MacLife Spring 2021

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better home working

Carrying on the M1 theme this issue (sorry to those of you who haven’t gotten one yet — it must be getting tiring hearing about it!), we’re still receiving lots of praise for Apple’s new machines; so much so I’ve decided to commission a feature on the revolution that is the M1 Mac (and where the future of the M1, or M2… might take us). We all know why the new Mac is so good — it’s all to do with the new processor technology contained inside that gives the chip its incredible performance. But why is it so head and shoulders above the outgoing Intel processors? Head over to page 96, where we delve into the technical side of things and show you the secret to the super speed.…

next iphone shaping up

WITH iPHONE 12 a resounding sales success (see below), speculation is turning to what comes next. Sources say Apple plans a return to its accustomed annual update cycle, so we can anticipate the iPhone 13 (or possibly iPhone 12S) in September. The overall design is expected to be very similar to the popular iPhone 12, but reportedly the case will have a more “grippy” texture on the back and maybe a slightly thicker body. Rumors persist that Apple plans to reduce the size of the notch on the front, but sources disagree on how — some say the notch will be the same width but less tall, others speculate there will be a wider bezel. It is said that Pro models will introduce 120Hz ProMotion displays using Samsung’s impressive LTPO OLED technology.…

new deal for news

GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK have signed groundbreaking revenue–sharing agreements with news organizations in Australia, following legislation by the Australian government to force through such deals if they were not reached voluntarily. The News Media And Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code is intended to “address the bargaining power imbalances” between digital platforms and news organizations, which have seen revenues shrink and jobs lost as advertisers move elsewhere. But observers criticized the influence of interests such as Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which is seen as close to the Australian government. The code targets Google Search and Facebook NewsFeed, obliging them to pay news organizations for featuring and linking to their content. Both platforms protested. A Google representative says: “The ability to link freely between websites is fundamental to Search. This code creates an unreasonable and…

streaming services growing

ACCORDING TO THE latest J.D. Power TMT Insight survey, conducted in mid–December, Apple TV+ now has 14% of the US video streaming market, up significantly from 10% in the firm’s April survey. Market leader Netflix has 81% (down from 85% in April), Amazon Prime Video 65%, Hulu 56%, and Disney+ 47%. According to Kantar’s Entertainment on Demand service, however, Apple TV+ attracted only 5.9% of new subscribers in Q4 2020, while HBO Max attracted 19.2%, Amazon Prime Video 18.2%, and Hulu 13.7% of new subscribers in the quarter. More worryingly, research firm MoffettNathanson reports that 62% of Apple TV+ subscribers in Q4 said they were on a free trial, 29% of whom said they do not plan to subscribe after the free trial, and only 30% said they plan to…

the shift

I HAVE TALKED about my disdain for the color of Apple’s iPad keyboard cases before — a dark grey tone so aggressively dull that it makes me pine for the fun, quirky look of an IBM ThinkPad. But I never felt this more so than when the iPad Air came out a few months ago — there I was, using a sleek iPad in a beautiful soft green color and I was folding it away into a case that was the same color as peat. Compared to the near–perfect mix of elegance and functionality that is the second–gen Apple Pencil, the iPad cases have really stood out. Not only are they too expensive, they look like cheap knock–offs of a nicer case you’d assume Apple must make. But at least they’re…

letter of the month

I am the proud owner of a handful of HomePod minis, and like so many others this sent me down the path of beginning my smart home. The ability for Siri to understand who’s speaking at any time is such a great feature. I would like to see Apple push this concept a little further in an iOS update, and give Siri the ability to understand which device belongs to which person. I live in a home with four people who have access to the Home app and four different Apple IDs. It would be great if I could say “Hey Siri, turn off my desk lamp” and it knew that this desk lamp belonged to me and would take the correct action. This could also be expanded to stop…