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HWM Singapore June 2021

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feels like a 90s slasher film sequel

I thought this moment was behind us and I won’t be writing another Covid-themed note or issue, but here we are. As we were preparing the June issue, Singapore saw spikes in Covid cases and an emergence of new clusters. This resulted in a regression of some of the phased re-opening rules, and as I write this, we’re almost back in a lockdown, fully working from home, gyms and schools are closed, restaurants are no longer allowed to have dine-in service, and gatherings are limited to two-person groups. It really feels like one of the villains in 90s slasher films that just refuses to die off, and as the next movie comes in, everyone does the same thing all over again; the same setup, the same scares, the same one liners,…

from cpu to xpu

What does it mean to be an XPU company? What about the CPU and GPU, are they still in play? Santhosh Our purpose at Intel is to create technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth. To do this, we want to help customers capitalise growth opportunities in the cloud, AI, 5G, as well as the intelligent and autonomous edge. Part of this involves redefining Intel’s position in the industry, which includes transitioning from CPU to XPU. In this case, XPU refers to the multiple architectures needed (i.e., CPU, GPU, programmable FPGAs and purpose-built ASICs) to be able to effectively address evolving workloads and compete for what we see as an expanded US$300 billion market opportunity by 2024. What are Intel’s IDM2.0 ambitions? What does it mean to double down on…

no rest for the wicked

However, let’s keep the spotlight on Diablo Immortal for now. I recently sat down for another check-in with two groups of Immortal’s crew, discussing the creation, conceptualisation and development of the game’s expansive lore and mechanics. This first article, which details my short dialogue session with Senior Combat Designer Julian Love and Senior Narrative Designer Justin Dye will hone in on the lore and the PvE side of the equation, and if you’re more interested to find out more about the PvP aspect, make sure to stay tuned next month. “ ACCORDING TO LOVE, THE TEAM WAS PROBABLY MORE SURPRISED AT HOW WELL-RECEIVED THE GAME HAS BEEN SO FAR THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THE TO-DO LIST.” With all the formalities out of the way, it’s time to get this two-part show on…

google i/o 2021

ANDRIOD 12 Probably the least “exciting” since everyone’s expecting a new Android version every year, but a large part of Android 12 is all about aesthetics - in a more personalised way. A new feature is Colour Extraction, where Android 12 phone users can personalise the UI's colour palette and widgets via their chosen wallpaper. Colour Extraction picks out dominant colours to automatically complement the phone's overall reskin and look. This level of personalisation isn't just superficial - it cuts across the entire OS, including the shades for your notifications, the look of the Lock Screen, your volume controls, your widgets, and a ton of little details. Another added perk is a redesign to Android 12 animations. Google promises that animations will be more responsive. For example, dismissing notifications enlarges the clock on…

ridiculously powerful

AT A GLANCE PROCESSOR Apple M1 DISPLAY Liquid Retina XDR (2,732 x 2,048 pixels) MEMORY 8GB / 16GB STORAGE From 128GB NETWORK WiFi 6, 5G PRICE From $1,649 M1 was Apple’s first custom processor, and never in my years of writing about notebooks have I seen a processor that’s so powerful and efficient. In my review, I said it rewrote the notebook rulebook. So what did Apple do next? Naturally, it took the M1 chip and put it in the iPad Pro. And get this, Apple is claiming the new M1 iPad Pro to offer up to 50% faster CPU performance and up to 40% faster GPU performance over last year’s model. That’s like adding ghost peppers to a very spicy mala dish or another 1,000hp to a Bugatti Chiron – you get the idea. I know some people were hoping for a redesign since…

a carnival of horrors

AT A GLANCE DEVELOPER Capcom PUBLISHER Capcom GENRE First person, Survival horror PLATFORM PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia PLAYERS SINGLE, MULTI Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, picking up Ethan Winters’ story three years after his traumatic experience with the psychotic Baker family in Louisiana. He now lives peacefully with his wife Mia and six-month-old daughter Rose. After this domestic bliss gets interrupted by the violent reappearance of one boulder-punching Chris Redfield, Ethan finds himself torn away from his family and thrust into the cold, harsh unknowns of a Gothic European village suffering a monstrous epidemic. Ethan’s journey pushes him into encounters with the village’s four governing forces, one of whom is the tall, vampiric and frighteningly alluring aristocrat Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. I’m really surprised at the level of restraint Capcom have displayed in…