Land Rover Owner Spring Issue 2021

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We’re nearly out of, or into, the woods I’m sure it wasn’t just me who breathed a sigh of relief that a plan was in place to reduce the restrictions we’ve been under. We may have a few more weeks before we see the benefits, and there may be setbacks along the way, but everything is moving in the right direction. I’ve certainly been spending a lot of time working out what I can do this year – and I actually discovered I had done most of what I had planned for 2020, which surprised me immensely. I’ve already started setting time aside to do things I hadn’t quite got around to – from updating my off-roading and recovery skills, to embarking on an epic cross-country trip. I won’t achieve everything, but I’ll…

featuring in this issue…

VICKY TURNER COLUMNIST • Vicky lives, breathes and sleeps Land Rovers – quite literally, as she reveals in her typically straight-talking column. You’ll find it on page 39 this month. JÉRÔME ANDRÉ INTERNATIONAL EDITOR • JA is fastidious when it comes to maintaining and presenting his own Land Rovers, so he was suitably impressed by an impeccably converted Defender – p6. THEO FORD-SAGERS NEWS EDITOR • Former LRO staffer Theo, now a regular contributor, has his finger firmly on the Green Oval pulse – so, just the man to take on putting our news pages together (p18). JULIE OSBORNE TAME CONTRIBUTOR • As a seasoned traveller, Julie knows all about extreme weather and extreme bureaucracy. And she battled both on her latest African adventure (p56).…

recipe for success

An ambulance body is a great base for a conversion Fourteen years ago Marc Barnett discovered a lovely Defender 110 camper at the Eastnor Land Rover show; it was owned by an Australian couple who had been travelling around the world with it. They needed a particular part for it – and it just so happened that Marc had one with him. Result! Marc and his new friends spent the evening together and discussed camper conversions late into the night. Marc was amazed by the possibilities that this configuration offered for long-haul adventures with his wife Jo. He was sufficiently inspired to start looking for suitable vehicles – ideally a 130, since he wanted more room and cargo capacity than his 110 station wagon. However, the project then took an unexpected turn when…

‘i’ve loved all the land rovers i’ve ever owned’

OWNER: MARC BARNETT, ADVENTURER CHEF For Marc, fine cuisine and Land Rovers go together like peas and carrots. Or was it ham and eggs? Whether he enjoys a greenlaning trip near his home town of Coleford in the Forest of Dean, or further away in the country, he’s always ready to cook for anyone lucky enough to be sharing his adventures. Marc, now 51, enjoyed an impressive career as a chef then as a chef trainer and lecturer. More recently, he’s been involved with a programme training homeless people in Gloucester how to work and cook. His passion for Land Rovers dates back just as far as his love of cooking and he has owned a huge variety of them, from bare-bones Defenders to luxurious Range Rovers. He’s loved them all, but the…

world of land rovers

1st prize WINS A SEALEY HEAVY-DUTY GREASE GUN ‘Wow, what’s the star of the show here – the location, the sunset or the Land Rover? All of them – which makes it a winner!’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize WINS A SEALEY 5W XPG LED HEAD TORCH ‘A good photographer can turn rotten weather to his or her advantage – just as Andy has done in this fantastic setting. And what a great-looking camper the Discovery 5 makes.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR WIN! SEALEY gear in the next issue of LRO For stockists, to order a free catalogue, or to buy online, go to 1st PRIZE Sealey 20W COB LED wireless speaker work light & power bank (LED100WS) LIST PRICE: £59.94 Want to see your pics in print? Send your pics – as big as possible – to Include a description of…

the era of the v8 defender returns

When Land Rover uses the words ‘drift angle’ and ‘Defender’ in the same sentence, it’s time to take notice. Meet the new rangetopping Defender V8. Under the bonnet is a 5.0-litre supercharged engine producing 518bhp, the first factory V8 to power a Defender in more than 20 years. It’s sitting on tweaked suspension with stiffer anti-roll bars, and a new electronic active rear diff incorporating yaw control for extra balance during high-speed manoeuvres. The gearbox is an eight-speed automatic, and it now comes with paddleshifters – another first for the Defender. The 90 will reach 60mph from rest in an astonishing 4.9 seconds. Land Rover promises that this will be ‘the most dynamically rewarding Defender yet’, without compromising off-road ability or wading depth. It sounds suitably monstrous too. The four tailpipes are a…