Italia magazine Tuscany & Florence Guide 2016

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welcome to tuscany!

Is there anyone who can resist the many, many temptations that Tuscany has to offer? The region is one of the world’s favourites in all Italy, with tourists and travellers flocking to its famous cities and rolling landscapes. It’s a firm favourite of us here in the Italia! offices too – we all like to make a point of taking trips and holidays there as frequently as we can. In this latest Italia! Guide we explore Tuscany in all its glory, taking you on a journey that includes the region’s cities and culture, its wines, spas, cuisine and property to buy (go on, you know you want to!). And we dedicate an entire section to Tuscany’s capital, Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance and a mecca for art lovers. Indeed, for…

gourmet guide to montalcino

GETTING THERE BY PLANE Montalcino lies to the south of Siena, and the nearest international airport is Perugia, which is served by Ryanair from Stansted. Flying to Pisa or Rome would leave you with a long way to travel. Sitting proudly on its hilltop at 567 metres above sea level, looking out over the Val d’Orcia and the Via Francigena, Montalcino was a self-governing medieval town with strong links to Siena. And Siena has always influenced its food – this much can be seen in the panforte, with its spices and nuts, and in the antico peposo spiced beef dish. Today the town is famous for its highly respected (and expensive) Brunello di Montalcino wine, acknowledged as one of Italy’s finest, but Montalcino’s cooking has always been firmly in the cucina povera tradition. Food…

the province of puccini

Tonight, the usual tranquility of the banks of Lake Massaciuccoli is broken. On the open-air stage of the Gran Teatro all’Aperto, which backs right onto the serene waters, a ferocious uncle disbands with a roar party guests who have gathered to celebrate the matrimony of 15-year-old Cio-Cio San and Lieutenant Pinkerton. The powerful tenor wreaks havoc on what had been a pretty celebration of love, and even the full moon, which hangs behind the scene in the ink-black sky like a wellpositioned prop, looks anguished to hear that it is all over. The scene before us is part of a spectacular new performance of one of Giacomo Puccini’s great operas, Madama Butterfly, and it is taking place as part of the 60th Puccini Festival, which marks the 90th anniversary of the…

  what to see and do

PERUSE PISA You’re just 20km from Pisa. Climb the 260 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower and marvel at the unparalleled views. Stand in the spot inside the grand Cathedral where Galileo worked out what pendulums could be used for. Trace the change of style of frescoes in the Monumental Cemetery, which took 200 years to build – one side dates back from the 1300s, the other the 1500s. DINE WITH LUCCA’S MOST SUAVE Ristorante Enoteca Marcucci, in the famously artistic town of Pietrasanta, is a favourite haunt of designer Paul Smith. (And this isn’t just a fanciful boast from the owner, he was actually dining while we were there!) The seafood panzanella overflows with tasty mini octopus, mussels and juicy prawns, and the milk-fed veal is juicy, buttery and salty.…

homes in tuscany

Of Italy’s 20 official regions, Tuscany is very probably the most famous. Most non-Italians have heard of the island regions of Sicily and Sardinia – because they rather stick out on the map – but as for regions on the mainland, no other name is more familiar than Tuscany. All its world-changing historical stuff has kept the place notable for centuries, of course: birthplace of the Renaissance, home to Dante, Michelangelo and Da Vinci. Tuscany made a big name for itself a long time ago, and it still holds all the sumptuous buildings, fine sculptures and exquisite paintings you’d expect of such a cultural heavyweight. But in more recent decades, the region has expanded its reputation to become famous for its lyrical countryside too. About 40 years ago, ex-pat homebuyers…

my life in tuscany

Midlands-based Mandy Atkins owns a two-bedroom apartment located on the outskirts of Florence. She stays at the property several times a year, and rents it out to holidaymakers when she’s not there.Why did she choose to buy in Italy, and why Florence in particular? “I did a Fine Art degree in my 20s,” Mandy explains, “and I first visited Florence just to come to the Uffizi and see the paintings here. I’d never been to Italy before and the country came as a complete revelation. The colours and noise of the place, the verve and style of the way people lived. I was pretty instantly smitten. I made a lot more trips to different parts of the country over the years, and the enchantment never waned. My husband Jeremy was an…