Home Journal January/February 2021

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a new day

What’s going on?! We’ve commenced 2021 on a more dismal note than the beginning of last year, and much as we’ve aspired for peace and stability, it looks like the uncertainty will still be ongoing for awhile. I trust that during these times, many of us have had the opportunity to do some deeper reflecting, to reset our purpose and priorities. I’m no exception, and it is with mixed emotions that I announce this will be the final issue that I manage. At this juncture, my instrumental deputy editor, Nikey Cheng and dedicated designer Queenie Ho will also be departing Home Journal, both talents embarking on bright new adventures. We wish them nothing but the very best and I’m confident our paths will cross again soon. Without further ado, we present our…


Immerse PITCH PERFECT If you want powerful sound, innovative design and genuine cinema-like experience at home, take a gander at the Beolab 90 range by Bang & Olufsen. The loudspeaker features 18 scan-speak drivers with 8200 watts of precision power placed in carefully defined directions for maximum acoustic performance. Available in custom finishes and colours, Beolab 90 is your ultimate home speaker system that doubles as an work of art. bang-olufsen.com LIVEN UP YOUR HOME WITH ARTSY WINDOW TREATMENTS AND WALLPAPER KEEP IT WARM Wrap yourself in the comfort of Hodsoll McKenzie fabrics. Presented by textile provider Zimmer + Rohde, the Hodsoll McKenzie collection translates the British classic aesthetics and motifs into sophisticated interior decoration fabrics with a modern flare. Made of linen, silk, wool and cotton, the Hodsoll McKenzie collection can be applied to…

healing process

A comfortable living environment or a productive work-space that evokes joy is becoming more crucial than ever. While we encounter an array of colours during our daily life, we often find ourselves driven by instinct – we are attracted to or driven off by certain shades as they embody varied vibration and frequency that exude different energies. Nurture an optimistic and positive ambience through a purposeful execution, and you can enjoy the abundance of beneficial qualities each colour brings. Adorn a neutral canvas with purple to invoke peace and wisdom, red to drive enthusiasm and vitality, light yellow and pale tones to soothe the weary soul, or blue to boost concentration and rejuvenation. Here, we handpick a list of exquisite items to inject new life into your everyday spaces. HJ FOR…

sensory journey

Our perceptions of the world and things that were once familiar to us are constantly shaped and reinvented by the ever-evolving technology. While design can be a subjective notion, creatives from around the globe have been working relentlessly to imbue designated surroundings with their unique aesthetic responses. Huang Jianfeng, founder and creative director of ONE-CU Interior Design Lab, believes that a successful design solution and consulting service relies heavily on the narrative between time and space. When the creative practice was tasked to conceive an original identity for Hangzhou Vanke to set the property sales center apart from its kind, it was a natural decision to tailor a bespoke design language that could evolve with time. “Conventional property sales centers can no longer satisfy the demands of modern consumers. Advanced services…

beautiful alchemy

The brief was simple, to convert a historic townhouse dating back to circa 1877-1880 into four luxury residences for resale. Reveals designer Laura Hamnett, who was tasked with transforming these spaces, “we worked with the architect to completely strip it out, so it was just the shell, virtually removing all walls and floors but retaining the original grand staircase and stained-glass windows in the stairwell. We then painstakingly designed every interior architectural element to bring it back to life.” She continues, “we always design developments with an imagined buyer in mind, as it is more natural for us to design with a personal approach. From past experience in this particular Kensington location, we made an assumption that the buyers were likely to be young European professionals, however it’s important to…

warm embrace

“The client loves soft hues and soft materials… Cosiness was a key requirement- sofas that are actually comfortable- as well as lots of upholstery and extra pillows!” shares interior decorator Lucia Tait Tolani about her newest project. This project gracefully showcases the beautiful blending of comfort and style, whilst meeting a family’s functional requirements. “We wanted to keep things warm and neutral, but wanted to use an array of fabrics. It also had to be child friendly, with three little ones under the age of seven at home! We moved from London, so preferred a modern but cosy English countryside feel. We also took inspiration from our travels; including the Firmdale Hotels, Villa Feltrinelli, and various safari lodges,” says the client. Located on Tregunter Path, the interior design of the…