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Luxe Living: Designer Kitchens & Bathrooms is Hong Kong’s leading kitchen and bathroom design magazine. The annual publication is the ultimate guide for homeowners and interior designers alike, showcasing the latest bathroom and kitchen trends, products and tips – all accompanied by stunning images.

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The favourite annual publication produced from the team behind Home Journal, this issue of Home Solutions is better than ever. Visually stunning, pertinent with the latest trends, packed with practical information and comprehensive expert tips from designers in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond, use this as your go-to-guide on how to design each room of your home. Whether you’re embarking on a new project, need help deciding which colour scheme to use for the bedroom or which surfaces to select for your kitchen, we have you covered. Like previously, this sixth edition of Home Solutions features the same room-by-room format – with each chapter dedicated to an area of the home – along with insights from top interior designers and industry professionals from around the globe. You’ve voiced out your love…


GILDED GLAMOUR If there was a decade that epitomised unadulterated decadence, it was the roaring 1920s, of which the debonair art-deco decorating style is seeing a resurgence. Transpose a touch of that ritzy fun into the 21st century with lacquered and golden accents, exuberant furnishings and curvilinear fixtures that make a big statement – but pair them against softer backdrops, think creme wall coverings or monochromatic carpeting, for a balanced, modern twist. SOFT EDGES A masculine decorative scheme isn’t limited to sharp corners and rough textures. Add a soft, delicate touch to your environs through sculptural accents and nature-inspired shades. A wall-hung art piece, a photograph with a wooden frame, as well as a sumptuous, velvet-upholstered sofa simply contribute to a lush, contemporary sanctuary. DOWN TO EARTH There are few things as nourishing to the…

heart of the home

It’s 2019, and the living room has taken an additional role – on top of sitting room, reading nook, homework den, play pen, and all-around gathering space. “As more and more people work from home, the living room has become a co-working space,” says Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui of design studio Bean Buro. That’s not to say, however, that all living room design considerations point to making it primarily workspace-conducive. On the contrary, that our homes might cater to more screen-centric activities makes it all the more important to incorporate warm and characterful touches. “Society is nostalgic for past processes and handiwork – adding crafted materials to our spaces is very important to allow us to feel grounded,” says designer Sophie Ashby of West London-based Studio Ashby. Antiques, which are making a…


1. INSPIRATION: DOWN TO EARTH The Instagram-approved charm of bone-white minimalism may be here to stay, but in an era of screens it pays to look up and find vignettes of warm, characterful touches. Find inspiration in the elements – water, wind and fire, even flora and fauna, gemstones and rocks – to bring a touch of the wild world indoors. Deep colours, jewel tones, and pieces with history that draw from our natural environment inject a more lived-in look. tips • Invest in multi-functional furniture with nature-inspired, tactile qualities. • Consider antiques, which are often priced similarly to high-street finds but come in better quality. Bonus: they also age better. 2. COLOURS AND TEXTURES As the gathering place for many of life’s moments and relationships, it’s important to go with a well-balanced palette for the…


01. CETEC Cetec’s COSMOPOLITAN PS (‘Performance & Style’) collection provides a full range of luxurious and stylish expressions. The embroidered SEQUENCE, in five different colourways, features jewel-tone blues that are undeniably the gem of the collection. 02. THEODORE ALEXANDER Designed by Steve Leung for Theodore Alexander’s Luxury of Serenity collection, the Connoisseur Sideboard is a stylish, functional addition to any living room, featuring diamond leather stitched panel doors and pointeshaped splayed legs. 03. NATUZZI ITALIA Craftsmanship and modernity come together in Colosseo, a sofa from Natuzzi Italia made of polyurethane, Memory Foam, and 100% goose down padding, as well as a body upholstered in genuine leather in a colour of your choice. 04. ROCHE BOBOIS The fully-customisable Planete three-seater sofa is upholstered in Belize fabric, with a structure made of solid wood, plywood and engineered composite wood;…

expert advice

KENNY KINUGASA-TSUI AND LORÈNE FAURE BEAN BURO beanburo.com • Develop a personalised story and don’t follow generic styles – they never result in a space that feels natural and comfortable to end users. • Flexibility and clever bespoke joinery and furniture greatly help with storage solutions and the functionality of a limited space. “DON’T FOLLOW GENERIC STYLES – THEY NEVER RESULT IN A SPACE THAT FEELS NATURAL” PEGGY BELS PEGGY BELS peggybels.com • Avoid clutter and leave spaces empty to get the feeling of a larger, open space, and allow light to circulate better. • Incorporate multiple points of light – a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and down lights. Lighting fixtures are essential to adding character to a space. “AVOID CLUTTER AND LEAVE SPACES EMPTY TO ALLOW LIGHT TO CIRCULATE BETTER” SOPHIE ASHBY STUDIO ASHBY studioashby.com • Trends change very quickly and you…