HWM Singapore January 2021

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caution: new year ahead!

AS THE WEEKS and months continuously pass us by, I’d say we’ve gotten used to the new normal. In fact, I’m so used to the new normal now, I’ve gotten quite sick of hearing it. It’s become a cliche,an overused phrase I’d file next to ‘buttery smooth’ and ‘IoT’. And because of that, I was surprised that it’s already January 2021. 2 - 0 - 2 - 1 January is traditionally a month of wonder, of anticipation and preparations. The biggest international events and announcements of the year are supposed to be happening. We’d be reporting from The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Instead, I’m still sitting at home with nowhere to go. Now, I have written in past notes that the tech industry does feel like it’s…

security experts predict 2021

Yes, right after an article about how security predictions may not always come through in the way they are predicted, we’ve rounded up a series of 2021 predictions from the very same experts, and even some hackers. Why? Because unlike previous years, we’re not seeing “next big thing predictions”, where new technologies or paradigm shifts are lauded. 2021 is full of scepticism and warnings. Although we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as Covid-19 vaccines are becoming a reality, there seems to be no end to threat actors taking advantage of the pandemic. Because 2020 was a year of reaction, 2021 will be a year everyone has to pick up the pieces, so to speak. “ ATTACKERS WILL CONTINUE TO PROFIT FROM THE ASYMMETRIC ADVANTAGE OF…

20/20 hindsight shows that foresight is never 20/20

’Tis the season…No, we’re not talking about the holidays — Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and others. In the world of cyber, ’tis the season for speculation. Every year around this time, experts dust off their crystal balls and tell us what to expect in the coming year. Their forecasts flood tech websites from early November until January. Which can be both useful and entertaining. But they can also be tricky — not every year plays out as expected. Sometimes the late, great Yogi Berra’s homespun wisdom prevails: “Predictions are hard, especially about the future.” Especially about this year. Indeed. I spent several hours combing through November 2019’s avalanche of 2020 cyber security prediction pitches from industry experts, and as you might guess, not a single one mentioned the biggest, most consequential event of…

the security dilemma of iot devices and potential consequences

Over the last decade, we have experienced a surge in consumer-grade connected products – from thermostats and kitchen appliances to baby monitors and smart bulbs. While these are great additions for consumers, the convenience of a connected world can come with a trade-off in security and privacy. Hackers are finding more ways to gain access to personal information by exploiting weaknesses in everyday devices. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH CONNECTED DEVICES? Let’s say, you just bought a new fancy smart internet-connected refrigerator. Typically, a fridge should last for about ten years or so. This is a reasonable expectation that consumers have for such a large purchase. It’s rare for hardware, like that in a refrigerator, to need regular updates. Software on the other hand, often needs updating – a situation the manufacturer may…

one vs many

With many next-gen games doubling down on their multi-player experiences and cross-play capabilities, you might be inclined to think that single-player-centric titles would probably start taking a back seat. After all, there isn't much fun to be had "going at it alone"...or is there? According to a leaked report from Sony obtained by Vice (thank you!), which showcases player preferences and data for the purpose of PS5 development, it seems that single-player titles aren't just increasing in popularity - they're actually the preferred format for the average console gamer! Specifically, the report mentions that gamers are spending more time dabbling in offline modes rather than online ones. Needless to say, that comes as a rather interesting surprise, and it's worth digging a little deeper to find out what exactly the rationale is…

the tws sweet spot

When we reviewed the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 (MTW2), we called it “almost perfect”, but points were docked for its unimpressive active noise cancellation and high price point. With the CX 400BT, Sennheiser took direct aim at those complaints by… removing them entirely. The venerable audio brand’s first pair of mid-range true wireless earbuds come without ANC and drops several other features to achieve a more palatable price point of $299, which is $150 cheaper than the MTW2. Sennheiser makes one simple but noteworthy promise: an identical acoustical system to the MTW2 using the same 7mm dynamic drivers. Unlike the premium look and feel of the fabric clad MTW2, the CX 400BT sports a more vanilla plastic aesthetic that can easily be mistaken for any other generic true wireless earbuds if not…