Italia magazine April/May 2021

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A warm welcome to all our readers, near and far. Spring is a time of renewal and I write this in an optimistic frame of mind. Whether you continue to experience lockdown restrictions where you are, or freedoms are slowly returning, we hope you are doing well. As always, it is our privilege to bring you a new issue packed with a fresh collection of vibrant features to inspire your armchair travels and plans for the future. We’re taking the scenic route this issue. Italy’s coastline features strongly, first with a road trip that takes the long way from Sorrento to Salerno via the picturesque coastal highway. We then delve deep into the waters that surround the coast, with a look at the wealth of Italy’s marine life. We also celebrate…

women in art

A fantastic new exhibition at Milan’s Palazzo Reale celebrates the art and lives of some incredible female artists. “Le Signore dell’Arte. Storie di Donne tra ‘500 e ‘600” is an exploration of 34 artists through more than 150 artworks, telling the inspiring stories behind these extraordinary women and their art. The event will include celebrated artists such as Artemisia Gentileschi alongside some less familiar names, as well as new discoveries, such as the Roman noblewoman Claudia del Bufalo, whose work will be on show for the first time in this show. The exhibition focuses not only on the artistic skills of these painters, but also examines the roles they played in society during their own lifetimes. It’s a unique and exciting event in the city, well worth seeking out if…

5 historic italian cathedrals to see in 2021

1 Saint Mark’s Basilica The Byzantine beauty that presides over St Mark’s Square has been the seat of the Archbishop of Venice since 1807, and it is not only notable for its dazzling domes, majestic bronze horses, intricate stonework, semi-precious stone floors and gilded mosaics, but also for the wealth of Italian – specifically Venetian – history that it enshrines. Although its exterior is most dominantly Byzantine in effect, this iconic church, consecrated in 1094, embodies a range of styles, including Gothic and Romanesque. 2 Piazza del Duomo The second largest Catholic cathedral in the world (a worthy second to Seville) is in Milan. Its elaborate architecture – a triumph of Gothic wonder – offers awesome views from the top. 3 Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore Better known simply as Florence’s ‘Duomo’, this is…

eco-friendly wine

Here’s some news to get Italian wine-lovers clinking glasses: the launch of a new, celebrityendorsed wine has brought a new eco-friendly, organic wine innovation to the UK market. TV presenter and wine buff Philip Schofield partnered with Italian craft wine company When in Rome back in 2020 to offer a range of personally curated Italian wines for sale in 2.25l ‘bag in box’ packaging. Now, for the first time, When in Rome is also selling sustainable 75cl ‘flat bottles’ of Schofield’s Nero di Troia wine from Puglia, along with the original, larger versions of this wine. The innovative new bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and, much like the packaging of the rest of the Philip Schofield range, are designed to cut down on the carbon footprint of wine! For…

you tell us…

What’s been your best ever hotel view in Italy? We asked out Facebook friends for their most memorable vistas… • Pienza! The hotel had been a convent originally, with thick stone walls and worndown steps. When I arrived I opened the window shutters to this beautiful view, and at the same moment a pigeon landed in the windowsill and the church bells started ringing. A magical moment. Allison Bennett • I still dream about these views from our apartment balcony in Taormina. The lounge room overlooked Corso Umberto, while our bedroom balcony faced the beautiful terraced gardens, houses and Ionian Sea. Naomi Moss • Venice, a quiet backstreet. We saw parents and children on the school run, day trippers, musicians, gondolieri, a delivery getting stuck under the bridge… Not as visually stunning as the others…

a taste of ancient rome

Pompeii visitors will soon be able to enjoy another incredible discovery unearthed during recent excavations. The latest find – a well-preserved ‘fast food’ shop, known as a thermopolium – was first discovered in 2019 and will be open to the public later this year. The shop, which would have served hot food and drinks to citizens, was decorated with bright frescoes, while large jars were discovered embedded in the counters. These frescoes and jars offer vital clues about the shop’s menus and the local diet – paintings at the site show some of the dishes on offer, while 2,000-year-old traces of ingredients such as fish, snails and beef have been discovered in the containers. Massimo Osanna, the archaeological park’s director, described the find as “extraordinary”, explaining that although other fast…