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1971 Gloria Steinem was dubbed “The New Woman” by Newsweek for her relentless allegiance to the women’s rights movement and her efforts cultivating a united sisterhood amongst American women. “What gets nearly everyone about Steinem as Liberationist is that she didn’t have to,” Newsweek wrote. Fifty years later, she still doesn’t have to, but continues to champion the cause through publications and media interviews. Her inspiring story is passed down to younger generations through the 2020 film The Glorias based on her autobiography My Life on the Road. 1969 “The $18 billion U.S. advertising industry is going through a ‘creative explosion,’” Newsweek reported as agencies boomed. Today, social media allows advertisers to engage with consumers who can purchase goods with the click of a button, making advertising on apps such as Facebook a…

do you have what it takes to run your own business?

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC HAS OBVIOUSLY been bad for a lot of things. But it might end up being a good thing for entrepreneurship. For instance, it has forced many folks to rethink their careers. In 2020, per Bloomberg citing IRS numbers, 4.3 million people applied for employer I.D. numbers, up nearly 25 percent over 2019. But like anything—and especially going into business for yourself—there are things to consider before taking the plunge. Success, after all, is far from a sure thing. History and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tell us that about 20 percent of those new pandemic-era businesses will fail within the first two years. The first five years? About 45 percent of those businesses won’t make the cut. So, what does it take to make it? To get to…

more than just ‘twisties’

I’VE NEVER BEEN AS NERVOUS in my life as the day in 2019 I competed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Somehow I managed to keep my cool and when it was officially announced that I would be representing Jamaica in gymnastics, it was the best feeling. I was able to finally see my name on that list of qualifiers after years of hard work. The general public mainly sees gymnastics every four years, and you see the best of the best in their sparkly leotards. It looks very easy at that point. But getting to that place has taken a lot of strength and determination, mentally as well as physically. When I got to Tokyo, I was training with girls from all different countries and the main feeling was…

has climate change reached a crisis point?

CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE BIGGEST THREAT WE’RE FACING—PERIOD. by Heather Goldstone AN EMERGENCY IS AN URGENT life-threatening situation that is actionable. If you have an extreme threat and it’s completely unactionable, it’s not an emergency. It’s just a tragedy. That’s a really important distinction when it comes to climate change, which is an actionable emergency. Recently, a group of about 14,000 scientists published a signed re-declaration that we’re in a climate emergency. There is extensive science that levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are completely unprecedented. Carbon dioxide levels have not been this high in over 800,000 years. Modern humans have been around for a little bit less than half that. If you look at the last 10,000 years, at the evolution of agriculture, at the entire development of civilization, that has…

talking points

“Be Cool. Get Vax'd”—PAUL McCARTNEY“NO MATTER THE OUTCOME, I'VE WON.”—ACTOR LEVAR BURTON, ON COMPETING TO BE THE NEW HOST OF JEOPARDY“Patty and I faced political prosecution for having the audacity to defend our lives and property from an angry mob.”—ST. LOUIS ATTORNEY MARK MCCLOSKEY, WHO WITH HIS WIFE BRANDISHED GUNS AT BLM PROTESTERS, AFTER BEING PARDONED BY MISSOURI GOVERNOR MIKE PARSON“We’re not shutting down. These interventions have failed time and time again throughout this pandemic, not just in the United States but abroad. They have not stopped the spread.”—FLORIDA GOVERNOR RON DeSANTIS“IT’S EASIER TO CANCEL SOMEONE THAN TO FIND FORGIVENESS AND COMPASSION IN OURSELVES OR TAKE THE TIME TO CHANGE HEARTS AND MINDS. THERE’S NO MORE ROOM FOR DIVISION IF WE WANT TO KEEP SEEING PROGRESS!”—Miley Cyrus“It was a huge…

xi showdown

THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY GOT wind of the attack almost immediately. A massive cyber hack was underway last month into Microsoft’s Exchange email server, and within hours the NSA had determined where the assault had originated: the People’s Republic of China. The PRC had over the years repeatedly forsworn any intention to hack into U.S. corporate computer systems and steal intellectual property. President Xi Jinping, in fact, had given Barack Obama his word, in September 2015, that China would not engage in commercial cyber espionage. That had been a lie, and now the Biden White House was fed up. While refraining, for the moment, to impose new sanctions against Beijing, it immediately contacted key allies, led by Japan, and asked them to join Washington in issuing a formal joint complaint to…