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I’m so delighted to welcome you to the new issue of Italia!. The days are getting longer, we have a spring in our step and the sap is rising… Plans demand to be made and decisions taken for those 2020 Italian trips on our radar. I hope our enthusiasm will inspire you to do the same, and by way of encouragement, we have a sparkling line-up of absorbing features for you to enjoy. We start in Trieste, a city whose remote location is no hindrance to its elegant aspect and rich cultural history. Moving west, we head to Venice, which despite the exceptional acqua alta last November is most assuredly ‘open for business’. Amble around the calle of Cannaregio with us and you’ll see what we mean. The silk mills of…

this month’s contributors

AMY McPHERSON is a London-based travel writer, and this month she takes a break in Trieste, the far-flung capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. On the border with Slovenia, this is a coastal city which proudly celebrates the historical melting pot of influences that have shaped it into the vibrant, elegant place it is today. Find out more on page 22. FLEUR KINSON This month, the beautifully unspoilt island of Sardinia falls under the keen eye of our property expert. The second largest isle in the Mediterranean, it has a lot to offer with property here to suit any budget, from the glitz of coastal hotspots to the tranquillity (and keener prices) of inland towns. Turn to page 84 to find out more. ADRIAN MOURBY Taking a stroll around Cannaregio, the northernmost of Venice’s…

we take a look at italy’s top opera festivals

1 International opera festival, Verona June to August (annual). During the summer months Verona is thronged with music fans who flock to the city for the city’s opera festival, which features world-class opera performances in a unique venue. The first festival took place back in 1913, when Aida was performed in the famous 1st-century amphitheatre in Piazza Bra. And thanks to the spectacular acoustics and atmosphere, opera has been a fixture of the summer here in Verona ever since. 2 Puccini opera festival, Torre del Lago July to August (annual). Like Verona’s festival, this is another event in a stunning setting. Performances of Puccini’s operas take place in the open-air theatre, overlooking the lake in Puccini’s hometown. 3 Verdi festival, Parma October (annual). Parma celebrates Giuseppe Verdi, one of the town’s most famous inhabitants –…

this month news & views

Latest Pompeii finds A team of archaeologists at Pompeii have been carrying out restoration work on the site’s Central Baths (Terme Centrale) and now the area is open to the public for the first time in decades. The renovations were part of the urgent and large-scale work that has taken place in recent years on the ancient ruins. The baths are thought to have been under construction at the time the Vesuvius eruption hit the city, and would have been the largest and brightest thermal baths in Pompeii, catering to the growing demand for such facilities in ancient Roman communities. The excavations of the baths also unearthed a poignant discovery – that of a child’s skeleton. It is thought that he or she hid here to seek shelter from the volcano. “It was…

you tell us…

This month we asked where our Facebook friends dream of living in Italy. Where would you choose to live in il bel paese? • I love the rugged Garfagnana region of Tuscany: mountains but the coast is not far. Known for its wonderful food. So friendly and not too many tourists. Tony Bassett • Trani. I would sit on the waterfront watching the fishing boats all day. Allison Bennett • Cortona. Yes I know, lots of tourists, but just wonderful. Steve Thomas • Oh my goodness, spoiled for choice. Can I be greedy? I’d like anywhere south of Rome in the winter and to reconnect with family in Germasino in the summer. Miriam Isabel Wallace Send us a letter using the address on page 6 Join us on Facebook, search for Italia! magazine Find us on Twitter…

going up, going down…

GOING UP • A Gustav Klimt painting that was thought to be stolen may have been discovered within the walls of the gallery where it went missing. A gardener clearing ivy from the Ricci-Oddi modern art gallery in Piacenza noticed a panel in the wall and discovered the painting inside. Klimt’s Portrait of a Lady disappeared in 1997 and its whereabouts had been a mystery to the art world and police ever since. • Transhumance (the seasonal migration of livestock), has been included in UNESCO’s hallowed list of intangible cultural heritage. The traditional practice, which h takes place in parts of Italy (and a few other countries), sees herders drive sheep or cattle across established paths (tratturi) in search of the best conditions for the season. GOING DOWN • Hotel bookings in Venice dropped…