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1979 “Wall Street was hit by a selling panic last week as investors reacted to the new tight-money policies of the Federal Reserve,” Newsweek reported as interest rates were raised in an attempt to control inflation. How to go about battling inflation has been an ongoing debate in America. Prices on consumer goods have spiked recently—with the Consumer Price Index up 5.3 percent in the last 12 months—and some contend that the higher inflation rates are only temporary. However, as the Delta variant threatens more possible shutdowns, the economy’s recovery for the upcoming year is still up in the air. 1991 “Beyond the ‘he said, she said’ of last week’s testimony, the whole political process and society itself went on trial,” Newsweek said about Anita Hill’s sexual harassment claims against Supreme Court nominee…

ivermectin: ‘bogus’ or ‘miracle drug?’

ANDREW HILL KNOWS FIRSTHAND WHAT IT’S like to bring a breakthrough drug to fruition. The pharmacology researcher at the University of Liverpool in the U.K. helped develop antiviral medications for HIV. “You think about helping to save millions of lives,” he says. “It was a wonderful feeling.” Last year Hill was also excited about ivermectin, a 40-year-old generic drug shown in early laboratory experiments to inhibit reproduction of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Since ivermectin was already being produced in industrial quantities as a treatment for parasites in people and animals, it could potentially provide a lifeline to thousands of COVID patients struggling for breath in emergency rooms around the world—but only if it proved effective in the clinic, not just in a petri dish. Some of the early, promising studies…

talking points

“It’s so frustrating to see young girls held to a completely different standard than other people.”—OLIVIA RODRIGO“I FEEL YOUR HEARTS AND YOU FEEL MINE… THAT MUCH I KNOW IS TRUE!!!!!”—BRITNEY SPEARS“Republicans say they will not do their part to avoid this needless calamity. So be it. But they need to stop playing Russian roulette with the U.S. economy.”—PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN ON THE DEBT CEILING“I think most of us just don’t recognize the false picture of the company that is being painted. Many of the claims don’t make any sense.”—MARK ZUCKERBERG ON CRITICISMS OF FACEBOOK BY FORMER EMPLOYEE FRANCES HAUGEN“GOT SOME CREDIBILITY TO MY NAME NOW.”—Bubba Wallace on becoming only the second Black driver to win a NASCAR Cup race“It’s just too soon to tell.”—DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, ON WHETHER HOLIDAY GATHERINGS…

bashar is back

TEN YEARS AGO, IT APPEARED TO BE THE beginning of the end for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. His government’s brutal crackdowns on peaceful protests in 2011 had given birth to an insurgency backed by foreign foes—the U.S. among them. Atrocities mounted, including use of chemical weapons against civilians, mass murders and torture, over the course of the decade-long civil war that followed. Estimates suggest that more than 600,000 people have died and millions more have been displaced, making the Syrian civil war one of the deadliest, most disruptive conflicts of the 21st century. One by one, countries severed ties with Assad and his government, including the U.S., which imposed economic sanctions in 2011 and shuttered its embassy for good in 2012. Even the Arab League, an influential organization of fellow regional…

best online shops 2022

AMERICANS SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ONLINE. According to the U.S. Commerce Department, during the second quarter of this year, retail sales totaled $1.333 trillion and about $222.4 billion or roughly 13 percent of all that spending happened online. Online shopping and buying has long since stopped being a novelty and is now a part of the daily life of almost every American. ¶ On the internet, shoppers want the same things they look for in brick-and-mortar retailers, but they also want something else: sites that are easy to use and navigate. To point our readers to the Best Online Shops 2022, Newsweek has once again paired with respected global data-research firm Statista. Our rankings recognize 1,000 shops across 39 categories in eight groups. This year, Fashion (Single-brand) is the…

global craft beers to wet your whistle

01 Bierstadt Lagerhaus Slow Pour Pils DENVER It takes over 24 hours to slowly fill one fermenter vat with a batch of this Pilsner, a couple of weeks to ferment it and then six weeks or more to lager it (age at low temperature). When you order a glass of it, you’ll have to wait a further five minutes for the slow pour, which helps create a full foam holding lots of German hop aromas, and also knocks back some of the carbonation, allowing the malt and hop flavors to push forward. This lager is definitely worth the wait. 02 Bearded Iris Homestyle NASHVILLE This single-hopped Mosaic IPA on the lighter side of hazy with a fresh tropical aroma, is a joy of a beer. It’s soft and gentle, thanks to an addition of oats,…