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Hong Kong Tatler Weddings August 2017 - Issue 15

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white hot

Ashi Studio Based out of Beirut, Mohammed Ashi has made a name for himself for his embroidery— and his ability to work wonders with lace and tulle. Ideal for a city bride who wants to make an entrance, these creations are dramatically beautiful, with ruffled one-shoulder silhouettes and three-tier lace trains. And for the nontraditional bride, trouser and short-skirt options break just about every rule going. ashistudio.com Vera Wang Vera Wang has always adhered to the idea that a wedding dress should be soft, ethereal and romantic. While she’s never departed from that aesthetic, her latest collection is noticeably more fashion-oriented than before, with pinched-in dresses, plunging necklines, draped sleeves and off-the-shoulder tops that mimic the Bardot cut of the moment. verawang.com Liz Martinez A young Israeli designer based in Tel Aviv, Liz Martinez has…

maid to measure

J CREW This oh-so-cool New York brand has been credited with ushering out the outdated bridesmaid’s dresses of the past to make way for a youthful, glamorous and quirky approach. As the company’s bridal line grows, it’s moving further away from traditional gowns, opting instead for trendy skirtand- top combinations and ruffled oneshoulder dresses in all the colours of the rainbow. The majority of J Crew’s bridesmaid dress designs cover the knee, but that’s where the similarities end. The floor-length gingham numbers are the ideal option for a wedding in Provence, while jewel-hued cocktail dresses are best suited to a city event in Hong Kong or New York. The beauty of all these pieces? They’re easily re-worn as casual separates, or to another glamorous summer event. jcrew.com/wedding GALVAN LONDON Launched by four women…

classic is key

What advice do you give to brides on finding the right look for the big day? Stay true to yourself—on everything you decide. Define the mood and atmosphere of your dream wedding, and I believe that it will guide you and keep you on track to make the right decisions. What was the best piece of style advice you received for your wedding? “Be your most timeless self.” So I chose pieces that I know I will love forever, as they represent a part of my style that will never change. Give us your three “Don’ts” for brides. 1. Don’t lose yourself. It’s a big day so there is a tendency to overdo everything, but you will look the most beautiful when you feel comfortable in your own skin. This applies to your style in…

the dragon and the phoenix

At first glance, Chinese wedding jewellery appears intimidating: big, heavy and aggressively yellow. But despite this, many tasteful modern women wear it with pride on the biggest day of their lives. Because like the world’s most famous jewels, it’s the sentiment and provenance that really counts. Chinese wedding jewellery is laced with meaning and soaked in culture— it reminds us of who we are. It carries the well-wishes of those dearest to us: hopes and dreams that have been passed from generation to generation. The jewellery is traditionally given by the groom’s family as part of the brid e price, signifying that the bride is welcomed to the fold as a treasured member: it is said that having a woman in your home is like having gold. The type of jewellery given…

chinese wedding symbols

Double Happiness The Chinese believe that good things come in pairs. This symbol resembles the lucky number eight, making it extra auspicious. Mandarin Duck Mandarin ducks mate for life, making them a popular Chinese sign of marriage, fidelity and loyalty. When one duck is depicted with a lotus flower in its beak and the other with a lotus fruit, it means there is a desire for children. Peony Peonies are known as “the king of flowers,” signifying opulence, luxury, beauty and reproduction. Endless Knot Often associated with theendless cycle of death and rebirth in Buddhism, in weddings the endless knot represents everlasting love, harmony and a long life of good fortune. Pig Pigs are considered cute and lucky, as they always seem to be fed. They embody wealth, prosperity, tolerance and fertility. A chubby mother pig with a string…

the essentials

SMOOTH CANVAS When it’s time to slide that ring on to your finger, you’ll want to make sure your hands are baby-soft. Eve Lom’s Time Retreat Hand Treatment contains collagen-boosting retinol that penetrates deep into the skin. At the same time, natural extracts of honey, avocado, sweet almond, shea butter and calendula and olive oils all condition and calm the skin. The result is smoother, more nourished hands with minimised pores, fewer signs of ageing and a more even skin tone. A POTENT BLEND When in doubt, look to nature. Estée Lauder’s new Nutritious Micro Algae range contains a “triple algae blend” of coldprocessed, nutrient-rich algae. The Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly lathers into a light foam, drawing out impurities and removing makeup for less congested pores and a healthier complexion. The Pore Minimizing…