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In Touch Weekly February 18, 2019

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who wore it better?

Sabrina did! This bedazzled Moschino jumpsuit is attention-grabbing on its own, so Kaia’s ’50s-inspired retro ’do feels a bit extra. Sabrina’s loose waves are pretty, yet don’t distract from her glitzy look. Rosie did! We think Diane was trying to balance the sexiness of this cutout Dion Lee dress with tough combat boots, but she missed the mark. Take it from Rosie: When in doubt, go the glam route. Alesha did! We love how Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha gave these bold Attico leather pants a sportswear spin with a cool bomber and sneakers. Olga’s feathered top was overkill.…

fyre festival: kendall’s in the hot seat!

Kendall Jenner’s reputation is going up in flames! Just as two new documentaries are sparking renewed outrage over 2017’s notorious Fyre Festival, a judge ruled on Jan. 28 that the agencies representing influencers who promoted it — including Kendall Jenner Inc. — can be subpoenaed in a bankruptcy case involving the disastrous event. “Kendall’s gotten into hot water yet again,” an insider says of the 23-year-old supermodel, who’s been bashed for her controversial Pepsi ad and an overhyped Proactiv endorsement. She earned $250,000 for just one Instagram post about the event in the Bahamas, according to Netflix’ Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. (Models Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Emily Ratajkowski also promoted it.) Kendall didn’t have much to say when the whole thing turned out to be a…

oops! ariana’s new tattoo is lost in translation

She got at least three tattoos specifically honoring her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, but the biggest mistake Ariana Grande has had permanently inked on her skin doesn’t involve a man at all. In a Jan. 29 Instagram post, the singer, 25, showed off a new design: Japanese letters meant to spell out the name of her new single, “7 Rings,” on the palm of her hand. But Japanese-fluent fans quickly pointed out that she left out a few characters, so her tat paid homage to…a barbecue grill. “It hurt like f---… I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao,” she responded, acknowledging the error. “Also...huge fan of tiny bbq grills.” By Jan. 31, she revealed she’d “fixed” the ink — but actually made it worse. Now it reads, “barbecue finger heart.”…

amanda lets her 6-year-old get highlights: bad mom or more power to her?

Former Bachelor star Amanda Stanton incurred the wrath of Bachelor Nation after her 6-year-old daughter, Kinsley, got her hair dyed while joining Mom at the hair salon. “She’s a BABY!” cried one mom online. “Let her be a child, for God’s sake!” Another slammed, “You should be teaching your daughter how beautiful she is on the inside, Amanda. You’re setting a bad example and setting her up for so much insecurity.” But some defended the mom, pointing out that it’s “her kid, her decision.” And, said another, “A few highlights aren’t gonna kill the kid. Plus, it’s 2019 — it’s time for mom-shaming to stop!”…

the office saves someone’s life!

When Cross Scott of Tucson, Ariz., found a woman slumped over the steering wheel of her car, he knew immediately what to do even though he’s never taken a CPR course in his life. The 2009 episode of The Office in which Michael Scott (Steve Carell) sings the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” while doing chest compressions on a dummy popped into the 21-year-old’s mind. Cross began compressions while singing the song — still the correct rhythm for chest compressions, according to the American Heart Association — and after a minute, the woman came to and started to breathe again. Kudos to Cross — and the Scranton division of Dunder Mifflin!…

up close

DEEP IN LOVE Jan. 31 “Happy birthday to the man of my blue ocean dreams,” says JESSICA BIEL, celebrating husband JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s 38th with this underwater Instagram pic. CRUISE CONTROL LA, Jan. 30 TOM CRUISE makes his point at the Lumière Awards, where his movie Mission: Impossible — Fallout won best scene for its awesome helicopter stunt. OFF TO THE RACES Santiago, Chile, Jan. 26 Gentlemen, start your engines! RITA ORA gets motors running at the ABB FIA Formula E Antofagasta Minerals Santiago E-Prix. ROYAL CRUSH London, Jan. 30 He must be a huge fan of Suits ! A student is in awe of a pregnant MEGHAN MARKLE during her visit to the National Theatre. In January, the actress-turned-duchess was named a patron of royal theater, one of two royal patronages passed down to her by Queen Elizabeth II. MUG SHOTS London, Feb.…