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Old Cars Weekly February 1, 2021

For the collectible automobile enthusiast, Old Cars Weekly is your #1 source for restoration advice, classifieds, historical features, antique car prices, show calendars and more. Covers the field of collectible automobiles-classic touring cars/roadsters of the early 1900s to muscle cars of the '60s and '70s. Contains news on collector cars, restoration tips, auction results, and car shows. Classified marketplace puts sellers of collectible automobiles and hard-to-find parts in touch with car enthusiasts. Also contains thoroughly researched price checks, so you know what vehicle values are on the rise

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stepping up to lincoln

By all rights, I shouldn’t be a “Cadillac guy.” I grew up surrounded by Fords and Chevrolets. At family gatherings, the driveway and street of wherever my many relatives were meeting was filled with “popular priced” Bow-Tie and Blue Oval products, mostly Fords, and oftentimes Mustangs. But there was one luxury car sometimes present, and it had presence — a gold 1971 Lincoln Continental sedan. The Lincoln was owned by my great-uncle George, who meticulously cared for the car. By the time I was old enough to acknowledge the car, it would have been at least a decade old, but it was still in like-new condition. It was also far different than anything new on the road — a prehistoric dinosaur from the era of cheap gas, “bigger is better” and…

sound your horn

Surprise! It’s a fuelie ’59 Chevy With all the recent interest in 1959 Chevrolets on the pages of Old Cars, I thought I would share an experience of mine from back in the day. In my hometown, there were three new red 1959 Impala hardtops, all 348-cid V-8 four-speeds. They were beautiful and sleek, but I want to tell you about a ’59 I’ll never forget. One night, I was watching television in my parents’ home when the doorbell rang. It was my friend, Shelly, who said he had something to show me in the driveway. I stepped outside and here sat this new, mundane-looking 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne two-door sedan in medium-brown metallic with blackwall tires and small hubcaps. My immediate thought was I couldn’t believe Shelly had gone out and bought…

the scoop

joining the National Corvette Museum as consulting curator of exhibits. Peters co-curated “Car-toon Creatures,” a special exhibit officially called “Kustom Kars and Corvettes: The Art and Influence of Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth” that opened last January and will continue through April 2021. Derek E. Moore, the NCM director of collections/curator, wondered whether Peters would be interested in a more official capacity with NCM after his work on the Rat Fink exhibit. “Of course, his design background with GM is huge,” said Moore, who thought Peters’ talents could improve the overall visual experience of the museum’s exhibits. NCM’s collections team, including Moore and associate curator Bob Bubnis, develop a narrative plan and storyline for each exhibit. Peters will dig deeper into the stories and look of future exhibits. “We want Tom to help…

ames remembered for many hobby contributions

MARLBOROUGH, N.H. _ Steve Ames, 78, died Dec. 20, 2020, from a brain bleed suffered after a fall. This Old Cars contributor first met Ames in the mid-1970s, after becoming the editor of the Silver Streak News, a monthly newsletter put out by the then-newly formed Pontiac Oakland Club International (www.POCI.org). At age 33, Ames outfitted a long-bed Ford pickup for travel and started visiting car dealerships east of the Mississippi in search of vintage new-old-stock (NOS) car parts. He first focused on older Chevrolet parts, but found that hobby niche to be very competitive. As a result, he began specializing in Pontiac parts. He would sleep in his pickup truck and eat cold sandwiches and bring huge loads of parts back home. Ames discovered that factory dealers weren’t anxious to part…

reader photo

“Here is a photo of my father, Edward Thomas, on the right, in San Francisco, around 1928,” writes Alan Thomas, of San Anselmo, Calif. “I have no knowledge [about] his companion, or of the fine car he drove. I had a notion that only Auburns made boat-tail models, but don’t know if this is an Auburn or not. It may have been a rumble-seat model, too, as I can just make out an opening on the top of the trunk. I would like to know the make of car, if anyone wants to venture a guess.” Very cool photo, Alan! In the Old Cars office, we love to play “Stump The Editor” with Angelo Van Bogart, and he’s very tough to beat with cars of this era. He’s guessing this might…

high five! applause for handful of club pubs

When it comes to joining a car club, it’s your choice — and a wide one! Part of it involves your personal slant on the hobby, activities, brand of cars, time period, and choice of local, regional and national events in which you may participate. Reflecting a sampling of what’s out there, here are some fine club publications that serve as a bonding too among their club members. HOOSIER TAILFIN: (Indiana Region — Cadillac & LaSalle Club, www.indianaclc.org, editor Michael Fellenzer). This publication covers the collectible models of its brands plus events, news, photos and history of Cadillacs of all cylinders — from one to 16 — and all LaSalles. Naturally, most of its members live in or near Indiana and enjoy regional activities. WHEELS & WAVES: (International Amphicar Owners Club, www.amphicar.com,…