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sixteen handles

YOU KNOW THOSE MOMENTS— senior year in college, maybe, or your first great relationship— when you just want to slow time, to stand outside yourself and appreciate your life and the sweet possibilities before you? That’s how I feel about the Republican presidential campaign. SIXTEEN candidates! Sixteen people who will tear each other apart for the next year, like vicious caterwauling hyenas. So much fun! I hope it never ends. Keep ’em coming, because this is like Christmas, when people show up and you don’t even know who they are. How does the brain even process the joy? Or even the names?! We’ve been playing a game around the office where we quiz each other and ask how many of the candidates we can rattle off. I usually stop after Sleepy, Snoozy,…

get the gq look

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PAGES OF GQ? NOW YOU CAN GET IT—AND WEAR IT— RIGHT AWAY EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.com TO LEARN more—and see what we have chosen for you this month— go to GQ.com/selects ANDY RYAN. TANK TOP: JOHNELLIOTT+CO. JEANS: CLOSED. SNEAKERS: ALDO. NECKLACE: DAVID YURMAN. WATCH: COACH. HOTEL LOCATION: CHERRY CIRCLE ROOMAT CHICAGO ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION.; DAN FORBES; TRAVIS RATHBONE; PEGGY SIROTA; PEGGY SIROTA…

the new gq style guy

Meet Mark Anthony Green, the style columnist and Twitter guru you can lean on for tips, questions, and, yes, man-bun rulings Allow me to introduce myself… As an 8-year-old, I wore my dad’s blazers to class. Freshman year, I joined the debate team because we could wear suits instead of the Catholic-school uniform. In college I worked under menswear maestro Sid Mashburn in Atlanta, and for the past four years I’ve been sponging style knowledge from Jim Moore and GQ’s fashion team. I’ve gone through a Jordans phase, a suit-every-day phase, a dark-and-drapey phase. Point is, I’m not here to enforce the style rules of our grandfathers, nor to hype every fad. Like you, I’m just here to figure out how a man can look good now. The GQ Style Guy Is In!…

the making of a champion

When Stephen Curry was in the eighth grade, he notched exactly zero points in his middle school basketball team's first game of the season-a now-unthinkable stat line for the sport's reigning MVP and all-world scorer. The young bailer's lack of buckets wasn't the result of a cold shooting streak or a shutdown defense, however. Curry didn't score simply because he didn't play, and he didn't play because he didn't do the dishes. That was just the way things were in the Curry household. "Growing up in Charlotte, basketball was everywhere," the 27-year-old Curry, whose father, Dell, played 16 years in the NBA, says of his early years, "but my parents always made sure we had our priorities straight. Basketball was a privilege, and it could be taken away." The importance of elbow…

the reaction

• Heleine Tchayou, Charly’s mother A Victim’s Family—and the LAPD—Respond Jeff Sharlet’s story “The Invisible Man” (July) investigated the death of Charly Keunang, a man shot by police in March. After the article ran, Los Angeles Police Commission president Steve Soboroff reportedly asked the inspector general to comb through the story. Charly’s sister, Line, wrote to Sharlet: “Incredible story. This job was done not because you’re a journalist but because you are one of those people who support justice.” Let Us Put Our Words in Your In-Box In a recent story on Contently, writer Shane Snow called our newsletters “the best e-mails ever” and addressed our newsletter staff directly: “Whoever you are, I am prepared to propose drinks and/or marriage.” Shane (and others!), we will grace your in-box until unsubscription do us part. Sign…


GQ Endorses 1 of 3 The New Business Casual That phrase, “business casual”— it’s one of life’s great, frustrating oxymorons. You’ve probably spent hours trying to figure out what it actually means. And it’s getting harder lately, as dress codes loosen and guys opt out of the traditional two-piece uniform. (Do you need a tie? Are sneakers okay?) So like any good employee, we’re taking the initiative: These are the rules for your new suitfree workweek. Let actor Nat Wolff, who brings the hustle in The Intern, out this month, show you how to turn business casual into business killing it. + Jacket, $1,020, by Mackintosh. Shirt, $365, by Hamilton Shirts. Tie, $195, by Charvet. Tie bar, $15, by The Tie Bar. Pants, $295, by J.Lindeberg. Shoes, $318, by J.Crew Ludlow. Belt by…