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HWM Singapore July 2020


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phase 2

July marks the start of the second half of 2020, a strange notion as I don’t really even remember the first half past New Year celebrations. And with that segue, it just feels fitting that in this issue of HWM, we would cover the topic of remakes and remasters in videogames, a genre on its own in my opinion for people pining for the good old days. But unlike real life, we actually get a do over; fixing flaws, polishing up edges, improving controls, graphics, sound...the old becomes new again. And when you think about it, we have this cycle on repeat with just about every entertainment outlet in existence. TV, movies, music, books, comics...stories that are retold, re-envisioned, based-on; songs covered, remixed, remastered. These are trying times and technology is helping us…

analysing social media with an impact

To truly extract value from big data, information needs to be parsed, sifted through, and allocated with a value for it to have meaning to our lives. Many media consultancies, market researchers, and business analysts use such monitoring tools to separate quality data from noise, but things get a little trickier when feelings are involved. Are discussions with traction meaningful, simply because people are commenting on it? Are these positive vibes a sign of collective sarcasm, or is the negative discourse a much-needed look in the mirror? Can Artificial Intelligence even begin to help policymakers and researchers quantify emotive language around social affairs of today? We spoke with Roger Do, founder of QSearch, a social media intelligence company that helps quantify and analyse social media conversations through their social listening tool. How…

how to cyber security: software testing is cool

“FUZZING IS A GREAT WAY TO LOCATE UNKNOWN VULNERABILITIES IN AN APPLICATION. IF YOU FIND THEM AND FIX THEM BEFORE BAD PEOPLE FIND THEM AND EXPLOIT THEM, YOU SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE YOUR RISK.” That is a title I never expected to write. My father was a developer, and I was sure I would follow in his footsteps. For 34 years, he wrote C and C++ code for Bell Labs. At home we had first a TRS-80, then a Commodore 64 upon which I learned the fundamentals of programming. I love the open-ended creativity of programming, the idea that you start with an empty editor window and breathe life into an application, line by line, feature by feature. That said, I had the dimmest possible view of software testing. I knew it was important,…

what makes a good remake or remaster?

Ever come across a dusty old game in your collection that you feel like playing again, only to realise It doesn’t inspire the same awe it did when you first brought it home? Maybe it could…if some of the graphics were spruced up for your modern gaming rig. Indeed, with so many remakes and remastered games running amok recently, it’s about time we addressed the elephant in the room: is nostalgia the only thing these “revised” games have going for them? REMASTERING VERSUS REMAKING A GAME: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? But before all that, what exactly makes a remaster different from a remake? Well, imagine you’ve got a nice little house by the seaside. One day, you notice that the house is looking a little worse for wear, so you decide to do some…

move it or lose it

Crazy as that might be, it’s all par for the course in Moving Out. This hilariously lovable physics simulator puts you (and your pals) into the shoes of a Furniture And Relocation Technician, or as you should have realised by now, a F.A.R.T. After everyone’s done sniggering at their new job designations, here’s what you actually do in Moving Out. Basically, you work for a movers’ company, helping clients pack their stuff and bring it to their new homes. Sounds simple enough, but it’s not really what you do that’s amusing, but how. As the training module will tell you, breaking one or two windows and pieces of furniture is perfectly okay if it means you get the job done faster. That’s about it for the main concept, but where the game…

like airpods for your galaxy phone

Announced alongside the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip phones, the Galaxy Buds+ is the successor to the Galaxy Buds, and are to Galaxy devices what AirPods are to iPhones. The model we have is decked entirely in white and has pearly sheen to its neat round edges. It also comes in black, blue, red, and pink. At $268, it isn’t as expensive as Sony’s WF-1000XM3 and Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2, so it’s not surprising that construction is completely plastic. Fortunately, it doesn’t feel cheap, and are surprisingly lightweight. They have no problems fitting and staying in my ear, and noise isolation performs pretty much as expected. They are barely noticeable in-ear and has a rated battery life of up to 11 hours. In a battery rundown test with the music…