Guitarist January 2018

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under no condition?

While we were visiting the fascinating Songbirds Guitar Museum for this issue’s cover story, a topic arose that always stirs up debate. Should anyvintage guitar be put in a museum? The gut reaction of most players (including myself ) is to say guitars are better off being played than conserved. But is that always true? When I asked David Davidson, the museum’s curator, for his view on the topic, he said if the museum didn’t make these guitars public, they’d be in a private collection somewhere where no one but the owner could enjoy them. So that’s one thing – and to Songbirds’ credit they regularly take many of their rarest guitars out and gig them. A second point, however, concerns uniqueness. Take 1954 Strats, for example. Original examples are by no…

split personalities

CRIMSON CUSTOM SHOP DESCENDANT £1,895 WHAT IS IT? British made offset T-style with proprietary humbuckers and unusual set neck CRIMSON RAW SERIES COPPER RODDED DESCENDANT £1,995 WHAT IS IT? ‘Split’ solidbody with proprietary dual humbuckers Founded by Ben Crowe, Crimson’s vision has evolved over nearly a decade and a half of guitar building and centres on two outline shapes – the offset Tele-inspired Descendant that we see here and the more Les Paul-inspired PAF. Neither is going to offend fans of the classics but both tick the box if you’re looking for attractively priced (typically sub £2k) slices of UK craft that aren’t pretending to be relics from another time. Our more standard Descendant from Crimson’s Custom Shop range is... well, it’s heavy. The solidbody is made from a single piece of alder but it…

legacy act

FAITH PJE LEGACY EARTH £1,259 WHAT IS IT? Based on PJE’s Linville it’s an OM cutaway with torrefied Sitka spruce top FAITH PJE LEGACY MARS £1,229 WHAT IS IT? Slope-shouldered dread based on PJE’s Kanuga, with torrefied Sitka spruce top At 2017’s NAMM show, back in January, Patrick James Eggle took the opportunity to announce he’d be focusing on his eponymous electric guitars over his acoustic instruments. It’s quite a turnaround, but fans of his rather fine acoustics at least get a parting shot in the form of the Indonesian-made Faith Guitars’ three-strong Legacy series designed by Patrick. “Focusing solely on Patrick James Eggle’s historic body shapes, Faith Guitars’ new Legacy series sets a new bar for excellence,” offers Faith and while the baby jumbo Neptune, drop-shoulder dreadnought Mars, based on Patrick’s Saluda and Kanuga…

shape shifters

VINTAGE VSA500 £349 WHAT IS IT? Thinline semi with maple centre-block and Wilkinson humbuckers HUTCHINS CHANDLER 6 £595 WHAT IS IT? As above with trapeze tailpiece and Hutchins humbuckers We all know the story of Gibson’s ES-335, the perfect marriage of solidbody and hollowbody. Since its introduction in 1958 the thinline ES-335 has become one of the most copied and imitated guitars there is. Protecting designs like it has been a constant job for Gibson and numerous copycat brands have fallen foul of its legal team if they’ve got too close for comfort. Vintage’s new VSA500 is case in point: it’s now the only semi they offer and is noticeably offset, unlike previous versions like the VSA535, that sailed too close to the original. Vintage, the house brand of UK distributor John Hornby Skewes and…

nik huber rietbergen £6,695

FEW brands have the ‘wow factor’ of Nik Huber. While many load their wares with shiny trinkets, Huber’s instruments look – and feel – like pieces from a bygone age. This jaw-dropping Rietbergen is typical of Huber’s aesthetic. The exceptional figured redwood top, neck and back look like they have been dredged from a prehistoric river, wiped and buffed to this timeless low-gloss Charcoal burst sheen. And where many a posh maker would have added fingerboard bling, Huber just installs simple abalone dots that look like jewels from an old crown. Less is more when it comes to the classic headstock, too. Is Huber the King of understatement? When we first got our hands on a Rietbergen, back in issue 375, we commented that opening the case was “like we’ve just…

eric clapton: life in 12 bars in uk and irish cinemas nationwide on 12 january 2018

Generations have grown up with his songs, and countless players have pawed over every note of his playing, but Eric Clapton still remains something of an enigma. But now a new film seeks to shine a new light on the guitarist’s life. From his traumatic upbringing and survivor instinct to his driven quest to progress as a player, there is the sense there is still more to be shown of Slowhand (who is now 72) than could be expressed in the pages of his 2007 autobiography. Eric Clapton: Life In 12 Bars is directed by Lili Fini Zanuck, the Oscar-winning producer of Driving Miss Daisy, and tells Clapton’s incredible story through his own words and music, as well as those of his family, friends and musical collaborators – including BB King, Jimi…