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the archives

1977 Newsweek said of Steven Spielberg’s movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, “It’s the first true populist science-fiction film, a blend of the most startling, far-out special effects with the most ordinary human material of the American Heartland. If there really are alien beings buzzing us hesitantly in their interstellar whizbangs, Close Encounters may finally persuade them to come down and rest a spell.” The bright lights in the film have become synonymous with alien ships and on the film’s 30th anniversary in 2007, the Library of Congress selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry. 1993 “Instead of celebrating, much of America’s black privileged class claims to be in excruciating pain,” said Newsweek Contributing Editor Ellis Cose in his examination of why many successful Black Americans felt disadvantaged. Almost a…

slovenia: green, smart and creative

Nestled in the center of Europe where the Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea, Slovenia is celebrating its 30th anniversary as an independent nation in the global spotlight—in July, it assumed presidency of the European Union (EU) Council at a critical time for a bloc looking to reboot its economy after COVID-19. “This is a historic moment. The priority of our presidency is implementing the Recovery and Resilience Facility to provide funds and support the investments and reforms of member states,” asserts Minister of Finance Andrej Šircelj. That facility will see €800 billion pumped into the bloc’s economy, with Slovenia itself benefiting by around €2.5 billion. “We have an enormous opportunity to speed up recovery with massive investments in green and digital transitions,” notes Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology.…

newsweek’s autos awards 2021

@writeEILEEN NEWSWEEK’S AUTO AWARDS HIGHLIGHT THE industry's best in 25 individual vehicle and brand categories. This first annual list includes several U.S. companies, a start-up automaker and a number of models that have recently been redesigned. Nearly all of the vehicles we ranked are made in America. We rated vehicles in two ways: by test driving them and by comparing their standard and available features and specifications to those of other vehicles in the same category. Over the last year, the Newsweek autos team drove about 150 vehicles, rating them in seven categories: performance, handling and braking, technology, cargo area, seating, interior appointments and pricing. We focused on how well the vehicles lived up to the expectations of the target customer. Automakers were asked to provide vehicles for testing and only models that…

under fire

@Carrasquillo WHEN PROTESTERS BEGAN breaking into the U.S. Capitol building during the January 6 riot, Representative Ruben Gallego, an Arizona Democrat and former Marine, instinctively jumped on a desk to give his colleagues advice on how to put on their gas masks and regulate their breathing. In those chaotic moments, he admits now, he wished he had his military-issued gun. “I wanted my weapon, I wanted my Marines around me at that point,” he tells Newsweek. In news stories at the time, Gallego was said to have performed heroically, staying calm and helping his frightened colleagues get to safety as rioters poured into the Capitol. But in his new memoir They Called Us “Lucky”: The Life and Afterlife of the Iraq War’s Hardest Hit Unit (Custom House, November 9), Gallego goes back in time,…

talking points

“A day without a friend or a martini is incomprehensible to me.”—NOVELIST GARY SHTEYNGART“WE CAN ALWAYS PREVENT THINGS FROM GETTING WORSE. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO DO AS MUCH AS WE CAN.”—GRETA THUNBERG ON GLOBAL WARMING“The biggest reveal is actually that I’m a big NASCAR fan.”—ACTOR KAL PENN ON COMING OUT“Sometimes I don’t think you should leave it to God. I think God has better things to do than get you that job promotion.”—PADMA LAKSHMI“WE DID IT, BROOKLYN!”—Jay-Z on being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame“The future of art and culture seems bleak. It is not possible for the Taliban to live with art.”—AFGHAN MURALIST OMAID SHARIFI“I’D RATHER BE A BILLIONAIRE AND NOT BE LOVED BY EVERYBODY THAN NOT HAVE ANY MONEY.”—Billionaire Charlie Munger…

can stacey brams save the democrats_______ again?

MORE THAN 1,000 TICKET-BUYING fans bathe Stacey Abrams in adulation the minute she steps into the spotlight at the cavernous Chevalier Theatre in the Boston suburb of Medford in late October. She waves with both hands, sits down in a deep leather chair and flashes her famous gap-toothed grin until the standing ovation subsides and the sixth stop on her three-month, 12-city national speaking tour can start. That evening’s moderator, NPR host Meghna Chakrabarti, says she’s awed to be “sharing the stage with one of the great defenders of democracy,” and tees up Abrams to deliver her core message: that efforts to suppress voting rights, particularly of people of color and young voters, are a scourge in this country that must be fought. And with that, the former Georgia State…