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Home & Decor July 2020


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size doesn’t matter

Singapore may be just a tiny speck on the world map, but it is perhaps because of its petite stature, which has allowed the republic to quickly grow into a developed nation 55 years after its independence. Being small also brings many benefits to its citizens. It’s easier to get around the country and establish infrastructure so that the people can live and work in an orderly manner. Things get done fast, and we have come to expect a reasonably high level of efficiency among the organisations that operate here. Our homes function much like the country. Even though apartments are the most common forms of dwelling here, it is inspiring to see the various ways homeowners think out of the box when making full use of their living spaces, and come…

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REAL-TIME DESIGN UPDATES WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ HOMEANDDECOR.SINGAPORE The latest content on home decor and shopping scoops. 8 creative ways to use wallpaper in your home Unexpected ideas for applying wallpaper for maximum effect.tinyurl.com/creativewallpaperideas A fashionable landed home with sumptuous textures This luxurious Toronto home was inspired by the owner’s sense of fashion.tinyurl.com/fashionablelandedhome SIGHTS & INSPIRATION CHECK US OUT AT @HOMEANDDECOR_SG MORE INTERIOR STYLES FROM OUR ONLINE IMAGE LIBRARY THIS MONTH ON OUR “CHIC KITCHEN” BOARD… WWW.PINTEREST.COM/ HOMEANDDECORSG…

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BONUS GALLERIES & VIDEOS. AN AB FAB SHOWING Who would have thought that a cinema would become an inspirational design space? ANDREA MANCUSO Take a closer look at some of multi-hyphenate artist, designer and sculptor Andrea Mancuso’s works. GRAND BY THE BEACH Be whisked away by the beautiful images of this pristine waterfront resort. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY OR SUBSCRIBE AT WWW.HOMEANDDECOR.COM.SG/MAGAZINE Get 20 per cent off a single issue (UP: $6) or 50 per cent off an annual subscription (UP: $72)! Details at www. homeanddecor.com.sg/promotions. NOW AVAILABLE AT…

updated tradition

Some of the most sophisticated luxury items are the understated ones. Italian luxury fashion house Brunello Cucinelli’s latest lifestyle collection is one of these. Convivium is a collection of tableware and table linen that lend warmth and tactility to the dining table. The ceramic dinnerware collection combines contemporary minimalist shapes and handcrafted techniques from the ancient traditions of pottery making in Umbria, Italy. Each piece is unique. Convivium tableware collection starts from US$350 (S$386) at https://shop.brunellocucinelli.com/en-sg/…

exhibition of the month

What: The Humanity of Small Things When: Now till 12th July 2020 Where: Gajah Gallery, www.gajahgallery.com In the face of the global pandemic, online exhibition The Humanity of Small Things brings the focus back to embracing the beauty of the little and the fragile, not just in the physical sense but also as a metaphor for objects, people, places and moments that have otherwise been overlooked. The showcase features small works and expressions of creativity by aspiring and accomplished artists from the region and beyond, with each created in the solitude of the artists’ home or studio during this period of self-isolation and social distancing.…

great buys

TRENDING SET THE SCENE Not just to illuminate your space, your choice of lighting can elevate the aesthetics of your interiors. These seriously cool designs double as sculptural statements that will make your room shine with style. BREATHE EASY Keep your family safe with CleanAire, a portable sterilisation device that cleans the air around a two-metre radius using a combination of UVC rays and ozone sterilisation. Its compact size means you can pop it on your office desk, or use it in your car to kill bacteria and viruses. The CleanAire retails at $149 at www.nvc-international.com.sg/cleanaire SAFE SURFACES Italian tile manufacturer, Panaria Group has teamed up with antimicrobial solutions company Microban to debut the Protect Antibacterial Porcelain Tile. The series of tiles are incorporated with an antibacterial shield, using silver as the base of the technology, which…