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I’m not sure we can produce a more diverse issue than this one. Alan Cathcart gets us up to speed on early American four-cylinder motorcycles and how they culminated in the four-cylinder Indian Chief. But the article doesn’t stop there, as he then introduces us to the Upside-Down Indian. Never heard of it? To be honest, I’m a fan of vintage Indian motorcycles and the company’s history and I had never heard of it, either. In doing a bit of research on the model, my plethora of motorcycle literature only makes a few mentions of this very rare model, and more specifically the upside-down engine. Costa Mouzouris returns with a test ride on the new Kawasaki KLX300 dual sport play bike, and David Booth gives us his thoughts on the 2021…

2021 harley-davidson sportster s

Things are getting shuffled around at Harley-Davidson. The first indication that big changes are afoot is that the company has re-classified its model lineup. You can no longer find Sportster or Softail or Touring categories on The Motor Company’s official website. Bikes are now classified as Sport, Cruiser, Grand American Touring, Adventure Touring, Trike or Electric. If you’re wondering where the Sportster has gone, the three remaining conventional models are now found under the Cruiser banner, alongside the Softail and Low Rider ranges. Having been dropped from Europe this model year due to its inability to meet strict Euro 5 emissions standards, it’s almost inevitable that the traditional, 45-degree, air-cooled, pushrod V-twin Sportster is going to be dropped entirely in the near future. However, the Sportster name will live on. Meet…

by the numbers

400 The estimated number of miles ridden during the famous scooter trip taken by Harry and Lloyd in the movie Dumb and Dumber. The scene, was a fan favourite and followed the pair riding from Nebraska to Aspen. The guys at Common Tread decided to recreate the movie’s 6-hp scooter and attempt to do the trip themselves. Scan the QR code to watch. 297.99 The number of kilometres travelled on the longest non-stop hands-free motorcycle ride. This record was achieved by Shelton “Big Red Machine” Foster and was matched by Mike “Brick” Wall at MSR Speedway in Texas. Both riders accomplished the hands-free ride on Harley-Davidson Electra Glides, riding in sync on the same track. The record was completed on May 9, 2017. 2012 The year that Easy Rider 2: The Ride Home, the sequel…

say what? BILLY AND BOB What a great idea to write about me (Billy) and my buddy Bob. Clinton Smout had a marvellous approach to our riding styles (“Riding with Billy and Bob,” July 2021). Bob rides an enormous Harley and I ride an enormous Yamaha RSV, and together, we’ve put on thousands of miles throughout the U.S. and across Canada. Admittedly, during that period of time, I have had to comment on Bob’s riding style and he’s had plenty to say about mine. But after 50 years or so of riding, we have never crashed. Okay, so once I got forced off the road by a municipal dump truck and landed softly in a muddy ditch, but how do you foresee someone else’s mental instability? Maybe it’s that huge component called luck that’s kept us both off…

lisa’s lake house

My friends and I never miss a chance to stop by Lisa’s Lake House for a bite and a beverage when we’re riding along Highway #3 between Grand Forks and Castlegar, B.C. Down-home old-fashioned hospitality, hosted by Lisa. The portions are generous, the menu extensive, and it’s licensed. The fish ‘n chips are to die for!! Lake access is just a couple of blocks away if you feel like a quick dip! Located at 1659 Christina Frontage Rd., Christina Lake with lots of parking. Open M-F 11 -9, Sat 10-9, closed Sun. WTF WHERE’S THE FOOD? Your Picks Got a favourite restaurant or pub? Send us an email to and tell us why.…

slow and steady

How many of you practice slow-speed riding skills regularly? Whether it is careful U-turns, hill starts, or emergency braking practice on a street bike — or clutch control, log hops, or figure-8s on an off-road bike — slow-speed skills are fundamental and should be practiced often. I’m the first to admit that I’m not good at this kind of practice. I’m impatient and prefer to just ride — and ride fast. I rarely put the effort and time into mastering the slow skills — especially in my newer discipline of enduro riding — but it’s something I need to change and improve. My failures in this area came to light recently when I went for a group trail ride with some friends. Four of us rode in a group: an experienced lead…