InStyle April 2018

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Story ideas always come from the most unexpected places. Me, I’m a people person (shock), so if I meet someone I’ve previously known only from the screen or runway and they live up to their billing, I want to work with them immediately. So it was with our April cover star, Demi Lovato, who popped by the office for a visit one day. She left with a giant bag of lip gloss—and my heart. I met Game of Thrones’ saucy Maisie Williams at the InStyle and HFPA Toronto Film Festival party in September. I’m a GOT obsessive and found Maisie’s real-life presence just as incredible. Even though she’s about to leave Arya Stark behind, her future is bright. And I’ve long been a fan of Ellen Pompeo’s, the deal sealed when I heard…


DEAR DREW In response to “If I Knew Then…” with past and present images of the gorgeous Drew Barrymore, I must say thank you. It brought a smile to my face. Drew is physically gorgeous, of course, but her ability to still keep a childlike spirit and energy was beautifully displayed here. —JOHNNA MARCUS, Philadelphia Coffee and some light reading this morning. Spring trends are here! One can wish for warmer weather!! —@NOREENS TRENDYCORNER TIMELESS TREASURE @DrewBarrymore is the perfect combination of old Hollywood glamour and new Hollywood free-spirited independence. I couldn’t have been more excited with my @InStyle February magazine! I just wish I could have the whole collection of Inspiration covers as Drew radiates! #crush —@1978LOW, via Twitter I don’t think anything’s going to get done today… —@MISSMARTY SAYS SUNNY FORECAST As I sat at…

next gen

“As a classical musician, I listened to music for years without words, and so I think it’s not about the message, but it’s about the FEELING that music leaves you with.”- Margot“DJ-ing is like STORYTELLING. It’s a different story every night. Your eyes and heart always have to be open, you have to feel it, and then you have to write the story.”-Mia Morett Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe—who is better known by her stage name Margot—aren’t just bandmates. In Margot’s words: They’re soul sisters. This special bond is evident when you hear the music they create together. “Being able to trust the person you work with enables you to push yourself into creative places you never knew you could go, and I think that’s really rare,” says Mia. Though they…

real style

TANIA CASCILLA, New York City @darling_tee INSPIRED BY Instant Style: “Combo to Try” (February 2018) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Cascilla takes this spring trend to the streets, teaming her cherry red wrap coat with distressed denim and a cheeky statement T. MICHELLE JAILINE CABRERA, New York City @mademoisellemichelle INSPIRED BY The Look: “Blaze Up” (February 2018) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN “I paired my blazer with jean shorts to make it casual yet still sophisticated,” says Cabrera. Pointy-toe pumps and a top-handle bag add further polish. ANDREINA VALDERRAMA, New York City @andreinavalderrama INSPIRED BY “50 Best Dressed List” (November 2017) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN “I don’t care if it’s gray out today,” says Valderrama. “I’m wearing a beautiful color inspired by the pages of InStyle.” KYRZAYDA RODRIGUEZ, Paterson, N.J. @kyrzayda_ INSPIRED BY Instant Style: “The Score” (January 2018) HOW SHE…


“When I butt-dialed Sean Hannity.”SALLY KOHN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR, “Feeling the Love,” p. 200“One time, I inadvertently offended Colin Firth at a party and felt as foolish as Elizabeth Bennet [in Pride and Prejudice].”NELLS COVELL WRITER, PRODUCER, AND DIRECTOR “You Know, It’s Funny …,” p. 98“Whenever I’m navigating directions.”MEG WOLITZER WRITER, “Atta Girl,” p. 96“Wearing heels to a club, because I like to dance.”DILONE MODEL, “What a Feeling,” p. 174“The last time I was in New York, I took the wrong train, ended up deep in Brooklyn, and was late to all my meetings for the rest of the day.”KATHRYN NEWTON ACTRESS, Style Crush, p. 82“I fell down a flight of stairs at school and ever yone saw my pink under wear.”ALEXA CHUNG MODEL AND DESIGNER, Style Crush, p. 82“I accidentally…

the cover

From the moment she arrived at our jujitsu-inspired shoot in Malibu, Demi Lovato was in fighting form. The fitness fanatic, who hits the gym an impressive six times a week, showed off her best mixed-martial-arts moves in one ready-to-wear ensemble after another. After doing roundhouse kicks in drop-crotch Marc Jacobs pants and Gianvito Rossi heels, Lovato hopped onto a trampoline wearing her most glamorous look of the day: a red Valentino gown—the fashion equivalent of a TKO. Once she’d worked up a sweat to the beat of her personal hiphop Spotify playlist, Lovato put her MMA skills to the test by challenging her real-life trainer Danielle Martin to a sparring match for our cover video, proving, without a doubt, that she is a true warrior. COVER CREDITS See behind-the-scenes video from our…