Inspirations Issue 109

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from the editor

There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another.ÉDOUARD MANET (1832 – 1883) WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR? Do you have just one or do you alternate between several depending on your current disposition? Do you have favourite thread colours in your collection that somehow appear in your embroidery time and time again? We are surrounded by colour and everything that we do and see is influenced by the seemingly endless spectrum. It influences our mood and even our physiological reactions, what we wear, what we eat and how we decorate where we live. It even affects our embroidery as it influences the projects that we choose and how we decide to stitch them. Most of us automatically gravitate towards specific combinations; perhaps soft, soothing pastels have the greatest…

layers of life

“The process of making gives me great joy. We as human beings are made up of many layers and experiences. I have, like many other people, had a rich tapestry of life experiences. My health and having a disabled child have affected my creative path, which has meant I have had to press the pause button many times on my career as an artist. But all these experiences have fed into my life and work. My strong spiritual beliefs play a big part in my ability to transform and find joy and colour in the world.” SABINE SABINE KANER works in layers. Layers of fabric, stitches, and colour; but also, in layers of emotions, feelings, identities, and mindsets. Sabine grew up in London in a mixed-race, immigrant family during the 1960s…

time for tea

“My embroidery in a china tea set is inspired by the landscape design of Capability Brown at Berrington Hall and incorporates features from the grounds and the paintings on the crockery.” JANE In 2016 the Embroiderers’ Guild asked members to participate in exhibitions throughout the UK to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of landscape architect Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. Many of the exhibitions were held in National Trust houses where Capability Brown had designed the grounds. Her participation in this event set Jane Fairweather on a path of discovery and creativity that she could never imagine. “During my City & Guilds Embroidery course, I had particularly enjoyed stitching on dissolvable film. I felt a little lost after finishing my course and did not know where I wanted to go with my…

between the covers

Embroidered Treasures: Animals Dr Annette Collinge | Search Press 2020 Hard Cover 128pg | ISBN 978-1-78221-135-8 | RRP $52.99 Embroidered animals through the ages are the focus Dr Annette Collinge’s third book exploring the extensive collection of the Embroiderer’s Guild in the UK. Many of the works in this collection are rarely exhibited in public so the Embroidered Treasures series is a wonderful opportunity to examine a curated selection. The chosen works depict myriad animals from domestic to wild, mythical and heraldic creatures and animals with religious symbolism, all embroidered in a wide range of styles. Many are represented realistically, however colourful interpretations are included with pieces dating from 17th century canvas work to 20th-21st century three-dimensional creations. As in the previous books in the series showcasing flowers and birds, each of the ninety-one embroideries…

the society for embroidered work

“One of the most interesting things to emerge from our London exhibition was how uplifting it was for our members to be amongst others who understood their medium. A feeling of being with people who see the work for what it is. They found that rather than having to explain why they use a needle, rather than a pencil or paint, they could instantly talk on a deeper level with their contemporaries about their work. A freeing experience for many of them.”CAT FRAMPTON – S.E.W. FOUNDER The Society for Embroidered Work, S.E.W., was founded by stitched-based artists Cat Frampton and Emily Tull in August 2018. They both felt strongly about the lack of inclusion of stitched or embroidered art in the mainstream art world, and the general attitude of dismissing anything…


Borrowing from this traditional style, a spectacularly plumaged bird rests amongst blossoms, leaves and fruit, with two colourful butterflies hovering nearby. Worked with crewel wool onto linen union, this unspoiled, harmonious scene truly represents a vision of Arcadia. this design uses Back stitch | Blanket stitch | Bullion knot | Chain stitch Couching | Detached blanket stitch | Detached chain | Fly stitch French knot | Ghiordes knot | Long and short stitch Satin stitch | Seed stitch | Split stitch | Stem stitch Straight stitch | Trellis couching | Whipped stem stitch before you begin See the pattern download for the embroidery design We recommend that you read the complete article All embroidery is worked with ONE strand of thread unless specified requirements Fabric 40cm x 50cm wide (16" x 20") piece of ivory linen Supplies Frame or…