Home Journal November 2021

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a comprehensive one-stop service for professional kitchen solutions

Maximize durability with quality cabinets door panels Alongside with stunning design, cabinets should have a high load-bearing capacity and humidity resistance to cope with notoriously humid weather. It is recommended to use European material panels and the carcass is better composed of seven-layer plywood to resist the humidity. Considering improper ventilation in an enclosed bathroom causes high humidity, Mia Cucina suggests to choose anti-bacterial panel materials for bathroom cabinets and thus, it effectively prevents bacteria production to achieve a hygienic bathing environment. Create a visual balance with sleek and contemporary design Timeless pieces and consistent style have been among customers favorites. Some brands are able to tailor each design to the specific needs of users ranging from an array of kitchen, bathroom and home products. With a one-stop solution service, we can ensure…

living in the art of hong kong

First we’ve witnessed some interesting NFT sales, including the never-before-seen footage of Wong Kar-wai’s 2000 movie “In the Mood For Love”; the iconic leather jacket worn by actor Leslie Cheung in another of Wong’s celebrated movies “Happy Together” (1997); not to mention the Digital Art Fair that drew overwhelming responses last month. All of which has confirmed Hong Kong as the undisputed leading art hub in Asia. The rise of crypto arts has been unstoppable ever since Beeple’s blockchain-based collage received such fanfare in March that prompted art insiders from around the world to start grabbing a slice of the pie. While most of them want in on the business opportunity, some are trying to dig deeper into the true value that NFT can bring about beyond traditional art. Gracing our cover…

artistic finesse

The Italian brand Flexform’s vast collection of home furnishings are famed for their bespoke contemporary designs. With a focus on sofas, the firm’s signature aesthetic language is expressed through a kind of understated elegance that translates to uncluttered shapes and soft, yet, never flashy materials. A star-turn product is the iconic Tessa S.H. armchair, which combines a wood structure crafted in the finest Italian cabinetmaking tradition with quintessential, timeless materials such as cowhide. “Flexform embodies a piece of history in the world of designer furnishings in Italy, and the appeal of our timeless products will endure for a long time, unaffected by fads that come and go,” says designer Antonio Citterio. Made entirely of prized solid ash wood, Canaletto walnut or mahogany, the joints and finishes are hand-crafted using techniques that…

autumn’s calling

With the weather turning crisp, it may be time for some additions to your home to help you warm up for the cooler months. Pair earthy tones such as burnt orange and saturated red with gilded accents and metal details to channel that contemplative vibe into your home. Bring the sparkling autumn days inside with tree-inspired details and botanical patterns on lamps, carpets, cushions or curtains for a more natural appeal. To complete the fall/winter look, candles, textured vessels and autumn-hued floral arrangements are all the best go-tos for the finishing touches. But if at some stage you find yourself feeling chained to the shades of the season, why not go bold with pops of emeraude or aubergine in artwork or accessories that connote a sense of energy and rejuvenation. ANNIE…

a passion for design

While most of us dream of being able to turn our passion into a full-time job, Shawn Hiltz has managed to find a happy medium between the two pursuits. Chief strategy officer at Tai Ping Carpets by day, Hiltz has found he can indulge his penchant for interior design by reinventing his home on an annual basis. “It has become a routine for us to redo our home every year,” says Hiltz, who shares this 1,600 square-foot duplex with his husband Greg, and furry friend Lewis. “Not major renovations, but essential updates here and there for better home maintenance and to keep the apartment looking new.” And Hiltz knows the drill. Having studied at the Insight School of Interior Design Hong Kong, he is pretty much hands-on with the seasonal renewals –…

perfect imperfection

In an era of perfectionism, the lack of tolerance for flaws is common among city dwellers. Accepting imperfections is often regarded as the manifestation of sloppiness, languish and even laziness. While striving and doing the best to achieve one’s goals is key to success, the blind pursuit of perfection has become an impediment on the path towards a joyful life. To counter the perfectionist way of life, the first studio project of Taiwanese interior designer Carina Lam uses elements that are imperfect, asymmetric, minimalistic, and ultimately, unfussy to enlighten people on the beauty of imperfection. “We rely on the three dimensions of the carrier, energy, and information to convert time into space, space into story, connecting light and air with the people living in it naturally,” she says. The unit, approximating 888 square-feet,…