HWM Singapore July 2021

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the entertainment issue

Can you believe half of 2021 has gone by? I’ve more or less settled into the new normal, and by that I mean finally getting around the fact that Covid-19 isn’t going to go away anytime soon, and there’s really no point continuously focusing on it. This pandemic will become endemic in the course of time and we will be living with it just like the regular flu. Get your shots, get vaccinated, move on. That’s my mantra now. So, for this issue, we’re focusing on all things entertainment. And I believe a walkthrough of ArtScience Museum’s latest exhibit would be the perfect feature story of the month. It’s going to be even more apt considering that leisure travel will be a pipedream for a while yet. A trip to Virtual Realms:…

loki from the eyes of hunter b-15

“It just depends on how easily you come with me, that’s how easily I treat you. But if there’s any kind of resistance, you’re gonna have to deal with the whole of her.” We recently had the opportunity to talk to a member of Loki’s cast: Wunmi Mosaku. She plays Hunter B-15, a high ranking hunter of the TVA deadset on finding a dangerous variant. She talked to us about her love for Black Panther, how she came aboard the series and why exactly her character detests this Loki variant so much. HWM You’re no stranger to joining big franchises at this point, having appeared in Batman v Superman and Fantastic Beasts. Were you a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe before joining Loki, and was it daunting to step into this sprawling…

can apple make my dream mac now?

My dream Mac is actually very simple. It would be a MacBook Pro with a detachable display. And when you remove the display from the keyboard, it turns into an iPad. Another way to think of it is that it’s an iPad running iPadOS that turns into a Mac running macOS when you attach it to a keyboard. It’s hard to say if Apple has ever thought of making something like this. But even if they did, they could never have made one because Macs ran on Intel and iPads run on Arm. Until now. Last year, Apple decided to ditch Intel and use its own processors in Macs. This meant that for the first time, Macs and iPads are powered by the same type of processor. And to appreciate how amazing…

making games more inclusive and social

“I think now is the right time for us to start connecting with our children at home by immersing ourselves together in easy to play games. Even better, you might consider creating new games for billions of people to have fun.” June has been the month that my children look forward to every year, as this is when we usually travel to visit my large family in Australia to spend the school holidays. As the pandemic continues to complicate the way we are celebrating our children’s much-needed break, I can relate to what parents with young children and those whose families are based overseas are feeling right now: We miss our loved ones, but we are well aware that their safety is our utmost priority. At the same time, we are struggling…

apple music lossless is worth celebrating but it is also chaos

But first, Apple must be commended and congratulated on this move. Commended because lossless audio means we hear the music as the artist intended with no loss in music data – and this comes at no extra cost! And congratulated because they beat rivals Spotify to the punch. Spotify announced in February earlier this year that they would offer lossless streaming, but at the time of writing, no dates have been announced and pricing has yet to be confirmed. “Natively, Apple devices will support music only up to 24-bit /48kHz, which means for Hi-Res Lossless music you’ll still need an external DAC.” However, getting lossless audio to play on Apple devices now is a bit of a mess. To begin, none of the AirPods (not even the flagship AirPods Max) support lossless…

from "games" to "experiences"

So yes, interactivity is one of the big scaffolds that developers are starting to capitalise on, but it's far from the only one, and the latest exhibition to grace the ArtScience Museum's halls is all about exploring that impressive myriad of possibilities. Co-curated by acclaimed game designer Tetsuya Miyaguchi in collaboration with the Barbican in London, Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed is a co-production between the Melbourne Museum and the aforementioned ArtScience Museum. It's scheduled to open its doors to the public from 12 June 2021 till 9 January 2022. At its core, Virtual Realms features six different exhibits, each of which is based on a theme that explores a different facet of the potential future of video gaming experiences. Naturally, experiences are best described first-hand, and we were lucky enough to attend a…