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welcome summer

When I was growing up in Boston, my parents would take my seven siblings and me to Cape Cod every summer on vacation. I could not wait to get to my Aunt Jen’s knotty pine cottages in Dennis where I would be seeing my cousins, Nancy, Paula, and Paul Michael. We would head straight to the beach and swim, kayak, and collect seashells all day long. Lunch was typically a sandy ham sandwich and warm lemonade, but we didn’t notice as we were in our seasonal sanctuary. As a young adult, I dreamt of one day owning my own coastal home on my summer playground—my happy place. I found my dream home on Cape Cod in 2004—an 1870 Queen Anne built as a seaside getaway for a Boston banker and his…


Divine Island Design When interior designer Gil Walsh set out to renovate her Martha’s Vineyard home, the results were jaw-dropping. Check out the gorgeous woodworking, swimming pool, vintage oak furniture, and linen upholstery that now constitute her Edgartown lodgings, in quintessential coastal New England style. oceanhomemag.com/home-design/interior-designer-gil-walsh-transforms-her-martha's-vineyard-retreat/ Weather Tested Discover NatureKast’s industry revolutionizing weatherproof cabinetry. Living by the ocean can prove pretty harsh on outdoor furniture—that’s why NatureKast designs cabinetry for outdoor kitchens that looks and feels just like wood, but won’t warp or erode with time. oceanhomemag.com/outdoor-living/naturekast/ CAPE CHAIR Cape Chair is the latest edition to designer Nina Edward Anker’s Arctic Line for her New York-based nea studio. Influenced by the years she spent living in Norway, the chair is named for its sleek, double-curved back and manufactured by a California master woodworker. oceanhomemag.com/home-design/norwegian-inspired-cape-chair-from-nea-studio's-nina-edward-anker/ CANYON CRUISING Marine…


JENNIFER SPERRY Jennifer Sperry specializes in articles about homes. She enjoys interviewing the owners and designers in order to personalize the story of a property’s evolution. Previously, she worked as an editor. Her off-duty activities include slowly fixing up her 1880s house and spending time with her two young daughters. MARY GRAUERHOLZ Mary is a freelance feature writer who focuses on architecture, style, sustainability, and health. In her previous career as a journalist, she won many awards for project management, editing, and writing. Since then, she has written for a variety of magazines, newspapers, and websites, including the Boston Globe. JANICE RANDALL ROHLF Janice Randall Rohlf is a Cape Cod, Massachusetts-based freelance writer and editor who was until recently the editorial director for 14 lifestyle brands at Lighthouse Media Solutions. Her work has appeared in…

on the shore

The house known as “Riptide” was already a beloved Cape Cod landmark when Polhemus Savery DaSilva (PSD), a design-build firm, launched a renovation in 2019. A tall Colonial Revival house standing high above the water, it is a prominent fixture located between Shore Road, Chatham’s grand waterfront boulevard, and Chatham Harbor. “We had renovated the house for a previous owner,” says PSD principal, John DaSilva. “And now we did it again for the current owner.” He hastens to add that the house has undergone many renovations since it was built in the first decade of the 20th century. “The most dramatic, in the 1930s, turned what was probably a simple bungalow into a Colonial Revival house,” DaSilva explains. “The property owners of that time, early enthusiasts of historic architecture, bought parts of antique…

a whale’s tale

To the side of “Riptide” stands a beloved feature of the local landscape: a seven-foot-tall white marble sculpture of a whale’s tail that appears to rise up out of the ground as the mammoth whale sounds, waving its flukes at Captain Ahab. Brewster stone carver Tim Dibble sculpted the whale’s tail from a six-ton slab of white marble. Until he created this arresting piece of outdoor art, Dibble was best known for making hand-carved, traditional headstones, as well as for preserving and repairing historic grave markers. In 2011, he received a dream commission: the then-owners of “Riptide” wanted a landscape feature that would speak to area history. When he was finished, it took four men and a crane to place the whale’s tail. It immediately became a neighborhood favorite and has been…

cozy up

“Who doesn’t love cozying up with a great book, a glass of wine, and a soft blanket? And if you’re lucky enough to live along the coast, a great view and soft ocean breeze only add to the experience. Location aside, this look and relaxing ambiance is achievable with a few essential items. Layer with a deep comfortable chair, an oversized throw, and, of course, the perfect summer read.”— Denise Morrison, Founder and Principal Designer of Denise Morrison Interiors and House of Morrison 5. The Prisoner Cabernet Nothing accompanies being fully absorbed in a reading moment like a perfect bottle of wine. My favorite go-to is The Prisoner Cabernet. theprisonerwinecompany.com FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT denisemorrisoninteriors.com…