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Welcome to this special Grand Tour travel guide from the publishers of Italia! magazine – with 132 pages of expert know-how, it is inspired by The Grand Tour of days gone by. We might not be able to get to Italy right now, but our Guide has all the inspiration you need at your fingertips for when we can. Rather like an 18th-century ‘Gap Year’, wealthy young aristocrats were dispatched to Italy on The Grand Tour to complete their education – and the cultural splendours on their itinerary are just as compelling for today’s travellers, virtual or otherwise! Our guide follows in their footsteps: starting from the Italian Alps, via Turin, Milan and Venice to Florence and Rome, two key stops on The Grand Tour, then on to Pompeii, Basilicata, Puglia, and…

valle d’aosta

There’s something of the hidden kingdom about the Valle D’Aosta, like an Italian Bhutan (but with a lot more ski lifts). Entering from France via the seemingly endless Mont Blanc Tunnel, you’re transported from alpine foothills and farmland, in winter with horses stark black against frozen white pastures, and into an encirclement of soaring peaks. Arriving at sunset is particularly enchanting: as you switch back along the mountain roads your view alternates between the golden warmth of the sun-bathed west-facing ridges and the shadows deepening in the static pattern of the vertical snow-laden forests. The Valle D’Aosta is exactly that: a valley; a beautiful glacial valley that sweeps east-west through the region (making it delightfully simple to navigate). The SS26 is the main highway, running the same valley floor route favoured…

piedmont’s little provence

Lavender is commonly associated with the region of Provence in France, but Italy has its own share of violet fields. There’s an area in Piedmont where between June and July the fields turn to vibrant shades of purple, making it one of the most stunning summertime landscapes in Italy. It’s close to the prestigious wine region of Barolo, yet it feels like it’s a million miles away from it. Visiting this remote part of Piedmont during the lavender season is a true feast for the senses. The air is filled with the sweet scent of herbs and the countryside is painted with an incredible palette of colours, and the gentle buzzing of bumblebees is the only sound to break the peacefulness of the place. The gentle buzzing of bumblebees is the only…


The city of Turin has a particularly rich variety of architectural treasure. There is, for example, a huge building with an automobile test track on the roof: it’s the old Fiat factory, the Lingotto, a symbol of Torino’s industrial might since 1923, retired now from manufacturing and serving as a shopping mall. Then there are the splendid columned porticos of the great square in the centre of town, Piazza San Carlo, thronged with Torinese even on the city’s bitterly cold winter evenings. Piazza Castello is surrounded by royal palaces and churches of the Savoy dynasty, which ruled here for centuries. The Savoy built pleasure palaces and hunting lodges on the outskirts, too. And on a hill overlooking Torino, there is the graceful, baroque Basilica di Superga, built in gratitude to the…

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When you visit Verona, you will soon understand why this city is the perfect setting for the world’s greatest love story. Beautiful piazzas, winding streets, the castle, the city walls and the river hugging its curved banks all create a special and very Italian romantic atmosphere. But Verona is not only the Città dell’Amore – and therefore one of the best destinations for a romantic weekend – it is also (after Rome) the Italian city with the best-preserved Roman remains. Remarkable traces still remain today: the Arena; the Gavi Arch at Porta Borsari (the ancient entrance to the city); the archaeological site at Porta Leoni, ancient villas and mosaics located below street level. Indeed, its Roman heritage is such that in 2000 Verona was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage…