NZ Performance Car

NZ Performance Car No 284 August 2020

Since 1996 New Zealand Performance Car has been the voice of the country’s modified import car scene. It was there to see the first import 10-second quarter mile run, there when the first official drift battle ensued, there when the first show trophies were handed out, and there to bring NZ its very first Super Lap time attack event. Each month the very best of NZ’s modified import car scene is served up. It’s New Zealand’s number 1 selling monthly motoring magazine and is New Zealand’s import performance authority and for good reason…it leaves the others for dust.

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the fc

Jesse is a man of wide tastes, and his latest build is well restrained when compared with the others in the garage, even if his original intentions were to hack it up for a quad-rotor. “When I bought it, I planned to butcher it and put an NA [naturally aspirated] four-rotor in it, but it’s so mint — it’s such a time capsule — I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up. When you go down this path of even just bridgeporting and dogboxes, they are no longer nice to drive on the road, so I decided to just make it look tough. I got it off a 55-year-old Air New Zealand pilot who had owned it forever. I hopped in and it was so nice to drive.” But stock standard is…

msnz reveals $200k support package

As we finally start seeing things return to normal and motorsport re-emerging from the blank calendar abyss, local governing body MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) has announced a massive support package for all its member clubs and competitors — to the sum of $200K. Acting CEO Elton Goonan stated that MSNZ wants to encourage member clubs to begin hosting events again and enable them to offer cheaper entry fees for competitors. There will be a 25 per cent discount on permit fees and participation levies for all events from 20 May until the end of 2020. Competitors will also receive a 25 per cent discount on competition-licence and authority-card renewals until 31 May 2021. The two-event requirement for authority-card renewals has been removed, and the safety audit period extended from 6 to…

the s15

After a few years of learning the basics of drifting in his old 298kW S14, Jesse wanted to give competition a go and build something to a pro level. It just so happened that at the time his favourite car was an S15, so a shell was picked up and a cage by BD Motorsport soon followed. Jesse’s now been competing in D1NZ for the past three years, with development never slowing thanks to his in-house crew chief Matt Gibson of Pariah Custom Werks. Barely a round goes by without things being refined somewhat, and it’s only now that Jesse feels they have a solid package. “It took me a couple of years to get the car properly dialled in. There is so much more than just buying all the parts…

civic type r (fk8) local recall

More than 2000 vehicles have been recalled by Honda New Zealand after the discovery of potential fuel-pump issues. Included within that number are 78 locally sold Civic Type Rs, with the rest made up of Civic sedans and hatches, CR-V and HRV models. Fuel pumps are reportedly faltering and/or failing due to defective impellers and that can lead to loss of power or the inability to drive. “Owners of the affected vehicles, identified through NZ registration data, will be contacted directly,” said Honda New Zealand in a statement. “We encourage each owner of an affected vehicle to take it to an authorized Honda dealer as soon as they receive notification of parts availability.” The recall comes as part of a worldwide action that has seen up to 1.4 million vehicles affected. You…

refurbishing alloy wheels

Welcome to the Weekend Workshop, a place where you can save some cash by getting your hands dirty. These tech guides aim to arm you with the necessary info and knowledge to get out there and give it a go yourself, with no professionals needed, and at a price tag that won’t break the bank. This month, we delve into refurbishing a set of alloy wheels with the help of Delta J Panel and Paint. Maybe you’re not after the latest wheels for your car and want a classic Japanese wheel, or maybe you have damaged your wheels and want to repair them. Picking up a set cheap and refurbishing them is not only rewarding but can save you a good amount of money for other parts. You can pick up…

uncaging godzilla

Three simple letters. That’s all it took to transform a midsize family commuter into one of the most highly revered sub-models of all time. The motorsport feats subsequent generations would go on to achieve, both within the brand’s motherland and abroad, quickly became the subject of legends, some so incredible that they’re still recited eagerly as though they occurred just yesterday. Whether you know it as the ‘Godzilla’, the menacing foreign chassis that arrived on Australian shores and proceeded to destroy anything that got in its way, or simply as the pinnacle of automotive creation, the GT-R nameplate has transcended a sub-model identifier to become a whole beast of its own. WHETHER THEY’RE MODIFIED TO WITHIN AN INCH OF THEIR LIVES … OR BONE-STOCK TIME CAPSULES … YOU CAN FIND THEM…