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Published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) Northshore Home magazine is a regional shelter publication for the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. Each issue highlights the best in North Shore architectural design, new construction, renovations, interiors, décor, and gardens.

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happy place

MY COUSIN AND DEAR FRIEND LIZ NAPOLITANO sent me a short story written by her son, Luke, for the Courant, Andover’s oldest arts and literary publication. In his story, Luke describes a house where he played as child during the carefree months of July and August, with days spent running in the landscape among the ancient weathered elms, picking raspberries and blackberries in the midsummer sun, his imagination conjuring woodland sprites dancing among the flowers. He recollects evenings running down long halls, hopping up and down winding back stairs, and playing hide-and-seek with his sister and cousins while the adults sat and conversed and laughed in the dining room twinkling with candlelight, the sturdy wooden table strewn with half-eaten bowls of pasta and red wine glasses—a scene of comfort and conviviality. He…


Alexandra Pecci Alexandra Pecci is a freelance writer who grew up on the North Shore and has written about its people and places for years. Her travel, food, and lifestyle stories appear in Rachael Ray Every Day, the Washington Post, and many other publications. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Chloe. Eric Roth Eric Roth is a photographer who travels worldwide photographing interior design for many national and regional magazines. “It means more to me when I can work with the talented designers in my own neighborhood [the North Shore]. It’s wonderfully gratifying to appreciate what’s right in our midst.” Courtney Goodrich Courtney Goodrich is a freelance writer, editor, and stylist who works on editorial and marketing projects covering design, art, interiors, gardens, fashion, travel, and food. She lives…

sunny-side up

WHEN AN ESSEX COUPLE FIRST APPROACHED Paula Accioly, they desperately needed a fresh set of eyes. It was 2016 and the couple was in the midst of planning their first shared home, built on a site brushing up against marshlands and all order of natural beauty. But there was one major hiccup: they weren’t fond of the kitchen, a vanilla-looking design centered on an L-shaped layout, a seen-it-before island, and unexceptional details. After switching architects, the couple visited the Boston showroom for Jewett Farms + Co., where Accioly serves as lead designer and showroom manager, for a dose of inspiration. In the showroom, they beamed over the cabinet joinery, discovered ideas for woods and finishes—and departed with a new designer for their perfect kitchen. “These clients saw what we did and…

easy living

THE CHALLENGE: CREATE A FAMILY ROOM THAT’S comfortable, inviting, and functional enough for the entire family to hang out, do work and homework, and store everyday items, and that also echoes the pretty coastal aesthetic of the rest of the home. That’s the task Kristina Crestin, principal of Kristina Crestin Design, was faced with during a wholehouse renovation on a home in Manchester-by-the-Sea. That section of the house contained a series of separate rooms, so the first step in making the space more functional was relocating the kitchen, opening up the space, and building a small addition. This structural feat, achieved by architect Art Dioli of Olson Lewis + Architects, “revolutionized the whole living space,” Crestin says, and the resulting new family room connects with the kitchen. Once the space was created,…

let there be light

A HOMEOWNER IN GREATER BOSTON, A SINGLE woman in her 50s, was starting to chafe at her suburban surroundings, wanting more of a small-town feel and broader sense of community. “She was looking for a change in lifestyle and location,” says Catherine Skaletsky of Catherine & McClure Interiors, a mother-daughter team that also includes Skaletsky’s daughter, Danielle McClure. “So we thought she would love being on the water.” The designers are very familiar with the North Shore, and after they drove the homeowner around the area, she opted to buy a condominium in Swampscott. “The water view was magnificent,” says Skaletsky, who grew up in the town and knows it intimately. As often happens with designers and their clients, a friendship had grown out of the working relationship established earlier when…

scaling up, just right

“OVERSIZED IS WHAT WE WERE GOING FOR,” SAYS landscape designer Trent Lloyd when recalling this Newburyport project. Tucked inside a Mark DePiero development, the new Crafts-man-inspired house features large windows with very few mullions overlooking a residential cul-de-sac and a busy road. It was the expansive glass that, in large part, sold the clients on the house. It also informed the pool garden by Lloyd Fleischer Landscape Design. The objective was to create a private poolside retreat and lounge area for the family of four. To start, Lloyd and her business partner, Amy Fleischer, took advantage of a slight grade change on the lot. “Whenever we are dealing with elevation changes, particularly at this house, which is another three to four feet up from grade, we are conscientious about not creating…