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Old Cars Weekly February 15, 2021

For the collectible automobile enthusiast, Old Cars Weekly is your #1 source for restoration advice, classifieds, historical features, antique car prices, show calendars and more. Covers the field of collectible automobiles-classic touring cars/roadsters of the early 1900s to muscle cars of the '60s and '70s. Contains news on collector cars, restoration tips, auction results, and car shows. Classified marketplace puts sellers of collectible automobiles and hard-to-find parts in touch with car enthusiasts. Also contains thoroughly researched price checks, so you know what vehicle values are on the rise

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wanted: restorers for the future

Much has been said, written about and even done to encourage youth participation in the old car hobby. Even this issue of Old Cars contains a new column by John Gunnell featuring enthusiasts under the age of 30 and their hobby cars. But what about the disappearing restorers? It stands to reason that as the hobby ages, the enthusiasts who professionally restore old cars and trucks also age into retirement. Just recently, a restorer whom I and many others greatly respect, said that he will be closing down his Southern California restoration shop. Many of the men on his staff are in their 70s and are ready to retire from the daily 9-5 grind, leading my friend to likewise elect retirement from the restoration aspect of the hobby. Over the years,…

sound your horn

Chevy versus Oldsmobile This is in response to a letter from Mr. Louis Antonacci in the Nov. 26 edition of Old Cars. Mr. Antonacci stated that, in the mid ’50s, “Chevys were popular cars, but the Olds could beat them every time.” Allow me to share my experience in that regard. As a young hot rodder in the ’50s, I acquired a beautiful 1950 Olds coupe and with my brothers’ help, we put a La-Salle standard transmission in it with a 4:10 gear. The motor was slightly warmed, also. As it was in those days, the street was where the action was and I was in the game. After about a month of ruling the roost in my Olds, I came up against a 1955 Chevrolet Two-Ten coupe with a 265-cid small-block…

reader wheels

“This is my 1929 F ord roadster hot rod we call ‘Challenger’,” says Jerry Mull, of Ingl ewood, Calif. “As near as we can tell, the hot r od was built for El Mirage dry lake racing in the mid ’50s and into the ‘70s. It is built on a bo xed, pinched and bobbed ‘32 F ord frame and has a filled ‘32 Ford grille shell; 2-in. chopped windshield; 264 l ouvers; and a custom-fabbed aluminum hood. At one time it sur ely had a modified flathead V-8, but no w it features a 1963 Chevy 283 V-8 with tri-po wer carbs backed up by an aluminum P owerglide. Brakes are ‘48 Ford all around. The ‘48 Ford rear end has a vintage Halibr and Quickchange. Tires are 6.70…

the scoop

Big Atlantic City Show cancelled ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. _ The Feb. 5-7 Atlantic City Auction & Car Show has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is considered the East Coast’s largest indoor classic car show and auction. The sale is conducted by GPK Auctions. “Due to NJ Executive Order-196 issued by Gov. Murphy, restricting indoor events to no more than 10 people, we would not be able to produce an event that meets the standard that our customers expect and deserve,” organizers said in a statement on www.gpkauctions.net. “All events scheduled to take place at the Atlantic City Convention Center through the first quarter of 2021 have either been postponed, cancelled or converted to virtual events. Executive Order-196 issued on November 16, 2020, reduced the indoor capacity limit to…

treworgy’s muscle car city museum closes

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. _ After a little more than a decade in business, Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City Museum in Pun-ta Gorda is closing. Its 200-plus cars and walls of automobilia were scheduled to be sold Jan. 22-23 by Mecum Auctions. The sale will come right after Mecum’s gavels have cooled following its giant Kissimmee, Fla., sale, held Jan. 7-16. Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City Museum opened on March 1, 2009. After regularly showing his collection to small groups, Treworgy decided to make his collection a destination for the public. The museum is housed in a former Walmart store, and most of the vehicles within it are General Motors products. Reportedly, Treworgy planned to retire soon, but the pandemic took a toll on admissions and accelerated the decision to close the museum. Among…


Q. In response to Don Rush’s question on the Carter Thermo Quad Carburetor (Dec. 31, 2020), I used to be a tune-up guy at a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership and have rebuilt numerous Thermo Quads. Many swear at TQs. The TQ has a few “tricks,” and once you learn the tricks, they will work fine. It is important to follow all the directions stated in the rebuilding kit to the letter. This includes the float levels, which must be exactly spot-on. Additionally, regarding floats: after a couple of years, some of the plastic floats may become saturated with fuel and sink. The plastic float bodies are subject to warp-age, but I have never seen one crack. I believe Mr. Rush’s problem stems from the O-rings near where the jets are located. Many forget…