Guitarist March 2019

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one vision

Browsing through social media this week, I read a friend’s post that shared he was thinking of selling all but one of the guitars in his collection. His reasoning was that endless tinkering with multiple guitars was a distraction from the real business of learning to play guitar as well as he possibly could. You have to admit there’s an attractive simplicity to this idea. Most of us have kidded ourselves, at one time or another, that before we can really get on and learn jazz fusion/two-handed tapping/Western swing/ medieval folk, etc (delete as necessary), we must first buy a suitable new guitar that will help us to get to grips with that style, thus paying for itself in days through the leaps and bounds we will make once properly…

sweet ’n’ low

Historically speaking, if there is one thing on the average acoustic fingerstylist’s wishlist it’s extended range. Over the years they’ve tried just about everything, from simple retuning to the more elaborate prospect of investing in a monster harp guitar. Anything, in fact, that draws them closer to their main rival, the piano. The baritone guitar is another potential solution, adding additional grunt to the instrument’s bottom-end with its B E A D F# B tuning – or even lower, thanks to the extended scale length. And whereas this means adding yet another six-string to your collection, Ibanez has made you an offer that’s tough to refuse with its very affordable AE255BT. The company’s AE range covers a wide price spectrum, from just over a couple of hundred pounds to over a…

ibanez ae255bt

PRICE: £599 ORIGIN: China TYPE: AE Baritone TOP: Solid Sitka spruce BACK/SIDES: Laminated ovangkol MAX RIM DEPTH: 108mm MAX BODY WIDTH: 410mm NECK: Nyatoh SCALE LENGTH: 686mm (27”) TUNERS: Chrome die-cast (18:1 ratio) NUT/WIDTH: Bone/45mm FINGERBOARD: Cultured maple, 400mm (15.74”) radius FRETS: 20, small/medium BRIDGE/SPACING: Cultured maple with compensated bone saddle/56mm ELECTRICS: Ibanez T-bar under-saddle WEIGHT (kg/lb): 2/4.4 OPTIONS: None RANGE OPTIONS: None LEFT-HANDERS: No FINISH: Natural High Gloss (as reviewed) Headstock Distribution 0121 508 6666 www.headstockdistribution.com PROS An extremely well-made ticket to ride into unfamiliar terrain at a bargain price CONS A dedicated gigbag would have been a nice thought…

solid choice

The past three decades have seen Hughes & Kettner transform from ‘Hughes who?’ into one of the world’s most respected names in guitar amplification. Over the years, we’ve seen a steady stream of innovative products, from the affordable and authentic-sounding solid-state Attax, to the jaw-dropping all-digital ZenTera, and vintage-inspired valve designs such as the Puretone. Leveraging equally high levels of expertise in solid-state, digital and valve design has also resulted in some of the most versatile amps available today, such as the TriAmp Mark 3 and the GrandMeister Deluxe 40, which seamlessly blend valve tone, digital effects and MIDI control for massive versatility. Now there’s a new product that threatens to shake things up a little more, the Black Spirit 200. Based on the same format as the award-winning valve-powered GrandMeister…

hughes & kettner black spirit 200 head

PRICE: £879 ORIGIN: China TYPE: Solid-state preamp and power amp with digital effects OUTPUT: 200W RMS, switchable to 20W or 2W VALVES: None DIMENSIONS: 410 (w) x 155 (h) x 150mm (d) WEIGHT (kg/lb): 3.6/8 CABINET: Steel/plastic CHANNELS: 4, MIDI-programmable CONTROLS: Master volume, presence, resonance, sagging, reverb, treble, mid, bass, volume, gain, channel select, boost switch, FX loop switch, FX access/ store switches FOOTSWITCH: Optional ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Onboard digital effects, Red Box AE speaker emulated DI. Bluetooth audio streaming and remote control with iOS app (coming soon) OPTIONS: The phantom-powered FSM-432 MIDI foot controller unleashes the Black Spirit’s performance potential for £185; a soft carry bag costs £36.99 RANGE OPTIONS: None John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd 0113 286 5381 www.hughes-and-kettner.com PROS Stacks of functionality; excellent core tones; very portable CONS The carry bag and foot controller are expensive add-ons; there’s no simpler non-MIDI foot-switching alternative…

higher power

Anyone who goes back far enough will remember the impact that Dave Schecter’s products had on the replacement parts market. From hardware to woodwork, his top-class wares opened our eyes to the fact that we could customise and ‘improve’ our stock instruments. Schecter went on to create fine guitars alongside a fresh young lad named Tom Anderson. After seven years with Schecter, and encouraged by his mentor, Tom went his own way. Initially building necks, bodies and pickups, he ultimately realised that creating entire guitars was more rewarding. Over 30 years on and he’s still making some of the world’s most stunning instruments – the Guardian Angel is one of his latest creations. Freshly developed from the ground up, it’s a purpose-built 24-fretter – essentially a Drop Top Classic with a…