HWM Singapore November 2020

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12 期号


smarts sneaky

SMARTWATCH, smartphone, smart assistants, AI is everywhere today and thinking back, I suddenly can’t remember when was the point in time where AI became something in the background of our daily lives that we no longer gave a conscious thought about having. And yet, AI is a topic that we constantly talk about in fear that it would one day overtake our lives. Here’s a sobering thought, we’re already past that day. Cars today are more electronic than mechanical. It has sensors for everything and is able to park for you, drive for you, keep a safe distance from objects for you, emergency brake for you. The email software you use can learn your writing patterns, suggest automated replies for you, track your conversations for you, send you reminders for emails that…

it’s over 9,000! (not really)

Razer’s R&D team has been working on some really interesting stuff lately, and one of those projects was introduced to us by Lead Product Developer Ayush Sharma and Product Manager Ben Goh. Their work-in-progress gaming mouse technology, which was demonstrated using this rather fancy machine you see here, allows them to introduce true 8,000Hz polling rates and ultra-low click latencies of 0.125ms in most, if not all their future top-end mice - that’s eight times better than the current industry best. Oh, yes. For those who are about to Google “polling rate”, it basically refers to the frequency at which a device checks, or “polls” for inputs and positional changes, and it’s usually measured in hertz (Hz). Now, this is really important in competitive gaming, especially in fast-paced shooters like Riot Games’ Valorant,…

democratising creativity

Sneaks at Adobe MAX has historically been the most interesting stream of the conference because it showcases what the company is working on behind the scenes. Some of these technology previews eventually make it into a real Adobe product in one way or another, but some also feel like flights of fantasy from the minds of a developer trying to create the next big software magic. Now, bear in mind that the term “Photoshop magic” has long been used to describe any digital image manipulation that looked like it took a professional graphics designer hours to achieve…usually on Adobe Photoshop, because that’s what all serious graphics designers used. Today however, our smart-phones are able to perform Photoshop magic with a tap of your finger, in real-time, and even on videos. I’m talking…

only for the fans?

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S20 series phones were so popular that it justified creating a variant just for fans. Thus, the Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) was born. In Singapore, the Galaxy S20 FE comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, when we’d typically get Samsung phones with Exynos processors instead. The phone itself sits somewhere between a regular S20 and S20+ with a 6.5-inch screen size, and the AMOLED display doesn’t come with HDR support nor 1440p resolution. S20 FE may share the same triple rear camera configuration, but the telephoto lens isn’t quite at 64MP - no, it’s actually 8MP. It does, however, retain its IP68 water resistance rating, comes with a slot for expandable storage, and has a battery capacity (4,500mAh) bigger than the normal S20’s, replete with…

tiny mouse for tiny hands

The Hati S is the latest outing from the Chinese company, and it’s a tiny, super light mouse that follows in the footsteps of many of the best mice today, featuring a honeycomb shell, soft and supple paracord-style cable, and a safe and versatile shape. The Stardust variant sports one of the most attractive stock finishes I’ve seen on a mouse. The black base is dotted by white speckles, evoking the scattering of stars in a dark galaxy. This is offset beautifully by the light blue hue of the DPI and side buttons and scroll wheel. The stock cable is black, but it is detachable, and G-Wolves has bundled a matching light blue cord with the mouse that you can use instead. The detachable cable may seem odd at first, considering that…

live by the s pen, die by the pen

Fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones have waited a long year for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series. As one of the last few smartphones with a stylus still seeing hardware refreshes on the market, the Galaxy Note20 phones appeal to a very specific niche of people who find the S Pen more productive and intuitive than swiping on a mobile device. In the hardware arena, the 5G-ready Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a curved edge 6.9-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display that supports 120Hz refresh and 240Hz touch sampling rates. The main draw is the improved S Pen with faster input latency of just 9ms, on par with the S Pen found on the Galaxy Tab S7+. Part of the Note20 Ultra’s triple-rear camera configuration was…