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MAXIM Australia February 2019

MAXIM is the largest men’s magazine brand in the world. In 2019, with international editions in over 25 European and Asian countries and an extensive following in the United States, MAXIM continues to reach guys globally and creatively. MAXIM knows what guys like. And we talk in the same way that guys talk to each other. With men 18-34, we know the way they live, the way they work, the way they think and the way they play. MAXIM provides content and the appropriate channels for which this content is distributed – all while keeping in mind the needs of the audience we serve. MAXIM believes the content we serve should always evolve and adapt to the needs of our audience.

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destination maxim bali high

When the famous Mandala Group from Bali invited us to stay at their villas with a promise of a rock star experience — they weren’t lying. The Mandala Group (also known as @mandalaplaces on Instagram) has long been seen as the place where the “cool kids” stay when they go to Bali and we were ready to put them to the test and find out why. We arrived to a beautiful tropical oasis, sharing the first week between the cosy, art-inspired Mandala home and the epitome of a famous person’s pad, the iconic Mandala House. Waking up to the serenity of rice paddy fields with the buzzing town centre of Canggu a five-minute walk away, we had the best of both worlds. Early rises, with hair and make-up starting at 6am,…

the football afterlife

Hey, Timmy, now you’re retired, what did you love most about playing for the Socceroos? It comes from the honour of representing your country on the world stage. This is something taught to you early on in Australia — it’s an honour and not something you can ever take for granted. How difficult was it to make the call on retiring from the Socceroos? It wasn’t too hard to be honest – I knew I was making the right call and that my family totally supported my decision. You’ve played in many different leagues around the world – which one are you most proud of? I’ve loved experiencing so many different countries and every league has been great in its own way. The UK is football 24/7 which was all I ever wanted growing up.…

time to attack

Just when you thought you’d never see a new released Holden in 2019 — along comes the Holden Bathurst Time Attack Concept (sort of). Designed and developed as a futuristic racer to mark the 50th anniversary of the company’s first major at Bathurst, it is just in concept mode for now, but we’ll take it. The surprisingly employed people at the R&D department at Holden, in Australia, wanted to prove that their precious make isn’t just a badge that General Motors slaps on their yank tanks. So they came up with a groundbreaking concept that uses fans, airflow, and downforce to move — all while teasing the hell out of long suffering fans nationwide. According to the engineering team, various aerodynamic features would assist the racer with several fans that…

triple the speed

Twenty years and counting and a cult following bigger than the Sharknado franchise — the Triumph’s Speed Triple staple has to be doing something right. To learn the beginnings of this beast you have to go back to the noughties when it was known as the smaller, tamer T309. Back then it only possessed 100 horsepower (74kW), so it’s unfair to compare it to today’s big-bore bikes, where 140 horses (104kW) don’t even make the cut. Forward to 2019 and there are new, tougher valve springs, and the engine now redlines 1000rpm higher than the previous model, with 110kW under its belt. All this with an assist from the drive gear which makes the engine spin up quicker than before. Tech updates of note include the TFT dash display and the five…

cocktails at 35000 feet

Soaring through the sky somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, perhaps an hour after leaving Hong Kong on a flight to Los Angeles, a loaded, legit cocktail cart comes rolling out for service. This is about as far from the standard in-flight routine — where you’re grateful to keep the whole can of soda to refill your plastic cup with bottom-shelf whiskey and Coke — as you can get. This is luxe in-flight drinking, with signature cocktails ready to be mixed up at your beckoning. You can partake of quality spirits such as Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve scotch whisky and Hine Rare VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac, or prestigious wine vintages and varietals, served in real glassware. When it comes to drinking in style while soaring above the clouds, your best bet…

the taming of the sheen

PARNIA PORSCHE (PP): Hey, Charlie, congrats on this feature shoot with me and being the first man to grace a MAXIM Australia cover. How do you feel? CHARLIE SHEEN (CS): I’m honoured, flattered and, when I heard it was with you, I was thrilled. I’m not saying it carries the same weight as Peter Sellers being the first male on the cover of Playboy in 1964, but let’s just say it’s pretty darn close and perhaps it opens the doors for others to follow. PP: Well, it’s a great shoot, if I say so myself. Besides getting to work with me, what did you enjoy most about the shoot? CS: Well, there really isn’t a “besides getting to work with you” as that was the best part – period, the end. When I…