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i’m almost done here

It has come to my attention that this is my last issue. ¶ It does not seem possible. ¶ When I try to make sense of it all, of the good times, of the mountains of excellent work I’ve been fortunate enough to publish, and the crazy expanse of time I have spent happily toiling at the Quarterly of Gentlemen, my brain, usually reliably insistent, gives up and turns to mush. ¶ I remember the first day I started at GQ, in 1862. You should have seen what men’s fashion shows were like back then. Just a bunch of guys in chaps walking around a horse barn! ¶ There were no printing presses as we know them. We were forced to write with quill pens about the most exciting fashion…

gq hq

Meet… Dana Mathews GQ’s entertainment director, Dana Mathews, is a woman who wears more hats than most. When she’s not busy booking covers and fashion shoots and videos, she’s off scouting the year’s best and brightest movies, TV shows, music, and more. So how does she do it? We asked her. You’re one of GQ’s busiest employees. When do you find time to sleep? I’m one of those people who has to get eight hours of sleep to be a normal functioning person. I count the hours obsessively. So…I will make up for it somewhere, somehow! Describe outgoing editor-in-chief Jim Nelson in a few words. Brilliant. Mentor. Traveler. A kindred spirit of life. They make a movie about this GQ era. Who plays you, and who plays Jim? Mila Kunis is my top pick for me, as…

best stuff 2018

Sneaker of the Year When Nike found itself in something of a sneaker arms race with Adidas, it brought out the React Element 87: a futuristic translucent shoe on a marshmallow-soft sole. Buy a pair if you can (they’re released regularly but almost always sell out)—and then make sure you’re wearing cool socks. $160, nike.com (Don’t) Stay Thirsty You can’t keep buying plastic water bottles. And your college Nalgene somehow still smells like that one time you mixed a margarita in it. The Hay Sowden Bottle, with its fuck-minimalism colors, is the proper vessel for the coffee-shop gig-economy worker of the future. $35–$39, hay.dk Mood: Lighting The w127 Winkel by Wästberg is made of a “biologically sourced” plastic that feels like metal. The light it casts is bright but not too clinical. And the crane neck holds…

tiny empires

IN THE YEAR 2018, on the island of Manhattan, the buzziest restaurant opening was not a big-money expense-account spot or a high-budget new-French joint or another farm-to-table temple from some guy who’s had his own dedicated season of television. It was a cozy and principled pizza place with penny-tile walls, natural wines, and a tiramisu so punchy and light it almost—almost—outshines the pies. The restaurant is Una Pizza Napoletana, and it’s the third from the BFF chef duo of Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske Valtierra. It’s also a collaboration with a downtown legend, Anthony Mangieri, who opened the original Una Pizza Napoletana, in New Jersey, in 1996. Una Pizza sits on a crammed stretch of Orchard Street on New York’s Lower East Side, just a couple blocks from their first…

three more tiny empires we love

JOE BEEF Frédéric Morin and David McMillan’s restaurant group turned Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighborhood into one of the city’s best, making its name on fearless yet classic meat cookery. “I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but we have a very advanced dining public,” says McMillan. “I sell extensive amounts of liver.” SEPTIME Chef Bertrand Grébaut has mastered the art of playing hard to get. His cultishly beloved Septime is one of Paris’s most elusive reservations, but if you strike out, you can go down the street to Septime’s wine bar, La Cave, for a glass of pét-nat before putting your name in at Clamato, his near perfect seafood restaurant. VIA CAROTA & CO Rita Sodi and Jody Williams have built a family of deeply personal restaurants in the West Village inspired by their backgrounds in…

tour de f#©k-it-i-got-this

I’VE BEEN WATCHING the Tour since I was 8, and I swear, every single year, in the feed zone, someone crashes and breaks something. So heading into the feed zone on that first day, I was quite nervous. I made sure I was in good position. And then I hit a water bottle, and it shot me off the road. Most of the time, when you hit a bottle like that, it will explode. But if you hit it just perfectly, it can be catastrophic, which is what ended up happening. I hit a spectator and hit the ground after that. Something didn’t quite feel right, but it’s the Tour de France, Stage 1. There’s no intermissions, no time-outs. I got a new bike and was able to get on. When…