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the many faces of moore

ON BRAND Retouched Tees takes vintage shirts and embroiders strong feminist messages over the original designs. Learn more about the label’s founder, Jessica Siskin (aka @mister_ krisp on Instagram), and what inspired her line in our interview. REMIX YOUR CLOSET You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to freshen up your style. For the next month, we’ll talk about simple upgrades that will elevate your look. To start, we asked 15 industry experts what single item to buy this fall. ESSENTIAL ESSAY Exclusively on the site in October, Amanda de Cadenet shares an excerpt from her new collection of essays, It’s Messy: On Boys, Boobs, and Badass Women (Harper Wave, $27; amazon.com). FALL FAVORITES It’s finally time to kiss the heat-proof products good-bye. We’ve got your new skincare routine for fall.…


I once asked Julianne Moore, who had just won an Oscar for portraying a woman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in Still Alice, how she, quite literally, disappears into a character. Her answer was typically modest and cheery: “Oh, I don’t know!” she said, deferring a compliment and changing the subject. Julianne is unparalleled at the art of transformation, which is why I’m so thrilled to have her as the face— well, the faces—of this month’s Beauty Issue. She takes on a handful of feminine archetypes, which also appear on our special subscriber covers. Of course, our newsstand edition displays the most beauteous image of all, Julianne as herself. As I hope is becoming a habit in InStyle, this issue features other remarkable women. I met Meg Ryan only last year—having loved her onscreen…


LA BELLA VITA LA BELLA VITA —@LEX_DORANE, via Twitter In bed with @bellahadid —@MINHBUI_ POWER-PACKED This month’s issue of @instylemagazine is seriously so good. So many awesome, inspiring, and stylish women. —@ER_PELLETIER, via Instagram No photos please! #pijamasallday —@GEMMANDI WORTH THE TRIP I loved “Great Escapes” in the August issue. I could easily imagine stepping into Nicky Zimmermann’s shoes and enjoying every minute of her vacation. Thank you for such a beautiful and informative story. I was so obsessed, I left the issue open on my desk as a pseudo–inspo board. —KIRA TIRSHFIELD, San Diego There is hope for me after all ... Thank you @instylemagazine for vindicating bare faced women! —@THEQUEEN CITYSTYLE FASHION-FORWARD #wcw the beautiful @Yarashahidi for @instyle looking stunning as always. —@PHOPS_89, via Twitter [This interview] with Rose [Byrne, “Desert Rose,” August] and a glass of rosé is just what the doctor…

real style

CRISTINA MEDINA, Morristown, N.J. @timelessoptimist INSPIRED BY “Print Primer: Florals” (May 2017) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Medina keeps the focus on her bold blooms by pairing her maxi with sleek extras. LAULEH ASLANI, Baltimore @adayinthelalz INSPIRED BY “Yacht Club” (July 2017) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Aslani’s striped button-down, crisp white jeans, and neutral accessories create a nautical-chic vibe. MEGHAN ADAMS, Austin, Texas @imgoodlikemeghan INSPIRED BY “Genius Jeans” (April 2017) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN Adams dresses up her cropped kick-flares with a leopard-print blouse and block-heel mules. LEE TAYLOR, Vancouver @legalleeblonde INSPIRED BY “9-to- Whenever” (April 2017) HOW SHE MAKES IT HER OWN “I never thought I could wear sneakers to the office, but this story showed me how,” says Taylor, whose fresh white kicks add a playful feel to her emerald suit. SHOW US YOUR STYLE…


TRACEE ELLIS ROSS ACTRESS My Beauty Mark, p. 192 “Sleep, hydrate— internally and externally—and laugh as much as possible.” SHANIA TWAIN SINGER “Still the One,” p. 118 “If you don’t have time to put on foundation, try a tinted primer instead.” MEG RYAN ACTRESS “My Hair,” p. 222 “Long walks.” ANTHONY MAULE PHOTOGRAPHER “The Woman of Many Faces,” p. 205 “Eat green vegetables every day and do high-intensity interval training.” MADONNA SINGER“My Obsessions,” p. 226 “Eucalyptus oil. I put it in a humidifier backstage, at the gym, and in my room before I go to sleep.” OLIVIERO TOSCANI PHOTOGRAPHER “Life’s Rich Tapestry,” p. 228 “Try to be in love all the time.” AMY SEDARIS ACTRESS AND COMEDIAN “My Legs,” p. 224 “I cannot stand not having lotion on me. I’ve applied it every single day of my life, head to toe.”…

the cover

When choosing a cover subject to embody a range of glam archetypes—from the Bombshell to the Romantic—for our Beauty issue, editor in chief Laura Brown could think of no one better than Julianne Moore. Known for her ability to completely transform for each role, she was energized by the challenge of switching up her look six times in a span of eight hours. Hairstylist Serge Normant was also game, arriving at our N.Y.C. shoot with more than two dozen wigs. Moore wound up in a Jean Sebergesque pixie, a re-creation of Catherine Deneuve’s blond locks in Belle de Jour, and a platinum Madonna-style bouffant. As she swapped one dramatic do for another, she put her Oscarwinning chops to good use. “She’s quite the chameleon,” Normant said, in awe. The more…