Home Journal April 2021

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12 期号


a material world

A mainstay of good design, material – both building and surface – is as functional as it is influential to the look and feel of an interior. In this issue dedicated to sublime materials, we canvassed artisans, makers and designers from around the world to discover the art and craft of their creations made from materials of all types – from wood and fabric to marble and concrete. Our cover story this month salutes mohair rugs, designed and manufactured by textile artisan Frances van Hasselt who brings out the raw beauty of mohair from the region of Karoo in South Africa with great passion. Also noteworthy is a sculptural exhibition space in Hangzhou encased in panes of aluminium facing varying directions, radiating avant-garde vibes through an interplay between forms and textures. In our…

in focus

ORGANIC CHARM Add a sense of texture and drama to your home with this bulbous Cloud collection by Tom Dixon. Made of highly polished aluminium, the Cloud series spans platters, bowls and vessels in organic forms reminiscent of seed pods, which can be used for a variation of purposes, such as a vase, fruit bowl or champagne bucket. tomdixon.net Bring the outdoors inside with this organically-shaped vessel ARTISTIC FEAST For the first time, the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Hong Kong is bringing 50 years of award-winning poster art from Biennale to Hong Kong with the “Posterized” exhibition in collaboration with PMQ. Running from now until 6 April at PMQ, the show features an extensive collection of more than 140 award-winning masterpieces spanning more than five decades. pmq.org.hk USE YOUR ILLUSION Add visual…

editor’s pick

Glam up your home with refined fabrics and finishes loaded with beautiful narratives 01. FORMICA Formica has unveiled a new material collection for Asia with enhanced antimicrobial properties and surface performance. Cosy up your home with the Fluidity surface, which boasts soft, introspective designs with an enhanced sense of tactility that lends a relaxing, yet elegant quality to any room; or liven up your living space with the Engineered Designs surface, which comes in bold shapes and shades that can lift your mood. 02. ALTFIELD The Altfield Studio Collection, designed in-house, features textiles and wallcoverings that offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance, blending effortlessly with any home décor style. 03. TAT MING WALLPAPER Elegant and sophisticated, the Icons collection by Tat Ming comprises an eclectic mix of patterns and textures made of refined materials…

pattern play

taking shape

This private gallery in the city of Hangzhou demonstrates a powerful exhibition space that radiates not only aesthetic prowess, but also the personality of the exhibits it houses. Done by Chinese architectural firm PIG DESIGN, this edgy exhibition centre is dedicated to Italian furniture house Memphis Group, where clean lines, sharp colours and stark geometric shapes collide to echo the peculiarity and vitality of the furniture on display. Known for its unconventional furniture designs, the 1980s brand has become a synonym of “alternative classical”, a style that has been woven throughout the project with references to natural cliffs, which gives birth to the project name “Ya Space!”. “The name not only echoes the nickname of Memphis City in China — “Cliff City” (“Cliff” is pronounced as “Ya” in Chinese language), but also conveys…

special thread

The arid, semi-desert landscapes of South Africa’s central Karoo region are an acquired taste. This is a place where extreme harshness – scorching heat on summer days, icy cold on winter nights – coexists with the delicate beauty of indigenous plant life, and where the bone-dry air is scented with dust yet still exquisitely clean and crisp. Sunrise and sunset are soft and subtle moments, the land stretches seemingly endlessly to the distant horizons, and the sky feels somehow higher above one’s head than it does elsewhere. The people of the Karoo are special too: friendly to every visitor, yet with an inner reserve that reflects the elusive nature of the place in which they live and work. This is also an area renowned for its exquisite mohair. The mohair fibres…