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Filled with inspiring examples of stunning lighting fixtures, this magazine helps readers envision how lighting can change and update a home’s style. A room-by-room section showcases fixtures in every part of the house and offers lessons on how to layer lights to create the right effect. The magazine’s products guide features hundreds of inspiring lights, fans, and components for enhancing any home’s design. Plus, you’ll find a guide to purchasing the newest bulbs.

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seeing the light

Overhead lights don’t exist in my house. OK, I’m exaggerating. Three pendants hang in a perfect line over my kitchen island. It’s the only lighting personality in the living area. Design paralysis has kept me from fixing it. In my urban loft, streamlined simplicity guides the design. The spaces rely on lamps and recessed wall lights. I’ve lived there long enough to appreciate the industrial minimalist vibe—and be irritated by the lack of statement lighting. Maybe, like me, you’ve had trouble making design decisions for lighting. We should be able to figure this out, right? We don’t need to do it alone. You and I don’t design lighting plans every day. Lighting showroom pros do. The solution to my lighting plan—and yours—is that close. With a few snapshots, room measurements, and inspiration from…

what’s trending

Functionally and stylistically, lighting changes to match homeowners’ lifestyle needs. Top trends in lighting for 2019 combine those elements in beautiful packages. 1 Kitchen Tiny pendants are disappearing, especially in kitchens with tall ceilings. Large pendants are now the fixture of choice. Hathaway, Hinkley Lighting 2 Dining room A single chandelier has long been the standard, but multiple chandeliers or pendants are increasing in popularity. Alston, Crystorama Lighting 3 Bedroom Reflecting the desire for a sophisticated oasis, homeowners are opting for chandeliers. Soiree, Progress Lighting 4 Bathroom Face-flattering sconces flanking a mirror are a popular alternative to a strip light above the sink. Tribeca, Golden Lighting PHOTO: bottom left, Possibilities for Design and Toll Brothers Homes…

get smart

SMART LIGHTING BASICS If a whole-house, high-tech makeover is outside your comfort zone or budget, no worries. Try this gradual path to integrating smart lighting into your home. • Choose an assistant Smart devices should make life easier. The easiest way to centralize smart-home operations is by using a digital assistant, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. These voice-activated devices can be programmed to communicate with a wide variety of smart lighting controls. • Start with bulbs Switching out one lightbulb is the easiest way to dip your toes into the smart-home waters. Screw a smart bulb into an existing fixture, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, then use the app to control the light and decide if features like adjusting the brightness without a dimmer switch are worth further investment. • Switch…

3 reasons you’ll love smart lighting

1 Control Program lights to turn on and off at set times, dim or brighten based on the hour, and automatically adjust as the days get longer or shorter. Create “scenes” for events, like watching a movie or hosting a dinner party. Also, no worrying about if you left a light on—just check the app. 2 Savings Smart LED bulbs use about 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 15,000 to 50,000 hours—that’s 10–50 times longer. A basic $4 LED bulb will pay for itself in energy savings in less than two months. Smart bulbs are pricier, but you can control when they are on, which reduces their energy use. 3 Security No more coming home to a dark house or leaving lights on all day. Many smart lights can…

vision quest

Eventually, we’ll need to adjust our home’s lighting to accommodate reduced eyesight. ALA showrooms can offer products and strategies to reduce the hazards of aging eyes. MORE LIGHT By age 60, eyes need three times more light to see as they did at age 20. THE FIX: Add more light sources, especially in work areas. Include dimmers so the light can be balanced for the eyes as well as the task. SOFTER COLORS Eye lenses yellow with age. This dulls colors, reduces contrast, and makes it difficult to see differences in shades of blue and green. THE FIX: Choose lights in the cooler temperature range of 3000–4000 degrees Kelvin (check the package) or smart LED bulbs that can be adjusted from warm to cool. REDUCED GLARE Older eyes are more sensitive to glare,…