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MAXIM Australia April 2019

MAXIM is the largest men’s magazine brand in the world. In 2019, with international editions in over 25 European and Asian countries and an extensive following in the United States, MAXIM continues to reach guys globally and creatively. MAXIM knows what guys like. And we talk in the same way that guys talk to each other. With men 18-34, we know the way they live, the way they work, the way they think and the way they play. MAXIM provides content and the appropriate channels for which this content is distributed – all while keeping in mind the needs of the audience we serve. MAXIM believes the content we serve should always evolve and adapt to the needs of our audience.

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roxy lady

Congrats on your first feature for MAXIM Australia, Roxy. Thanks for having me! I’m so excited to be featured. We shot this in the Gold Coast at a stunning house and I treated myself to a nice hotel nearby the night before. When I’m in Australia I just really love being by a pool or the beach as we don’t get that too much where I’m from. So, shooting in the sun by a pool made my day! Well, yes, you are from the UK. What else can you tell us about yourself? I grew up in a town called Essex and started modelling at 13. In my half-term breaks I would always go to London to work and I loved it. I never knew this could be, or would be, my job…

art of gold

BELL & ROSS The Bell & Ross BR-X1 Tourbillon Rose Gold is a stunning example of engineering brilliance. Consisting of 282 precision-crafted components, this chronograph is housed in a case of 18K rose gold and has 35 jewels in its movement. The rubber-and-alligator leather strap offers functionality and style, while the flying tourbillon, found at 6 o’clock on the face, ensures precise timing and mechanics. At a price of US$188,000, it’s just as much an investment as a luxury item, but unlike your 401(k) or a piece of artwork, the BR-X1 Tourbillon offers as much style as substance. HUBLOT The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Full Magic Gold is attention-grabbing from a distance and mesmerising up close, with its face allowing a look at the internal mechanisms that operate this wrist-bound stunner. Enveloped in…

flower power

For those unaware (i.e. everyone), a Dendrobium is a genus of orchid native to Singapore. Like that flower, the Dendrobium machine is native to Singapore and unsurprisingly, it's their first attempt at such a project. Back in the mid-1990’s this two-seater was a mere design, but now the Dendrobium D-1 has officially been given a date with the production line; with the company getting some much needed tech-head wisdom from the guys at Williams Advanced Engineering (the team behind some decent Formula One campaigns). Run down the specs of the D-1 and you will realise it is hypercar badge worthy — not too shabby for a startup. We’re told the D-1 will feature an all-electric drivetrain with a total power output of 1340kW and torque set at 2000Nm. Set on a 1975…

the ftr1200

This is the hooligan bike you know you need. The long-awaited production version of Indian's FTR1200 concept bike is finally here, and it brought with it real performance credentials — and real parts. No doubt the Indian brand of bike makes some beauties, but certain critics were afraid they would diminish the production version by making it too far gone from the concept. Well, thankfully they didn’t; as the FTR looks ready to destroy. At the heart of the 2019 FTR pumps a new liquid-cooled 1203cc V-twin that produces an un-Indian-like 120 horsepower (89kW). But Indian had their bag of tricks like a low-inertia crankshaft for quicker revs and magnesium engine covers to help keep weight down. For the transmission, Indian chose a final drive chain over a typical American V-twin belt;…

dynamic dragster

The FXDR 114 is the tenth Harley-Davidson based on the 2018 Softail platform, and is on two missions; to fill the canyon left by the now-adiosed V-Rod range, and to rustle up potential cowboys to saddle up to the Harley motorcycle experience. The sell point won’t be an issue here. Every facet of performance is amped skyward; from the emphatic torque of the phat Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, to the weight-saving aluminium and composite components — it’s a take-no-prisoners power dragster with a technical edge. The tech focus is on weight distribution — but it is a Harley — so it's still gonna stay chunky and stick to the road because…gravity. Either way, the swing arm has been ‘aluminumised’ for a 4.6 kg weight saving, the wheels are ‘lightweight’ designs and you’ll…

$100 million addresses

Not so long ago, US$100 million was the benchmark in ultra-luxury real estate, an extravagant figure reserved for a few massive properties beyond the reach of mere mortals: modern-day white elephants that nobody wanted even if they could afford them. Now, as the number of billionaires worldwide has ballooned — according to Forbes, there were 2,208 of them in 2018, up from 2,043 in 2017, representing an increase in total wealth of about US$1.4 trillion—that number has come to be much more common. The focus these days isn’t so much on the purchase price as what the money gets you. As ever-evolving technology puts even the most fantastical features within the realm of possibility, we can all aspire to live like Tony Stark, or at least Mark Zuckerberg. This goes way…