, Hynes’s latest album under his music moniker, Blood Orange. His face focused and stern, he summons delicate melodies from Philip Glass, Claude Debussy, and Frederic Chopin (Prelude in C Minor) as if there isn’t another person on earth but him. “I can make music anywhere,” he’ll tell me later. “I’m just in it. Nobody else is there.” Hynes, who goes by Dev, makes art out of aloneness, but his life is also a triumph of collaboration. In New York he often seems like the most popular…

the supreme value of grand seiko

WE ALL KNOW THAT the finest watches in the world are made in Switzerland. Well, most of them are—but then there’s Grand Seiko. Back in 1960, Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko launched GS with the aim of creating timepieces on par with those of the Swiss horological houses. It worked, and GS managed to craft mechanical masterpieces for thousands of dollars less than its European counterparts. Take, for instance, this 20th-anniversary 9S Mechanical GMT (reference SBGM235). When I first saw this watch, it made me feel the same sense of awe I felt as a kid when I first saw the Death Star. Not the Millennium Falcon. Not TIE fighters. The Death Star. It’s really all about the silver radial mosaic-patterned dial. Grand Seiko’s distinctive Old English font is one of the best…

sies marjan will sex up your wardrobe

THE NAME Lak didn’t want the pressure and celebrity status associated with naming a fashion line after himself, but the writing on the tag needed to be intensely personal. It had to have integrity. And a real human connection. So when he arrived in New York to launch the brand, he decided to name it after his late father, Sies, and his mother, Marjan. “I don’t care about fame or recognition,” Lak says. “I’m confident. I know what I can do, and I know what I can’t do. I don’t need to have my name on it for it to be valuable.” THE STORY Sies Marjan launched in 2016 as an instant, out-of-nowhere fashion sensation, with big buzz behind Sander Lak (who previously spent five years working in Belgium for Dries Van Noten)…