HWM Singapore December 2020

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deck your hall with rowdy children

IT’S DECEMBER. I can’t believe it’s December. And I dread the month ahead. Not because a year has passed by without the sense of actual achievements. Not because Covid-19 is still rampant in many parts of the world. Not because I am unable to travel, to experience live events and launches, to visit family and friends. No. December is when schools everywhere relinquish all the children back to their parents. Parents with nowhere to go and very little things to do to keep a child occupied for an entire month at home. Yes, Singapore is pretty much back to normal if we were to look out into the streets, but there’s only so many times you can visit the zoo. Also, I find myself even more drained “holiday-ing” in my own backyard, figuratively…

is your network intelligent enough to keep you gaming?

“WHEN IT COMES TO AI IMPLEMENTATION, IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT NOT EVERY PROBLEM REQUIRES AN AI SOLUTION.” The popularity of online gaming and eSports has gone up as we’ve been exposed to more immersive games and better-funded and wider-reaching online tournaments. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Google are or have already launched Cloud-based gaming platforms so that players can play on any device no matter where they are in the world. Singapore has set its sights on becoming an eSports hub in the region, with a government-backed eSports training facilities and a new trade body for the industry. The industry shows no sign of slowing down, even amidst the current pandemic with Asia alone generating US$519 million in eSports revenue in 2019, accounting for nearly half of all…

big farma!

Smart technologies are at the forefront of Industry 4.0. A company’s competitiveness hinges on its ability to incorporate AI, machine learning, robotics, and other innovations into everyday operative tasks. Digitization has affected different industries, and especially now, with Covid-19 exacerbating a food crisis around the world. the food and farming industries have to embrace technology as well. In recent years, there has been a steady rise in smarter and more powerful systems to optimize the way food is harvested, processed, and packaged. There is tremendous scope for the inclusion of data in the farming process; not only to improve yield and profitability for the operator, but to ensure a safer and more sustainable food production supply chain for us all. SETTING THE TABLE FOR TRANSFORMATION Regardless of size or scale of an operation,…

binge away 2020

Thank you Covid-19 for ruining 2020, but the end is in sight, and we don’t just mean the end of 2020. With promising initial results of multiple Covid-19 vaccines, the end to the pandemic as well. December usually brings holidays and shopping sprees, but chances are you’re still hunkered down at home, possibly with very bored kids. So here’s our curated list of binge-worthy TV shows and video games to get you through December… and the school holidays. 01 The Crown Season 4 – Netflix This season of the critically acclaimed royal drama finally brings Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher into the fold! With the 1970s coming to a close, Queen Elizabeth and her family try to keep the line of succession safe by finding a bride for Prince Charles. Charles finds…

ultimate multi-tasking keyboard

Let me lay my cards on the table. I prefer mechanical keyboards. I like the way they feel; I like how customisable they are; but most of all, I like the way they click and clack. But I promise I would be objective in my review of Logitech’s new MX Keys keyboard. I really do. The MX Keys is Logitech’s first keyboard in their MX series of high-end products designed for power users, which includes the sublime MX Master 3 mouse. Two variants are available. There’s the standard MX Keys and the MX Keys for Mac. I’m testing the latter and the differences lie in the Space Grey finish to better match Mac devices, and more crucially, Mac-specific keys and keycaps. Otherwise, the two are identical. The build quality is worthy of the…

a new era of pc gaming

Launched at $849, the Ryzen 9 5900X is a 12-core/24-thread Socket AM4 processor that replaces the Zen 2-based 3900X. The Ryzen 9 5950X on the other hand, costs a cool $1,249. Of course, price is but one part of the story. Let’s understand a little bit more about the Zen 3 architecture and what makes it so special. You would be forgiven for assuming that the Zen 3 is a straightforward evolution of Zen 2 – they both use TSMC’s 7nm node after all. However, AMD has redesigned the architecture from the ground up to increase efficiency and IPC performance by 19%, which is not exactly the sort of boost that comes easily. Intel would know – their last few generations of processors only had modest incremental improvements. The biggest fundamental change Zen…