Normal Magazine soft edition

Issue 11 - Soft Edition

NORMAL is a high-end magazine devoted to artistic NUDE photography. NORMAL reveals edgy, provocative and stunning Models through the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios; mingling hi-fashion and art in nearly 250 pages.

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chuando frey

With their keen eye for detail, their colourful aesthetics and their bright neon lights, reminscent of science fiction, ChuanDo and Frey have a unique approach to photography. Son of the famous aisan painter Tan Tee Chie, ChuanDo Tan obtained his diploma in design from the Singapore School of Fine Art before launching himself as a model in the late 1980’s. 15 years later, he decided to become a fashion and celebrity photographer and partnered with Frey, a photographer and engineer. A duo was born. They thus entered the spotlight and started leaving their mark on the industry by regularly collaborating with great international fashion magazines. The duo’s unique creativity has since then also been at the service of various local and international commercial clients such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Motorola... As strong…

mario kroes

Mario Kroes is a photographer and artist born in Germany in 1986 who now shares his life between New York and Los Angeles. Driven by a burning desire and a strong creative talent, he gave up his office job at the age of 26 to start a career in photography. Inspired by great figures such as Helmut Newton, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, his approach to photography is intimate, militant and raw. As a fashion and black and white photographer, Mario Kroes wishes to always place women at the center of his work wether they are sometimes clothed, sometimes upset and most times undressed. He gracefully and without an ounce of vulgarity captures the complexity of his models. “ A PAINTER HAS HIS PALETTE, HIS CANVAS, HIS BRUSHES, HIS MUSE AND…

david bailey

David Bailey challenges the codes and traditions of photography. He has a love for the purity and the authenticity of a picture taken on the spot. His approach is personal and peculiar. His work is his passion, his way of expressing his will, his desires, his fantasies. The enfant terrible of the world of fashion was born in London in 1938. As a self-taught photographer, his new found popularity brought tremendous change to the world of fashion and advertisement photography thanks to intimist approach. His models are true and proud women who wish to no longer be considered as mere coat hangers. He is, often wrongfully, simply considered as a fashion photographer due to his partnership with vogue. His more personal works include landscapes, journalism and nude; an approach to photography…

ali mahdavi

Born in 1974 in Terhan, Ali Mahdavi is a multi-talented artist who loves to experiment. He lives and works in Paris as a plastic artist, a photographer, an illustrator, an artistic and film director. At the age of 7, young Ali Mahdavi is forced to leave Iran with his family. Disguised as Kurds, they crossed the border and made their way to Paris. Once there, Ali decides to study art, which he does first at the Ecole Boulle of fine arts before opening himself to fashion by joining the Duperré School of Applied Arts. In 1992, he joined Thierry Mugler’s ready-to-wear and haute couture creation studio as a fashion designer. He was then admitted into the “Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Art in Paris”. After multiple foreign exchanges and travels (at the Royal College…

olaf martens

After studying photography at the highly renowned Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Olaf Martens tastes success for the first time as a photographer, notably in 1990 in the GDR when Stern magazine publishes some of his nude works with the title : “The East German Helmut Newton”. His East German origins greatly influence the evolution of his personal ideas: “The wall was also a wall of picturs. We had no idea what new trends were emerging and we thus couldn’t conform to them”. From the 1990’s to this day, Olaf Martens has directed many photographic essays, fashion pictures for magazines and even advertisement campains for international luxury brands. At the same time, he creates his first art photographs in which the artist manipulates the flashy asthetic of advertisement pictures…

mariano vivanco

Acclaimed star photographer Mariano Vivanco was named amongst the 500 greatest fashion professinals. Known for his perfect technique and his otherworldy creativity, he has sublimated great figures such as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Rihana and Dita Von Teese. Yet, Vivanco’s work doesn’t simply capture beauty at its most simple. Between empowerment and intelligence, he has the ability to show the true nature of his models, who can thus blossom and reveal themselves as individuals. From this ideal emerge images of strong, powerful and confident women facing pure and idealized men. Supine men and dominant women. Sometimes the roles are reversed. Through his imagery, the artist manipulates and transcends the restraints of fashion to express his conception of beauty, strength and spirit. Mariano Vivanco’s dashing success is on par with…