Guitarist March 2018

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future shocks

As we go to press this issue, we’re packing our bags to head off to California for the NAMM trade show where the nitro-clad mother lode of this year’s new guitar gear makes its debut. In some ways it’s the worst possible environment in which to sample new sound equipment. The giant exhibition halls where the show is held echo relentlessly with drums, saxophones, keyboards, cymbals and, of course, guitars. Spend four days there (with jetlag), and it’s one of the most disorienting sensory experiences you’ll have outside of going over Niagara Falls in a barrel full of loose musical instruments. Alongside the big launches there are always lots of interesting finds from small and boutique makers, hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and ‘what-were-they-thinking?’ moments where (frankly bonkers) ideas break…

old school cool

DUESENBERG GRAN MAJESTO £2,369 with hard case What Is It? 60s style classic semi with 20s Art Deco eye candy... DUESENBERG PALOMA £1,905 What Is It? An offset retro machine that’s bursting with tone What you probably already know about German brand Duesenberg: they’re named after Depression- era American super cars that made a Rolls Royce look like a Fiat Panda; they look the absolute business; and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell, occasional Eagle Joe Walsh and Keef’s adopted son Johnny Depp all have signature models. What you need to know is the new solidbody Paloma model and the semi-acoustic Gran Majesto have been added to the bulging Duesenberg catalogue, loaded with the good looks and high specs we’ve come to expect. First off, let’s get solid with the Paloma. Just look at it. This…

premium cuts

JAMES COLLINS GTB £2,749 What Is It? Brit-crafted, weight relived double-cutaway electric with Bare Knuckle pickups Unless you’re a follower of small-number UK guitar makers you might not have heard of James Collins. Based in East Sussex, James has been building his own designs since 2015 but started doing repairs in 2007 after returning from the USA where he studied at the Galloup School of Lutherie in Michigan. The current James Collins range features four models with mahogany, set-neck construction and a choice of either flat-top, single pickup (the GTA), or carved-top dual-humbucker versions like the GT. The latest, as here, is the GTB. The symmetrical double-cutaway outline recalls the UK’s longest running production maker, Gordon Smith, and as with the original John Smith design, the GTB takes the Les Paul’s treble cutaway half…

prs private stock bernie marsden ltd run £9,995

LONG time PRS ambassador Bernie Marsden has contributed significantly to the brand’s popularity, not least with his SE signature, spec’d from his famous ‘Beast’, that still sends PRS fans into raptures. Oddly perhaps he’s never been honoured with his own USA signature, but this run of six pieces from PRS’s Private Stock division is close and illustrates what we are missing. As its rock star price suggests, Paul Miles and the Private Stock team haven’t cut any corners on this sumptuous build: Brazilian rosewood for the Wide-Fat profile neck and fingerboard, an African ribbon mahogany back with almost pin-stripe East Coast USA curly maple top and matching headstock facing. Finished in a Laguna Glow high gloss nitro, it’s a classic PRS Singlecut model. Instead of the two-piece bridge and four controls like…

bristol jazz & blues festival

This annual event – now in its sixth year of existence – has established itself as a guarantee of great talent. 2018 is no exception – and there’s even some familiar Guitarist faces in the line-up… “It’s always been my goal to provide a festival programme that appeals to as many music fans as possible,” the festival’s Artistic Director Denny Illet tells us. “I try to represent as many styles of jazz and blues as the schedule allows and I hope we succeed with that. Being a guitar player, I always like to programme in a few choice axemen into the festival line-up and this year is no exception.” He’s not wrong. And things start very strong indeed — jazz masters Martin Taylor and Ulf Wakenius play a duo show of the…

what’s goin’ on

Eric Bibb 13 April to May 5 Various UK and Ireland venues As oneof the most compelling roots musicians in the modern age, the themes Eric Bibb explored on last year’s Migration Blues felt more poignant than ever. And that was no coincidence – for his darkest and most political album, the bluesman made comparisons between the journeys of slaves in America to those of refugees escaping war in the present day. “The open-heartedness that music can induce in us is what’s needed right now,” says Eric.“We are all wanderers, we are all migrants, we have all come to where we are now from some other place. And the empathy that’s needed to keep this world from falling apart is what I’m trying to encourage.” He’ll be accompanied by guitarist Michael Jerome Browne…